Lana Rhoades Net Worth: How the Adult Star Came Clean

Lana Rhoades Net Worth: How the Adult Star Came Clean

Lana Rhoades is a former p*rnstar who made it big in the adult film industry becoming the most searched star on a popular platform. Lana Rhoades net worth skyrocketed in merely eight months of her adult industry career.

In this article, we will learn more about this adult film actress turned social media celebrity and Podcaster. Let’s explore into Lana Rhoades net worth, her career, her personal life, and more.

Who Is Lana Rhoades?

Lana Rhoades was born as Amara Maple. She is an American podcaster, social media celebrity, and a former adult star.

She is one of the most famous names in the adult film industry and has won several accolades for her adult features and videos.

Lana began her adult film career in 2014 and gained popularity in 2016, and by late 2017, she left the industry.

With such a short-lived career in the p*rn industry, she made a name for herself, becoming the top-ranking adult entertainment star.

Lana Rhoades bio

Stage NameLana Rhoades
Birth NameAmara Maple
Date of BirthSeptember 16, 1996
BirthplaceChicago, United States
Professions Podcaster, Social-media Personality, Former P*rnstar
Years Active2019- Present
Height  1.65 m ( 5 ft 5 in)
Weight 130 pounds (59 kgs)
Country of OriginUnited States of America
 Current ResidenceLos Angeles, California, US
Instagram Account@lanarhoades
 Twitter Account@lanarhoades
YouTube ChannelLana Rhoades
Net Worth$29 Million

Early Life

Lana Rhoades, originally known as Amara Maple, was born on September 6, 1996, in Chicago, Illinois, United States. She was raised by a single mother in Chicago’s suburbs.

During her childhood, she did well in sports as well as dancing. She was a gymnast and a cheerleader. She even finished high school early.

Her pre-teens, when she was 11 or 12, were challenging as she started showing signs of mental illness.

She was diagnosed with Trichotillomania, a mental disorder that causes a person to have an uncontrollable urge to pull out hairs from the body. She used to pull out her eyelashes and eyebrows.

When she was 14, she aspired to be like Anna Nicole Smith. She was also in awe of the glamorous lives of Hugh Hefner’s model girlfriend on the show The Girls Next Door.

That’s what enticed her to enter into the adult industry in the first place.


Lana started her career right after graduating from high school. This was before she joined the adult film industry.

At first, she worked as a waitress and an exotic dancer at the Tilted Kilt sports bar. During the day, she waited tables at the bar, and in the evening, before leaving work, she worked for a few hours as an exotic dancer.

She made her decision to pursue a career in the p*rn industry after an agent contacted her on social media.

And then, she relocated to Los Angeles to kickstart her professional adult film career.

Joining Adult Industry

Lana Rhoades was at the age of 16 when she started her career in the professional adult film industry in 2016.

She officially started her career in p*rn in April 2016 with her first boy/girl scene. This scene was for FTV girls in Phoenix.

Then, she did some more scenes in LA for Mike Adriano of Evil Angels, Greg Lansky of, and Mick Blue for her first two weeks.

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She struggled in the industry to make a name for herself, and it took several months to gain attention. And became a popular name in the adult film industry in 2017.

The adult actor worked for about eight months in the industry between 2016 to late 2017, making her appearance in around 250 X-rated films.

Lana instantly became the most-searched p*rn star on P*rnhub, gaining more than 345 million views on her videos.

Rhoades has appeared in many publications, such as Penthouse, Hustler, and Playboy.

Lana won 2019 P*rnhub Award for Most Popular Female Performer in October. She moved upward to the no.1 on their list of Most Popular P*rn Stars in July 2018.

According to P*rnhub representatives, she has been held the number one spot since then.

Leaving Adult Industry

Even though adult actresses have shorter career spans anyway, at least in terms of their peak years, Lana’s was even shorter.

She was in the industry for more than a year or two, leaving in late 2017. Lana shared about how there is so much abuse and exploitation in the adult industry.

In The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast, she said she was scarred from her experience and that it should be made “illegal”.

The adult actress also shared how she was just a teen when she appeared in the first X-rated video and was naive about choosing this industry.

Lana told this to NY Post

“For some reason, I never comprehended that to do p*rn, you actually have to have sex with people.”

Rhoades also left p*rn because of her mental health concerns and wanted to pursue other interests.

Dismissed From LA Direct Models

Since Lana always was open about the abuse and exploitation in the p*rn industry, she faced some backlash from her own industry.

She was dismissed from her representative agency, LA Direct Models, after being allegedly involved in an incident after the Nightmove Awards in Tampa with Adriana Chechik.

Adriana accused Lana via Twitter that she assaulted her and shared photos of her injuries to support her accusation.

Becoming an influencer and Podcaster

After quitting the p*rn industry in late 2017, she shifted her focus to creating content on her social media platform.

In February 2020, Brazzers, an adult entertainment company, hired Lana as a marketing consultant.

Meanwhile, her social media platform has become a significant source of income for her. She monetized her social media platforms through sponsorships, ads, and other methods as well.

She also built her e-commerce site, named Later, she also launched an online store to distribute her merchandise at

On her YouTube channel “Lana Rhoades,” she has 1.01 Million subscribers. She also has 16.1 Million followers on her Instagram profile @lanarhoades.

Rhoades co-hosts the famous podcast 3 Girls 1 Kitchen. She also started a lingerie line with the famous fashion designer company Yandy.

Personal Life

Lana was married to Jon, her ex-husband, for around five years. After her divorce, she started dating popular Podcaster Mike Majlak in 2020. However, she broke up with him after a year later, in 2021.

Lana revealed in an interview on 3G1K that she went on a date with this famous NBA player.

Apparently, the player brought another girlfriend, and also she didn’t click with him, so she ended the date with him.

Even though she didn’t reveal the NBA player’s name, she did hinted this mystery date to be of Libra horoscope.

There was a speculation that this mystery date was Kevin Durant because he was the only in Brooklyn Nets rooster with a Libra horoscope. However, another speculation says Blake Griffin could also be this person.

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With an unidentified mystery NBA player, Rhoades claims him to be the father of her 9-month-old son named Milo.

She shared that before entering the adult entertainment industry, she had only been intimate with one person, who was his boyfriend.

Currently, Lana is a multi-millionaire single mother living a lavish life in the suburbs of Los Angeles, creating content on her Instagram and YouTube channels.

Lana Rhodes Net Worth

There is no actual or official Lana Rhodes net worth announced or revealed. However, through some sources and calculations, Lana Rhodes net worth is around $29 million.

Lana began her career in 2016 at the age of 19. At that point, she started receiving $10,000 per video.

Just within six months of her career, she became one of the most famous names in the adult industry. She started asking for $150k per video.

When Lana Rhoades was at the peak of her career, she earned around $500 per video, and the shoot duration was merely two days.

As of today, she has been featured in more than 250 videos and earned more than $50 million over the last few years.

From her podcast, she earns around $120, 000 and her monthly income is estimated at $370,000.

Lana Rhoades net worth 2023$29 Million
Lana Rhoades  net worth 2022$23 Million
Lana Rhoades  net worth 2021$15 Million
Lana Rhoades net worth 2020$10 Million
Lana Rhoades net worth 2019$8 Million

Lana Rhoades Assets

Lana bought three houses from her income, which are located in Los Angeles. Rhoades paid around $8 million for these three houses.

She lives in one of them, and the other two are rented out, where she earns around $140k annually from the rental income.

Lana also has invested her savings in the stock market with the help of the famous Hedge fund manager Bill Ackman.

Today, She has a portfolio value of more than $14 million and also owns shares in top brands such as Apple, Amazon, Walt Disney, Alphabet, and Verizon.


For years, Lana Rhodes won many accolades and awards in her former adult entertainment industry as a famous p*rnstar.

  • She has won the 2017 AVN Award in “Hottest Newcomer category”
  • Lana was awarded with XBIX Award for “Best New Starlet category in 2017”.
  • The same year, she got NightMoves Award for “Best New Starlet (Fan’s Choice)”
  • Rhoades also won November Vixen Angel in 2017.
  • In 2018, she went on to win AVN Award for “Best Anal Sex Scene” in Anal Savages 3 ( along with Markus Dupree)
  • The same year, she achieved  NightMoves Award for “Best Body (Fan’s Choice)”
  • She got NightMoves Award for “Best Star Showcase (Fan’s Choice)”
  • In 2019 P*rnhub Award, she received “Most Popular Female Performer”.
  • Lana also won P*rnhub Award for “Most Popular Female Performer” category in 2020.

Final thoughts

Lana Rhoades is a former p*rnstar turned social media personality and Podcaster. After just a few months of struggle, she instantly became recognized in the industry.

Rhoades become the most-searched p*rnstar on P*rnhub with a whopping 345 million. She won several awards in the adult industry and made a name for herself in merely eight months of her career, from 2016 to late 2017.

At the peak, Lana charged $500 per video and worked on over 250 videos. After leaving p*rn industry in 2018, she became a popular social media personality and a podcaster.

Lana Rhoades net worth is approximately $29 million, as of now.


1. Who Is Lana Rhoades Married To?

Currently, Lana Rhoades is single. She was previously married to her ex-husband Jon. They were together for five years before getting divorced.

2. What Is Lana Rhoades Net Worth?

Lana Rhoades Net worth is approximately $29 Million.

3. How Much Does Lana Rhoades Make Per Video?

Lana Rhoades gets to make $500 per video.

4. Why did Lana Rhoades leave the Adult Industry?

Lana Rhoades left the adult industry due to some mental health concerns and her desire to pursue other interests.


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