5 Extreme Vehicle-Based Sports to Pump Adrenaline in Your Veins

5 Extreme Vehicle-Based Sports

If you plan vacations to seek some thrills, push your boundaries, give yourself a challenge, or have non-routine experiences, then extreme sports are your thing. Adrenaline junkies have plenty of options when it comes to facing their fears and engaging in some of their favorite activities. Rock climbing is one of the most difficult yet rewarding sports out there. It challenges not only your physical condition but your mental prowess as well. On the other hand, zorbing is thrilling and fun, and people of all ages enjoy it. Here 5 Extreme Vehicle-Based Sports to Pump Adrenaline in Your Veins.

But how about extreme sports involving vehicles? Whether you are passionate about two-wheelers or motorized four-wheelers, extreme vehicular sports are so popular we dedicate them entire trails and competitions. Do you want to hear the engine roar, test your riding skills, and taste adrenaline on the tip of your tongue? Ensure you comply with all health policies in place, check out U.S. travel conditions, make sure the trails are open to the public, and leave some wiggle room to adjust your plans accordingly. Other than that, here are X extreme sports to try using a vehicle!   

1. Mountain Biking

Probably the toughest sports out there – implying a vehicle or not – mountain biking requires more skill, training, and knowledge than meets the eye. If you have a mountain bike and enjoy its thrills, you know you can engage in various activities and sports with this vehicle’s help: cross country, dirt jumping, trail riding, downhill, freeride, and so on. Adrenaline junkies and masters of mountain biking know they have amazing, dedicated mountain bike trails to test their physical and mental limits and enjoy stunning landscapes.

2. UTV Trailing

Utility Terrain Vehicles are not a new sight. People have been using them for years for work, farming, hunting, agriculture, cargo transportation, and more. But manufacturers and users understood that these magnificent motorized beasts had more potential than initially thought. Now, we have entire lines of power sport UTVs adrenaline junkies use for trailing and even racing.

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If you already own a UTV, you know you cannot take your vehicle from your garage and straight on the MOAB. For trailing and especially racing, you need to tune your UTV with performance upgrades and safety elements. It is important to be cautious when riding a UTV for the thrills, so here is a list of safety accessories to get. Pay attention to harnesses in particular. Some competition organizers will ask you to have 5-point or even 6-point harnesses for racing, together with specialized seats and a roll cage.

Those who feel up to it can test their skills on famous trails such as the MOAB mentioned above, Joe State Park in Missouri, Imperial Sand Dunes, California, Ride Royal Blue Resort, Tennessee, and more.

Keep in mind that these off-road trails are available for ATV riders as well. Check out this list of places where you can enjoy your powerful UTV off-road and engage in some adrenaline-pumping motocross, dirt biking, and more.

3. Freestyle Scootering

When it comes to vehicular extreme sports, motocross, UTV rides, and mountain biking are the usual suspects. But have you ever thought to boost your adrenaline levels by riding a scooter freestyle? This extreme sport has nothing to do with riding your scooter to school or work in urban environments. It is a BMX-style sport that is slowly turning from a thrill-seeking adventure into a professional sport – at least in some parts of Europe, the U.S.A., and Australia.

If performing scooter tricks is on your bucket list, check out the U.S.A Scoot Club. Their goal is to popularize freestyle scootering across North America and organize events & competitions for all those interested in testing their skills. As you probably guess, you cannot perform such extreme sport without specially designed stunt scooters, so do thorough homework!

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4. Hardcourt Bike Polo

Do you love your bike and want to test your polo skills as well? Hardcourt bike polo is not as thrilling and dangerous as dirt biking or UTV dune riding, but it does solicit you physically and mentally. Hardcourt bike polo is a team sport, which is great for those who are not too fond of solo adventures. You and your team use bicycles and mallets to strike a ball into a goal. You need outstanding bike riding skills, balance, hand-eye coordination, polo skills, and more to enjoy this sport to its fullest. People all over the world enter tournaments to enjoy this fun and quite thrilling sport.

5. Motocross

Dangerous, thrilling, and fun, motocross is perhaps one of the most popular vehicular extreme sports on the planet. You use specialized motorcycles and wear solid protective gear. As you know from the competitions you watched, motocross riders have to face challenging terrains with sharp turns, hills, jumps, and much more. Motocross is a time-consuming activity, and practitioners dedicate their lives to it. Few have office jobs for an entire year only to spend a couple of summer weeks riding in the most difficult places. Nevertheless, nobody stops you from trying a beginner motocross track to test your skills and determination.

Find a motocross club in your area and start from there. You will quickly learn what bike and gear you need, where to practice, and what competitions to attend.

Bottom Line

Are you into extreme vehicular sports, or do you simply enjoy a couple of scuba diving sessions while on vacation? You can indeed practice zorbing, kitesurfing, or rock climbing on location and then go on with your life. Vehicular extreme sports involve investments, time, and a lot of practice, but have you tried any of them before? Were they as thrilling as advertised? We would love to hear your thoughts on this matter!



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