Santa Clarita Diet season 4 | Release Date, Trailer, and Unexpected plot twist

Santa Clarita Diet season 4
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American Horror-based web series have their charm at another level. To begin with, Santa Clarita Diet Horror+comedy show on Netflix has become a gem of entertainment. It had first released in February 2017. From then onwards, Santa Clarita Diet’s three series of seasons has left its viewers addicted. So, the audience is very eager for the release of Santa Clarita Diet season 4. But, May is almost over, and yet, there are official updates about the forthcoming season. 

Well! Don’t worry because, we bring informative pieces of the puzzle together to create a full picture. That’s right! Here are things that you didn’t know about the upcoming show Santa Clarita Diet season 4. Let’s review:


What is Santa Clarita Diet season 4 release date?

In March 2019, Santa Clarita Diet season 3 aired on Netflix. It was holding ten amazing comedy-filled episodes. On the one hand, audiences receive first-class finale ending to season 3 “The Cult of Sheila.” Now, viewers are eagerly waiting for Ron, Tom, and Jean saving the world for Sheila in the next season. 

To begin with, according to the Santa Clarita Diet’s earlier release patterns, season 4 assumed for release by March 2020. But, the world is not doing great in 2020. COVID-19 has caused a temporary shutdown for a world-class web series. Thus, most trending web series including Lucifer, My Hero Academia, The Expanse, and Santa Clarita Diet season 4 have delayed

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Santa Clarita Diet 2
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When can you expect Santa Clarita Diet season 4 release? We would like to inform our readers that there are high-end chances that season 4 will come out this year (2020). IF NETFLIX DECIDES TO RENEW THE SHOW FOR the FOURTH SEASON. 

Thus, Netflix may air its trailer in early-2021. Further, the release of the series predicts somewhere around March 2021. But, let’s keep our hopes up as mid-2020 may not come out as non-entertaining.

Why did Netflix cancel SCD season 4?

In the meantime, there are several rumors about Santa Clarita Diet season 4. They say, the show has cancelled. Why? Well! According to Netflix’s policies, it cancels shows when the rating drops from season to season. In this case, Santa Clarita Diet American horror-comedy show created by Victor Fresco received only a 7.8/10 rating on IMDb. not only this but for this show, the critic rating went high with the release of every season. 

Santa Clarita Diet 3 Netflix
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For instance, according to a few critics, “the show definitely delivers great laughs but it is not meant to match everyone’s taste of entertainment.” 

In conclusion, we cannot say whether or not Netflix will renew the show for a fourth season. However, fans should keep their hopes up as Santa Clarita Diet season 3 has received 100% approval from the audience on Rotten Tomatoes. 

What is Santa Clarita Diet plot summary?

For the viewers who haven’t watched this show, it has some morbid humor moments. Thus, you will appreciate all the way. To begin with, Santa Clarita Diet’s storyline revolves around Joel and Sheila. They are real estate agents in Santa Clarita, California. In the first season’s second episode, the series takes a big turn when Sheila Hammond transforms into undead (zombie). Now, the audience of the show witnesses Sheila going through unpredictable changes in her lifestyle. For example, she is craving to feed on human flesh. 

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Santa Clarita Diet 1
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Although the plot of the series includes horror, it has side-by-side kept the comedy-element alive for the viewers. 

The Cast of the show includes:

  • Drew Barrymore is appearing as Sheila Hammond who is Joel’s spouse and Abby’s mother
  • Timothy Olyphant is appearing as Joel Hammond who is Sheila’s spouse and Abby’s father
  • Liv Hewson is appearing as Abby Hammond, 
  • Skyler Gisondo is appearing as Eric Bemis. the Joel and Sheila’s neighbor, Lisa’s son and Dan’s stepson

Santa Clarita Diet season 3 ending explained!

Aired on March 29, 2019, “The Cult of Sheila” may or may not be the finale of the entire series. In this last episode of season 3, everyone attends Hammond’s launch party. Dobrivoje Poplović follows Joel and after seeing dead body parts, he assumes Joel to be undead. Gary opens about his desire for more involvement. Dobrivoje Poplović threatens Joel to leave. Ron tells everyone that he has turned his victims into zombies. At the end of this last episode, Ron, Jean, and Tommy are supposed to rescue Sheila’s world. 

“Stay tuned for more!”


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