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Fundraising: UPDATED


The ‘man’ behind the libel against Tallbloke has caved, given-in, surrendered and otherwise thrown himself on the large dude’s mercy:

I’ve decided to update this blog entry (20 Dec 2011) because it occurs to me that certain things could be misinterpreted, in no small part because of the common language that separates us across various national borders, and differences in the way debate and concepts of free speech operate in different lands.

Funny. I was raised in the UK and have lived both sides of the Atlantic. Yet all this time I never realized that calling someone a ‘thief’ could be misinterpreted as ‘hail and well met, jolly fellow with whom I may, allegedly, disagree.’ I guess should get out more.

According to Laden, Tallbloke has accepted an offer to post in lieu of suing:

I am offering Mr. Tattersall to publish a blog post on this site (Greg Laden’s Blog) expressing his opinion on the matter, and he has agreed to to so, through his solicitor, instead of pursuing legal action that was previously suggested. I look forward to receiving the text for this post and, again in the spirit of open and public debate about these important issues, I will post it prominently and place it on the select feed for Scienceblog.com to give it maximum exposure.

That Tallbloke has apparently accepted the offer proves he’s not just vertically endowed, but truly the larger man in this whole sordid affair.


Original Post:

Skeptic blogger Tallbloke had computers taken from his house last week by police looking into the Climategate leak.

That’s bad enough, but then the over-sized fella was libeled. The post has been edited since in an attempt to memory-hole it, but the Internet never forgets and the original post is where the author can’t get to it.

Tallbloke is to sue for libel, but lawyers cost cash, so he’s formed a legal fund.

If you can spare a little cash to help a big man teach a mental midget a lesson about what’s fair comment and what’s not, Tallbloke has a donate button all ready for you.

It’s a bad time of year to raise cash, but if you can spare Tallbloke even a little, it’ll help.