6 Things Only Coastal Property Owners Understand

Coastal Property Owners

If you’re a city dweller, you are at home in an urban setting and the smog that settles over the metropolis almost goes unnoticed by those who live within its boundaries. It is perfectly natural to become accustomed to your immediate environment as Coastal Property Owners, to the point when most things become subconscious.

Let’s look at things in reverse and point out a few aspects of beach life that only a local would understand.

  1. Sand – We all know how annoying it is when you walk some sand into the home after a day on the beach; when you live near the beach, you quickly create a shake-off area before you enter the home. This keeps most of the sand out of the house and it soon becomes second nature.

2. Building Erosion – The salty air and constant wind wears down building surfaces, which means frequent repairs and renovations. Building materials that require no maintenance are preferred with beachfront homes, such as stainless steel and aluminium siding. Beachfront homes are built to withstand strong winds, but even these structures have their limits.

3. Avoiding The Mosquitoes as Coastal Property Owners- If you create a seating area in an open setting, the constant breeze keeps the mozzies away. Locals use anti-mosquito skin cream when they sit outside in the early mornings and evenings and you do get used to these times of the day.

4. Storm Prepping – One downside to living on the coast is that you take the brunt of any heavy weather that comes in off the ocean. Most beachfront properties have storm screens on all windows and doors and even if you are a few kilometres inland, you still face the full force of gale force winds that sometimes come whipping off the water, gaining in intensity. The majority of property owners have special insurance that covers storm damage and the beachfront apartments La Cala de Mijas for sale have special screens to protect your balcony when heavy winds arrive.

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5. The Sound Of The Ocean – If a person who lives near the beach spends some time in a city, they immediately recognise the absence of the waves and soothing roll of water over sand. Of course, after a while you forget about the background noise and some say that the sounds on the beach promote well-being.

6. Boarding Up For Winter – While this is not necessary in some parts of the world, it can be in the northern hemisphere. Many homes have sturdy exterior window and door shutters that are closed when bad weather is forecast. The northern coast of Scotland is an example of bad winter weather regions, while some east coast regions of the US are also at risk of storm damage.

If you are looking to acquire real estate on the coast, start with a Google search to locate established real estate agents and check out the range of properties available. Whether you are looking for a small apartment or a luxury pool villa, the estate agent has the best properties listed and can arrange a private viewing at very short notice.


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