Will there be a Home Before Dark Season 2 on Apple TV+?

home before dark season 1
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Home Before Dark season 1 first aired on Apple TV+ on April 3, 2020. Since this is an era for mystery dramas, Home before dark has upscaled the benchmark for its competitors with its high-end thrilling concept and amazing starring team including Brooklyn Prince and Jim Sturgess appearing as the main part of the Lisko family in the series. To begin with, recently after the release of season 1, the audience is curious to know will there be a Home Before Dark season 2? 

For the most part, the last episode of Home Before Dark titled “Bigger Than All of Us” revealed that Richie Fife is alive. Thus, leaving its viewers jaw-dropping. The bad news is the viewers will need to wait up until the Home Before Dark season 2 release to find out how Richie survived and where is he?

When is Home Before Dark season 2 coming out? If you are looking for an answer, you have come to the right platform. Let’s find out what do we have for you!

Is there a Home Before Dark season 2?

Yes! According to the last episode of the web series on Apple TV+, there is a bigger mystery coming its way to the Lisko family. Therefore, 100% of season 2 is coming. 

What is Home Before Dark season 2 release date?

At the latest, it is only a month since the Home Before Dark season 1 release. Hence, we can expect the release of Home Before Dark season 2 in 2021 around April. Although, the production team has not confirmed any update on the sequel. 

In the meantime, if you have not watched Home before dark season 1, here’s a trailer for you to glimpse:

What is Home Before Dark Plot Summary?

The blockbuster web series on Apple TV+, Home Before Dark is a mystery drama that revolves around a young girl named Hilde Lisko, a reporter who has just moved from a big city to a small town with her father named Matt Lisko. Later, she unintentionally comes across several mysterious clues while she was visiting her father’s small lakeside town. 

home before dark
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In the first season, there are many twists and turns in the story with several consistent characters which lead to flashbacks of what actually had happened? To begin with, many secrets unfold that leave the audience in shock. 55-minute duration per episode streamed online lead to uncountable prominence for the production companies. 

Home Before Dark season 1, List of Episodes:

  1. Magic Hours
  2. Never Be The Same
  3. Sting Like A Bee
  4. The Bird, Man
  5. The Green Bike
  6. 88 Miles an Hour
  7. Search Party
  8. The Future is Female
  9. Superhero Monster Slayer
  10. Bigger Than All of Us

Home Before Dark last episode recap!

In the first episode of Home Before Dark, there is a big turn of events that changes everything for the Lisko family, but more for those who were holding secrets. Not long after that, Matt Lisko reconnects with his father to reclaim his past which he had long buried in his memories as the bad ones. On the other hand, Hilda unfolds secrets held by Erie Harbour. 

Matt meets an old friend, however, loses control. Whereas, Hilda is at the edge of learning the truth a dangerous way. Now, Hilda, Donny, and Spoon are before Birdman to unfold the Richie Fife case. Spoiler Alert!!! They find him successfully.

Now, Hilda has proof that as a guilty of Richie’s murder, an innocent person is behind bars for 30 years. Enters Frank who is ready to help Hilda in investigating further. However, not long after, nobody can find Hilda and Sam (the convicted for Richie’s murder) escaped prison. 

Now, police have arrested an unknown suspect for Richie’s fight for justice. However, in the last episode, the major mystery unfolds. Spoiler Alert!!! Richie Fife is alive as nobody found his dead body in the van as it sank. 

What are we yet to see in Home Before Dark season 2?

The audience of Home Before Dark is eagerly awaiting the comeback of Richie and speaks of his side of the story. How and who saved him? Not only this but how and who tried to kill him?

Thus, stay tuned on our platform to know more. Soon we will come back with more teasers and spoiler alerts for you. Till then, keep up entertainment via streaming Home Before Dark season 1 at Movie4k


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