The Simpsons Predictions That Came True and Left the World Awe-Struck

the simpsons predictions
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The world is full of many strange happenings, and our readers will agree that predicting the future is a strange occurrence. Whenever people want to know what will happen after four years, they madly run behind the astrologers and pay hefty money to them.

In this digital world, many marvellous things are on their way to happening, and some have already shaped the future. “The Simpsons” is an American animated sitcom show that aired in 1989 and is known for its satirical ability, humour, and making uncanny predictions that came true later. This show has a family that has many members namely Homer, Lisa, Marge, Bart, and Maggie and in the different episodes they created many uncanny predictions and as the years passed by, these predictions came true which has left the fans agape.

In this blog, we are summing up The Simpsons Predictions that have caught the attention of the entire world.

The Simpsons Predictions: The American Sitcom Leaving Its Viewers Stunned

The longest-running animated show has managed to address the attention of the globe as different predictions made in the past were relevant to the future. Ironically, these predictions came true and hence, everyone thought about how AI Jean, one of the members of the writing staff, was able to make these predictions before the real happenings and innovations. It seems that the scriptwriters of this show are time travellers. The sequential events shown in The Simpson came true and left his fans amazed. 

1. The Three-Eyed Fish

If “The Simpson ” is your favourite sitcom, you can’t forget that ” three-eyed fish ” Blinky, that was found near a nuclear power plant where “Homer ” a character in The Simpson worked. Years later, a similar incident happened. A fisherman in Cordoba, Argentina, caught a three-eyed wolf fish near the nuclear power plant. On visualising the similarities, we can bet “The Simpson” was so true in their predictions.

The Three-Eyed Fish
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2. Prediction of a Faulty Vote Machine

On watching “ The Simpsons,” people wondered how AI Jean had skillfully predicted the future through his compelling writings. In the fourth episode of Season 2, “The Three-Eyed Fish,” Homer was trying his best to give his vote to “Barack Obama,” but his vote got replaced because of the faulty machine. This prediction also came true when later on in the U.S. election his vote was transferred to Mitt Romney due to the faulty machine.

Prediction of a Faulty Vote Machine
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3. Prediction of Smart Watches

In the series of “The Simpsons Predictions” technological advancements have also made their way. Today, when smartwatches have forayed into our world so smartly, fans of “The Simpson” feel intrigued that the prediction of a strange device similar to the smartwatch in an episode aired on 19th March 1995 was made. 

In an episode casting Lisa’s Homer’s daughter’s wedding her future spouse Hugh was looking into a bizarre device which looked akin to half phone and half watch. When Apple introduced the first smartwatch, we feel as if this device was so early predicted by AI Jeans and his fellow writers way back in 1995.

the simpsons predictions
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4. Lady Gaga’s Magical Performance

Different episodes of The Simpsons turned out to be time travellers and gave a strong indication of future events to their fans. In one of the Super Bowl events, “ Lisa Goes Gaga” a large musical event was predicted. Lady Gaga visited “ Springfield ” and performed her hit songs and also flew over her audience. Five years after the telecast of this show, Lady Gaga in her Superbowl performance, actively performed her hit songs, and during the performance she was lifted above her audience. This Superbowl performance was aired in Season 23, Episode 22.

Lady Gaga’s Magical Performance
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5. Walt Disney and Fox Merger

Mergers and acquisitions are an inherent part of the financial world. But if we say, the episodes of different seasons of “ The Simpson” predicted the future events correctly, we will not at all be wrong. Season 10 Episode 5 telecasted about Homer meeting Alec Baldwin and making a decision to work for him. The show was centred around Fox suggesting an idea of a movie to the 20th-century Fox executives. Later on, the sequence of the Walt Disney and Fox merger was shown in the American prime-time animated series.

Walt Disney and Fox Merger
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6. Predicted Donald Trump’s Presidency

Surprising the American sitcom covered a series of important events related to the U.S. presidency.  Episode 17 of Season 11 named “ Bart to the Future” showed that Bart tried to predict the future of himself and her sister. The episode mentioned Lisa Simpson, the leader of the country who was trying to fix the economy after Donald Trump’s presidency.

the simpsons predictions
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The Nutshell

These are some of the interesting future events that were a part and parcel of “ The Simpson.” These uncanny future predictions which, later on, came true tied the fans to this premier American sitcom. The series of predictions left no area untouched as the events predicted were related to political affairs, finance, science and technology, and inventions. We wish that in 2023 and upcoming years also these events will come true and will win the inimitable trust of the viewers. To conclude, we can say that “The Simpsons Predictions” will be an inherent part of future events.


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