5 Must-Have Experiences in Ontario


As the world starts to seriously consider opening up again, you might want to start planning your summer vacation. The winter holidays were a prime example of how much people are rushing to travel again–planes were delayed left and right, hotels were booked way ahead of time, and big cities were congested like they were pre-Covid. Summer is supposed to see a decrease in Covid cases, so it’s bound to get even busier. You should really prepare now, so the question is where to go.

Ontario, Canada is not the first name on most peoples’ minds when they think of vacation, but it does have a lot to offer. There are parks galore near majestic mountains and pristine lakes. There are wonders of modern architecture and ancient history. Ontario is a land full of nature’s bounty and the fun of today’s trends. 

Top The CN Tower


If you want to climb to the highest heights without braving a mountain, go to the top of the CN Tower in Toronto. The tower is visible from everywhere in the city, with its windowed observation area offering a 360 view of everything below. There are several ways to take it all in, depending on how brave you are. Many areas let you go up to the window and gaze at the edges of Toronto. You can even walk along the edge with a safety harness if you’re a true thrill-seeker. If you want to take in the view over a period of time, there’s a restaurant with windows and a rotating floor. 

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Bet In Ontario Casinos

Ontario has legal gambling through casinos right now, meaning table games, slots, and sports betting. Online casinos in Ontario are also legal but are waiting on a few last licensing details. When online casinos do go live, you can use your laptop or phone to place bets and play games. Ontario sports betting promises to be a huge industry now that online betting is bringing in millions of new users. When you visit, you can catch a true Canadian hockey game and bet on it using a sportsbook app. 

See Niagara Falls Top To Bottom


Niagara Falls is a convenient first stop if you’re \driving to Ontario from New York in the United States. Both countries have their own unique view of the falls, but the Canadian side offers a unique opportunity to go “behind the scenes.” Boat tours sail along the bottom of the falls and even behind it. Nearby are several restaurants and hotel accommodations.

Parliament Hill’s Summer Changing Of The Guard

Ottawa’s Parliament Hill is the capital of Canada, and its architecture is reminiscent of 1800s Europe, looking very similar to a government building you’d see in London. The Peace Tower that peaks at the center offer a popular photo backdrop and a good place to meet friends for a day of sightseeing. There are also free tours of the parliament building and surrounding grounds.

If you go to Ontario in the summer, you can hang out by the Centennial Flame in front of the building. There you’ll see a ceremony for the changing of the guard, complete with all the pomp you’d expect. 

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Bonus: Petroglyphs Provincial Park

Ontario’s parks are too vast and many to list out. Some go through nature trails, have campgrounds for an overnight trip, and look upon the tallest mountains. Others have peaceful lakes where you can boat and fish. Petroglyphs Provincial Park is unique in that you can find hundreds-year-old Aboriginal rock carvings intact. History buffs will love seeing the old carvings up close, and it’s a great cultural experience for kids.


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