The Right Stuff is returning at Disney+ declares National Geographic Studios

the right stuff season 1
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Here’s some good news for those who love sci-fi based American reality shows. In the late 1900s, The Ladd Company had produced and released “the Right Stuff” movie. This movie was a big box-office hit. To begin with, it was based on a book written by Tom Wolfe in 1979 by the same title. For those who do not know, the movie actually takes back the audience to 1947. It indeed focuses on America’s first-ever world-class space program in California at the Muroc Army AirField. 

After the success of the Right stuff film, National Geographic has claimed the copyrights of the ideology of this non-fictional movie. Now, it has declared the return of “The Right Stuff” on Disney+ which is one of the top-leading streaming platforms among the kids, teens, as well as adults. 

The Right Stuff TV series is coming soon!

For the most part, the Right Stuff TV/Web series was earlier signed up for release in early 2020. However, due to COVID-19, the production houses, I .e.., National Geographic Studios and Appian Way Productions are coming across an unwanted delay. Thus, if you are here to look for the right stuff, a new release date. It is not out yet. But, it will surely come out in the fall season of 2020. 

the right stuff 1983 renewal
Image credit: National Geographic

To the reader’s surprise, some amazing celebs have been cast for this miniseries based on “The Right Stuff” non-fictional novel by Tom Wolfe. Let’s take a glimpse at the stars who will appear in and as what character!

Cast  Character in the Right Stuff
Jake McDorman Alan Sheperd
Micheal Trotter Gus Grissom
Patrick J. Adams John Glenn
James Lafferty Scott Carpenter
Aaron Staton Wally Schirra
Colin O’ Donoghue Gordon Cooper
Micah Stock Deke Slayton
Sacha Seberg Wernher Von Braun
Jordan Woods-Robinson Mike Turley
Shannon Lucio  Louise Shepard
Rachel Burttram Betty Grissom
Nora Angela Zehetner Annie Glenn
Jade Albany Pietrantonio Rene Carpenter
Laura Ault Jo Schirra
Eloise Mumford Trudy Cooper
Chandler Head Cam Cooper
Lucy Capri Janita Cooper
Taegan Burns Laura Shepard
Avery Burns Julie Shepard


Is there a “The Right Stuff” 2020 trailer?

Yes! National Geographic studios had announced the “behind the scenes” short video on its YouTube channel in which it also promoted “Disney+” original network. Are you thrilled for the Right Stuff first-look? Therefore, check it out below:

What is the Right Stuff plot summary?

To begin with, The Right Stuff is a true story based on the strategy of seven astronauts of Mercury that did a great job during the 1947’s space program. Although, according to the movie and novel, there were few flaws in the program. The astronauts have become acknowledged to the fact that there is a possibility that the rocket in which they will be present can explode and lead to their tragedy. 

the right stuff by tom Wolfe
Image credit: National Geographic

Apart from this, the “The Right Stuff” also brings attention to the early achievements of NASA as well as the scientists involved in the given experiments. Hence, Originally, the web series will take its audience to the times’ post World War II when America had won over Germany and of course, Hitler. Now, their main motive is to explore Mercury. This objective was putting a lot of pressure on the seven Mercury scientists. Consequently, changing their lifestyle and making their relationships more complicated than ever. 


In conclusion, 2020 is finally going to be entertaining with the release of “The Right Stuff” TV Series. Up until now, the production team has not released an accurate release date, or how many episodes will be there in the right stuff in season 1?

The Right Stuff drama series
Image credit: National Geographic

However, the cast of The Right Stuff seems to be filled with amazing actors and actresses. Above all, where can I watch the Right Stuff all episodes? Well! As soon as it releases, you can watch it on Disney+ network. In the meantime, The distributors of the show are Warner Bros. And finally, the series is between production under the production-masters of Leonardo di Caprio. 

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