Technology That Improve the Health of Senior Citizens

Health of Senior Citizens

Technology has played a huge role in the advancements in the healthcare industry. The identification, diagnosis, and treatment of a variety of diseases are now much easier thanks to technology for Health of Senior Citizens.

Various medical equipment and devices can be used in hospitals and healthcare settings to make things quicker and easier for health professionals and patients alike. New scanning technologies, dialysis machinery, mechanical beds, and transportation equipment are also important for modern-day inpatient and outpatient healthcare.

There are also many technological devices that make life easier for Health of Senior Citizens when they are outside of the hospitals. For example, there is now an advanced type of hearing aid to help those with impaired hearing. There are different kinds of wearables that provide real-time health data for patients on a continuous basis.

Despite the advancements in health technology, there is still one major barrier that we are struggling to overcome, and that is age. Although young individuals have no trouble adopting new technologies, it’s another story for senior citizens.

For older adults who have not grown up with technology, using wearables at home and having scans at the hospital can be intimidating. For this reason, they are much less likely to adopt new technologies, despite being told that these technological devices will improve their quality of life.

However, the pandemic has accelerated the inevitable shift toward using technology for health monitoring and disease prevention. Over the pandemic, many older adults were forced to use technology to stay in touch with their loved ones.

As a result, many seniors have become more open to adopting health-related technologies. They are realizing that technology isn’t as scary as it might seem and that it can actually improve their quality of life significantly.

Here are three types of technology that seniors can use to make their day-to-day lives easier.

  • Personal Safety Alarms and Fall Detectors- Health of Senior Citizens

Most older adults are concerned with their safety as they age. Personal safety alarms are a relatively new technology that provides senior citizens with more independence and confidence when living alone or heading out of the house.

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Personal safety alarms or sometimes also called medical alarms. They can be carried on your person and activated in times of danger. If an older adult feels that they are unsafe in their home or in public, they can quickly activate the personal safety alarm.

There are two main kinds of personal safety alarms. The more basic kind of alarm emits a loud piercing sound when activated and this alerts people nearby to the danger. More advanced personal safety alarms connect with emergency services when activated, giving the older adult access to immediate medical help.

Safety alarms are a simple yet effective form of healthcare technology that provides all elderly adults with the freedom to live independently. These alarms can significantly improve an older adult’s quality of life by giving them the confidence to continue doing the things that they enjoy.

Fall alarms are a specific type of safety alarm that doesn’t require manual activation. They are activated when they sense tension, such as when an older individual falls to the ground. 

According to Age UK, approximately 36% of all older adults worry about falling over more than they worry about anything else. Fall alarms reduce these worries and enable older adults to get immediate help if they do fall over.

  •  Telemedicine and Virtual Patient Appointments

Many older adults struggle with mobility and balance. Travelling to the hospital or community care center can be difficult, as they might struggle to walk or drive. Having to go out of the house and travel to a physical clinic can also be anxiety provoking, as many older adults might worry about falling over along the way or getting stranded while out and about.

The introduction of telemedicine has removed the need for older adults to travel long or short distances to healthcare facilities. Instead, they can now consult their physician virtually through online video calling platforms.

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Not only are virtual patient appointments safer for older adults but they’re also much more convenient. Seniors can stay comfortable and warm at home while they chat to their doctor.

Online virtual clinics encourages older adults to take the right steps towards living a healthy lifestyle. They’re also much more likely to remain engaged with healthcare services if they can easily access help from their doctor when needed.

  • Smart Home Technologies

Every year sees the invention of new smart technology devices that are hugely popular by many people of all ages. Smart technology can be particularly beneficial for older adults who spend most of their time at home.

Having sophisticated technology to help with their everyday activities can promote independence and improve safety around the house, reducing the need for them to enter a retirement home or nursing home.

Smart technology reduces the need for the individual to manoeuvre around their home and struggle to get complete activities of daily living (ADLs), such as washing, dressing, eating, and toileting.

Some of the most popular and most beneficial pieces of smart technology include:

  • Smart doorbells that have a built-in camera and speaker. The older adult can see who is at their door without needing to get out of their chair, and they can interact with the person through the two-way speaker system before letting the person or people into their home.
  • Voice controlled lighting that enables the senior to switch on and off their lights without needing to move. This type of smart technology is ideal for those who have limited mobility or struggle to reach up to turn light switches on and off.
  • Voice controlled televisions or speakers make the use of these technological devices much easier. The older adult can relax in their chair or in bed while watching their favorite TV programs or listening to some music.


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