2020 Toyota Supra Faces Ford Mustang GT At Drag Strip Again


As soon as Toyota’s Supra comes up, its first instinct is to directly jump to drag racing. Earlier we saw the video of drag racing between Toyota Supra and Ford Mustang GT and BMW Z4.

The results of the drag racing were quite unbelievable. Ford Mustang GT did not show expected performance at the racing given the powerful capability it flaunts.

This time around we have another two top favorite cars clashing with each other. One obviously being, Toyota Supra and Ford Mustang GT. Well, we do not know with what intention the drag was set up to take place. Maybe it is to reestablish the previous results or not?

2020 Toyota Supra Faces Ford Mustang GT At Drag Strip Again
2020 Toyota Supra Faces Ford Mustang GT At Drag Strip Again


The Toyota Supra which clashed in the drag strip gives out 335 horsepower or 250 kilowatts. On the other hand, the power output of the Mustang GT is 460 horsepower or 343 kilowatts.

The torque offered by Toyota Supra is 365 pound-feet or 495 Newton-meters while Mustang GT offers a torque of 420 pound-feet or 569 Newton meters. Toyota Supra used an eight-speed automatic transmission whereas Ford Mustang GT uses up a ten-speed automatic transmission to send power to the rear wheels.

Supra has a curb weight of 1520 kg whereas Mustang GT has a curb weight of 1720 kg. However, Toyota Supra costs a whopping$ 10,000 more than the Ford Mustang GT.

Given all of these, Supra is definitely the underrated one. During the previous drag strip between the three trending four-wheelers at the moment. The results were both eye-opening and shocking.

Toyota Supra performed the best out of three whereas BMW Z4 was a tad bit lacking then it. However, we got complete unexpected results from Ford Mustang GT as it lagged behind in a lot of stuff. Though, Supra does cost more.

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The question is whether this time around the results will be repeated or will Mustang turn the tables?


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