The Croods 2 Release Date is Out | Here’s everything you need to know about A New Age

the crowds 2 release date
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The Croods Animation movie, initially released in 2013, is ready for its sequel. Apparently, the Croods 2 release date is out. However, this time the fan-following of The Croods by Universal Pictures UK is equally excited about the theme of the movie called “A New Age.”

the croods 2  release date 23 December 2020
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That’s right! To the reader’s surprise, you do not need to wait for the first glimpse of The Croods 2 because the official trailer is already out. Furthermore, it has given out some mind-blowing hints about the movie’s theme and the moral behind it. So, without any further ado, let’s calm our reader’s horse of brainstorming and view some exciting details: 

What is The Croods 2 Release Date? 

The Croods 2 release date has been set to be 23rd December 2020. Without a doubt, the Croods two is going to be fiercer than ever. In the first installment of the movie, the audience witnessed the Croods family’s struggle when their cave had been destroyed, and now, they had to find a new home. Fortunately, a trekker helped them to find a new and better home; however, the journey was long, beautiful, witty, and funny for the audience. I speak for myself. I laughed out loud on several scenes, and emotions made me pile up tissues everywhere. 

Hence, the bottom line is The Croods 2 is only two months away from hitting the box office. Thus, it is time to check out the official trailer of the Croods two and watch what a New Age for The Croods will look like: 

Who are all in the voice cast of the Croods 2?

As for now, the creators have not disclosed the voice cast of the Croods 2. However, our guesses speak out loud that the voice cast for the second season will remain the same as the first one, particularly for the main cast. So, let’s take a glimpse of these channel of the voice behind the comic faces:

  • Nicholas Cage appears as Grug Crood (Role: the Father)
  • Emma Stone appears as Eep Crood (Role: Teenage daughter of Grug)
  • Ryan Reynolds appears as Eep’s romantic interest.
  • Catherine Keener appears as Ugga Crood (Role: Grug’s life partner and mother of Eep)
  • Clark Duke appears as Thunk Crood (Couple’s son and Eep’s brother)
the croods 2 voice cast Peter Dinklage as Phil betterman
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  • Cloris Leachman appears as Gran (Kids’ grandmother)
  • Randy Thom appears as Sandy (the couple’s youngest daughter)
  • Leslie Mann appears as Hope Betterman (Wife of Phil)
  • Peter Dinklage appears as Phil Betterman (Hope’s husband and Dawn’s father)
  • Kelly Marie Tran appears as Dawn Betterman (Teenage daughter of Betterman family)

A new family has been included in the Croods 2, called The Betterman. It included Phil Betterman and Hope Betterman. At last, their daughter named Dawn Betterman. 

About the Plot

To begin with, The Croods 2 official trailer has disclosed many spoilers about the Croods’ two plot or storyline. For the most part, The Croods 2 follows the Crood family’s storyline, who have once again lost their home. However, this time, they enter a whole new world of the modern age where the Croods meet the Betterman. At first, the Croods and the Betterman get along well. However, later, with time, the Croods family realizes that the Betterman is not as much evolved as they claimed to be. Indeed, they have built a wall to make up their life congested from the rest of the world. 

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In the meantime, Eep Crood and Dawn Betterman will go on to their separate journey of adventure. According to the storyline, Eep Croods adventurous lifestyle has intimidated Dawn Betterman because she has always been safe by her parents. Therefore, in excitement to experience adventure, she leans on Eep Croods to overtake the unending wall that keeps her family away from the real world. However, beyond this wall, a brand-new journey of adventure with new threats appears. 

Above all, the love interests for both Eep Crood and Thunk Crood in the upcoming The Croods 2 will remain romantic and heart touching. Thus, it is time to stay tuned!

Epilogue for The Croods 2 Release Date

So, are you ready for this brand new adventure? The Croods 2 release date is only a few months away. If you haven’t watched the Croods first part, check out the trailer now and stream the movie online on our top 10 list of best-streaming sites for free. Good luck!


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