Yung Joc: Who is this American Rapper? Why is he in so many controversies? 

Yung Joc
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Ever heard of Yung Joc? Well! If not, let us tell you, Yung Joc is one of the most prominent American Rapper and music creators who have delivered the biggest hits like It’s Going Down and Coffee Shop. Along with many rap treasures, Yung has also given the world something to talk about. In the dead and buried years, many YouTubers have dug deep into the controversies and conspiracies related to the American Music industry. From Beyonce being forced into a contract to Elvis not being dead but escaping from the torture of this industry, there’s so much that stun us to no end. 

Yung Joc
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Today, thanks to our research, we brought you a brief reading on Yung Joc. In this reading, you can learn everything there is to know about this American rapper. So, let’s get started:

Who is Yung Joc? 

To begin with, as mentioned before, Yung Joc is one of the treasured artists in the music industry, specifically in the rapping arena. Born in 1983, he is currently 38 years old and living the rest of his life in Atlanta of Georgia, in the United States. Well! If you want to know Yung Joc better, you must know that “Yung Joc” is only this rapper’s stage name. According to our insights, Yung Joc is indeed named Jaisal Amon Tucker. To the reader’s surprise, Yung has given more singles to the music industry of America than any other artist. His amazing album includes songs akin to New Joc City, Yeah Boy, Beep, and Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood. 

 In the meantime, Joc has also spent a time of his career pursuing fame in the reality television world. For example, in 2016, Yung Joc widely participated in the television show “leave it to stevie,” where Joc was in a supporting role, and Stevie was the major highlight of the show as the title makes it perfectly clear. 

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Apart from becoming a legend in the music industry and reality television, Yung Joc has also done the unexpected. That’s right! Like any other music legend of America, Joc included himself in public controversies. 

Yung started with a bang!

Believe it or not, but viewing Yung Joc’s journey on a macro level, it seems like he was meant to be successful from his very first album. And why wouldn’t he be? Because he released his first album with Nitti Beatz, the top-notch music record producer in America

To the reader’s surprise, the album feat Nitti Beatz and Yung Joc also made it to the nominations for best song of the year in 2006. Congratulations to JOC. However, since then, both have not collaborated in a while. What’s up with that? 

Is Yung Joc divorced? 

Has your favorite music star tied knots yet? Well! The answer is both yes and no. Sadly, Yung Joc and his wife, Alexandria Robinson, are no longer together. According to our insights, the story of Yung Joc falling in love with childhood sweetheart Alexandria is heartwarming. But, things had gotten pretty drastic for Yung’s fans when in 2014, Alexandria decided to file a divorce. 

The couple actually tied knots back in 2001. After 12 years of marriage, in 2013, the couple separated because of Alexandria’s discomfort concerning Joc’s controversial onscreen romance with Karlie Redd. It is rather surprising how these two love birds were set apart because of Karlie Redd, a multi-talented Actress and Model, as well as an American personality. 

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Nevertheless, in 2014, finally, the couple parted their ways lawfully. 

You will also be staggered to know that Yung Joc and Karlie Redd actually met on the show “Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta” season, where they kickstarted a relationship that was witnessed by the entire world. Our guess is that Yung’s wife of that time, Alexandria, packed her bags the moment Yung kissed Karlie. 

In comparison, many viewers from all over the world do not think of Karlie as the reason for the couple to separate ways. Indeed, they believe that Karlie Redd has had many boyfriends in the past. She has also been engaged to many of them. For example, Karlie’s recent engagement with Maurice Mo ended. According to Karlie, he was possessive of what was happening on reality tv!

Sounds like the road of separate ways for Alexandria and Maurice Mo were identical? Doesn’t it?

Did Yung Joc remarry? 

Surprise! E! Surprise! Surprise! After marrying and receiving a divorce from Alexandria Robinson in 2014, Yung Joc has tied knots with another Robinson named Kendra. According to our research, Kendra Robinson and Yung Joc were part of the reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. After having a relationship with Karlie Redd on the show, Yung Joc appeared for another season. In that season, Yung Joc and Kendra fell in love helplessly. Recently in 2021, the couple got married in a small ceremony. 

To the reader’s surprise, Kendra Robinson is actually not an American Personality based on her current professional stature. Our research concludes that Kendra is a professional in law. She has acted as a criminal defense attorney. 

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On the show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, Yung Joc and Kendra also got engaged while their fans cheered. However, it only happened after a stretched controversy when Karlie Redd revealed that Yung Joc had also been in a relationship with her while he was with Kendra. 

Lucky for Joc, Kendra kept her complete belief in Yung Joc and accepted the proposal anyway!

What is Yung Joc Net Worth? 

According to the 2021 Celebrities Net Worth, Yung Joc stands at Four Million USD. For the most part, previous to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reality television show, Yung Joc was rumored to be bankrupt. At the time, he also denied all the talks in public concerning his financial health. 

However, according to Forbes’ List of richest American Rappers 2020, Yung Joc held 20th position as his net worth was mentioned as 10 million dollars. But, in 2021, his net worth has unreasonably dropped down to four million USD. 

During Joc’s career, he has received a lot of money from the reality show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. According to our research, this American rapper received over fifty thousand dollars for each episode he performed in. To the reader’s surprise, he was a part of 82 episodes. Rumors are that he will also return on the show for the forthcoming season. 

 What is Kendra Robinson’s Net Worth? 

Kendra Robinson, wife of Yung Joc’s estimated Net Worth in 2021 is $1.5 million. Kendra’s successfully building career in criminal defense makes it perfectly clear that prominence apart from Hollywood is also possible. To the reader’s surprise, apart from Kendra’s net worth produced from her profession in criminal defense, she also made over 8 million dollars from the reality tv show Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. 

Yung Joc
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Aside from that, she also runs a fitness center chain that has multiple premises all over South Carolina. 

Does Yung Joc have children? 

To this, our retort is a big yes! According to our insights into Yung Joc’s life, he has more children than anyone in the music industry. Mr. Joc has fathered 8 children. His first son is named Aimon Robinson, who he had with Fatimah. Apparently, Joc never tied knots with Fatimah. They shared custody of Aimon since his birth. In 2001, after marrying Alexandria Robinson, the couple welcomed three children named Ja’Kori (daughter), Amir, and Chase Robinson in different years. 

After divorcing from Alexandria, Joc had a small-term relationship with Carla, who gave Joc the gift of a pair of twins – Camora and Cadence. And last but not least, he also had a short-term relationship with Sina, who gave him the gift of another pair of twins named – Allen and Eden. 

So, in total, Yung Joc has eight children, among whom the eldest is 17 years old. Now that Yung and Kendra have tied knots already, fans can expect more Robinsons in the future. 

Back to back relationship drama

For many years, Yung Joc has stuck in relationship drama which has also triggered fingers over his character. On guest shows, Yung Joc’s girlfriends and previous spouses have also confessed how they often found Joc cheating on them? However, all that drama has happened thanks to the popular show Love and Hip Hop, where Joc first got involved with Karlie Redd. 

In one of the tv interlude, it was revealed that Karlie Redd came across knowing that boyfriend Joc has been having a pleasurable time with Khadiyah behind her back which created a lot of drama on the screen. But, what fans didn’t know was that on the off-screen, Karlie Redd ended up crashing his car to the ground after they spat over the topic. 

Yung Joc
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Now, it is rather questionable how Yung Joc has gotten into so much trouble with beautiful girls on the screen. But, those who have been following the show for a long cannot wait to find out who will be his next girlfriend, fiance, or wife?

Most recent controversy

With so much drama happening in Yung Joc’s life, it is rather surprising how he has kept his career in music going! Recently, a new drama opened on the screen when Joc on the reality show confessed that his wife Kendra and he are having a spat over the topic of Vasectomy. Without a doubt, Kendra Robinson may have thought that after having eight children, he wouldn’t need more. However, Joc’s point of view is entirely different. 

According to Kendra, she didn’t want to marry a fiance who is still fertile as she does not want kids anymore. 


So, did you know so much about Yung Joc’s life? Well! We have told you whatever drama unfolded up until now. For more updates on what’s happening inside Joc’s life, keep us in your bookmarks. Get new updates every day. Thank you!


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