Ronnie Devoe: Everything you need to know about popular American Singer and Wife, Shamari Fears

Ronnie DeVoe
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When it comes to popular singers from the late 1900s, who can forget them? From deceased Micheal Jackson to still in the music industry, Ronnie DeVoe, fans are happy that their magical voice is on Spotify, apple music, youtube, and other popular channels where everyone can enjoy old and classic hits.

Released in 2021, Ronnie’s solo album – The Girl is Poison, has tapped new records. But, apart from the music and career, what is going on in Ronnie DeVoe’s life? Do fans know about Devoe’s devoted lifestyle to his wife and children? Well! If you are also here to know everything there is to know about your favourite singer, you are going to be very happy!

Today, we brought you a concise reading on both known and unknown facts about singer Ronnie Devoe and his life. Let’s get started: 

Who is Ronnie DeVoe? 

To begin with, born in 1967 on the 17th of November, Ronnie DeVoe, today, is a star in the American music industry. According to the backend information, Ronnie originally comes from Massachusetts, particularly from Roxbury (a small neighbourhood) situated in Boston.

Ronnie DeVoe
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Apart from singing, in the past many years, Mr DeVoe has also tried his hands and voice talent on rapping as well as acting. To the reader’s surprise, he is one of the most popular members of “New Edition,” an American famous R&B group. Also, he is an important member of Bell Biv DeVoe, which includes Ricky Bell and Micheal Bivins. 

When did Ronnie’s career begin? 

Like many talented people in America, Ronnie DeVoe grasped onto his passion for singing and hip hop early in high school. Later on, Brooke Payne, Ronnie’s uncle, introduced DeVoe to the New Edition Band. And soon enough, DeVoe became a part of it. 

After that, the road to success for the band was not long. In 1981, Ronnie and his group won the second position in a national talent show. Right after the show, Maurice Starr (originally known as Larry Curtis johnson) hired the band for Streetwise record label. In 1982 or earlier than that, their album broke many records and became the first-ever national boy band hit album. 

Ronnie DeVoe
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Are you from the millennial generation? Don’t worry! Check out Ronnie DeVoe’s biggest hit on Spotify/Apple Music/ To name some, here is what you must check out: Poison, I Thought It Was Me, Hootie Mac, Home Again, Three Strips, Candy Girl, All for Love, Under the Blue Moon, and the Real Housewives of Atlanta (as the guest member in 2010). 

Nowadays, Ronnie DeVoe is a regular cast member of the show, along with Shamari Fears. Did you know that? If not, then you are in for a big treat. Mr DeVoe entered many controversies since the show hit on his financial nerves. Skip to “Controversies” to see what happened!

Who is wife of Ronnie DeVoe? 

Without a doubt, everyone in America wants to know if handsome hunk Ronnie DeVoe has tied knots yet. Well! If you have a big crush on Ronnie, then it would remain a crush only. According to Wikipedia, Mr DeVoe, in 2006, married Shamari Fears. 

To the reader’s surprise, at the time of Shamari Fears and Ronnie DeVoe’s first meet up, she was the lead singer/vocalist of an R & B group called Blaque. But, originally, the couple first met eyes and fell in love at first sight at the Janet Jackson Icon Award 2001 ceremony. 

For five/six years (2001 – 2006), the couple dated and got married finally. 

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Bonus Fact: Do you know? Shamari Fears has been going strong on the Real Housewives of Atlanta for many seasons now. Some unhealthy facts about Ronnie DeVoe and Shamari Fears’ open relationship have come out. According to the latest controversial information on the show, Shamari Fears confessed/disclosed on camera that during 11 years of marriage, she has had sexual relationships with two different women. 

Not only this, but Shamari also revealed that it was a bad patch or possibly dry spell of their marriage. As a result, Shamari became curious about bisexuality and did some experience of her own. On camera, Shamari also stated that she slept with two women, whereas he probably had slept with ten. 

Too much information? Catch Real Housewives of Atlanta on the Bravo channel and get insights into celebrities’ daily lifestyles and relationship chaos. 

Does the couple have kids? 

Are you curious if Ronnie DeVoe has kids? Well! Fortunately, the answer is yes. After marrying in 2006, the couple waited over 10 years to plan their family further ahead. In 2017, Shamari Fears gave birth to two beautiful twin sons named Ronald III and Elijah Roman. 

The world of Twitter was much more surprised when Fears declared her pregnancy in a very classic way possible. She shared a picture in a complimentary black outfit with her husband, Ronnie. The picture showcased her baby bump and quoted, “I am the man behind the bump.”

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Want to see some heartwarming moments of the DeVoe kids? Check out Devoetwins profile on Instagram and stream through some rare and special bonding moments among the family. 

Does Ronnie DeVoe have a twin brother? 

During one of the latest scenes of the New Edition group biography mini-series, there are some hidden details about Ronnie DeVoe that have come into the light. To the reader’s surprise, Ronnie DeVoe does have two siblings – Ronald DeVoe and Robert DeVoe. However, the answer is No. Ronnie does not have a twin brother. Ronald and Robert are indeed twins who are at least 6-7 years older than Ronnie himself. 

However, when the biopic of New Edition came out, people always wondered if Ronnie, Ronald, and Robert were identical twins. But, surprisingly, it is just Ronald and Robert.

Ronnie DeVoe
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Wondering who else in DeVoe’s family? To begin with, apart from three brothers – Ronnie, Ronald, and Robert DeVoe, the family includes Ronnie’s mother named Flo DeVoe. Brooke Payne is also a crucial part of the family who is originally Ronnie’s uncle and professionally works as a manager for the New Edition group. 

Last but not least, the family also includes two of Ronnie’s sisters – Tanya and Regina. So, the answer is yes, Ronnie has a total of four siblings. 

What is Ronnie DeVoe Net Worth? 

In 2022, Ronnie DeVoe, the life and voice of the New Edition boy band and music group, will turn 55 years old finally. Touching 60 almost, it seems like Ronnie DeVoe has accomplished many goals, including improving his net worth to a lot. So, what is exactly DeVoe’s net worth? 

According to the latest estimation, Ronnie DeVoe Net Worth stands at $15 Million/Fifteen Million USD. More often than not, audiences ask who the richest member of the music group Bell Biv DeVoe is? Well! Believe it or not, Micheal Bivins is the richest member of the new edition music group. Unlike DeVoe’s net worth only being $15 Million, Micheal’s net worth stands at $40 Million/Forty Million USD. 

Ronnie DeVoe
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To the reader’s surprise, Micheal Bivins is more famous and successful as compared to Ronnie DeVoe because Bivins also pursues a career as a record manager and producer in the music industry. Further ahead, he is also engaged as a brand ambassador for video games like GTA, Friday After Next, Crossover, and so on. 

In comparison, the third member of the new edition music group, Ricky Bell, net worth is also approximately $15 Million. For a long time, the new edition group has not come together for stage performance. Ricky Bell nowadays acts as a lead vocalist. 

Unlike Ronnie and Micheal Bivins, the news concerning Ricky Bell is often not good. According to the previous records, Ricky Bell left the new edition without any reason back in the 1900s. Recently, after the release of a biography on New Edition, Bell was suffering from substance abuse to the point that he was on the verge of bankruptcy. 

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What is Shamari Fears Net Worth? 

Shamari Fears, wife of Ronnie DeVoe, who herself was once a devoted singer of Blaque music group, is now division of a reality tv show – The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Forty-two years old, Shamari Fears Net Worth 2022 stands at 4 Million USD approximately. 

Unlike husband Ronnie, Shamari Fears, after marriage, did not continue with her music career. So, in our view, she earns most of her net worth from the show on Bravo. 

Where does the couple live? 

Here is shocking news for fans of Ronnie DeVoe. Have you been wondering why the new edition has not released anything new yet? Well! According to the inside details, Ronnie DeVoe is now living in Atlanta of, Georgia, with family Shamari Fears and two kids – Ronald III and Robert. 

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It has also been revealed that in Atlanta, Georgia, Ronnie Devoe acts as a real estate professional. He owns a mansion worth over 500K USD. 

Controversies – 

IRS Tax Controversy – Ronnie DeVoe owes over 300K USD 

In 2018, it was disclosed that Ronnie DeVoe and their wife, Shamari Fears, have been paid a visit by the IRS. According to the inside details, the couple has owed up to 366,000 to the IRS as unpaid tax since 2013. Before it could convert into anything more, Ronnie, on a guest show, revealed that the couple is not running from this situation, and there’s nothing fishy going on. 

The Stage Fight

It looks like up until the biopic of New Edition came out, “the stage fight” controversy between Bell, Bivins, DeVoe, and Brown had remained unknown. At the time, Ricky Bell was in rehab because of his substance abuse problem. Due to unknown reasons, in an Oakland stage show (release of poison), Bobby Brown left the stage abruptly. Later on, returned and had an on-stage brawl with the group. 

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It is one of the much controversial episodes (season 11) of the biopic. 


So, are you missing or want to know anything more about Ronnie Devoe and his music group? If yes, keep in touch and bookmark us for persistent gossip. Thank you for reading with us. Check out inside details of Ronnie DeVoe’s married life with Shamari Fears on the popular episodes of the Real Housewives of Atlanta only on Bravo. 


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