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all together now
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Are you craving for a radical teenage drama? Well! Good news for our valuable readers – Netflix is bringing All Together Now a film on Netflix, one of the forthcoming trending movies that put a teenager’s life on display. This girl is highly optimistic, yet, struggling to move on when she is homeless. That’s right! You may have enjoyed the recently released Kissing Booth 2. But, this time, the audience of Netflix is being served with a world-class teenage comedy starring Auli’i Cravalho as the protagonist of the story. 

All Together Now official trailer
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To begin with, All Together Now has been directed by Brett Haley. The Temple Hill Entertainment Gotham Group is producing it. Although, the storyline of the All together now upcoming movie seems new to the teenage audience. But, indeed, the film is based on Matthew Quick’s Sorta Like A Rockstar. Here’s a fun fact about the cast of All Together Now – Dallas Howard left the movie’s cast because of a busy schedule. Therefore, Brett Haley took his place in the film. Thus, here are some other impressive details about All Together Now that you will be stunned to know.

When is All Together Now coming out on Netflix?

For the reader’s information, the All Together Now release date is out. The film is releasing on 28th August 2020 on Netflix in English. It seems like Netflix is working a double shift to entertain its audience amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Well! Thanks to the entertainment industry. For such a terrific movie that is on its way by the end of this month.

Who are all in the cast of ATN? 

  • Auliʻi Cravalho is appearing as Amber Appleton
  • Justina Machado is appearing as Becky
  • Fred Armisen is appearing as Mr. Franks
  • Carol Burnett is appearing as Joan
  • Judy Reyes is appearing as Donna
  • Taylor Richardson is appearing as Jordan
  • Rhenzy Feliz is appearing as Ty
  • Gerald Isaac Waters is appearing as Chad
  • Anthony Jacques is appearing as Ricky
  • C.S. Lee is appearing as Father Chee
  • Jay Fox, Jr. is appearing as Leo Leeson

What is the plot of All Together Now?

Primarily, All Together Now movie on Netflix follows the storyline of Amber Appleton who is a very talented girl who seems to have everything according to her goals. However, later in the movie, it is revealed to the audience that Amber is also struggling on the side. Indeed, she is hiding her financial crisis from her mates. She is living a secret life where she is homeless and lives in a bus with her mother. So, are you ready to explore the power of optimism with Amber? Catch the first glimpse of Amber in the recently launched official trailer of All Together Now. 

All together now coming soon on Netflix
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PS: All Together Now running time is 92 minutes. Get ready to 92 minutes teenage drama of Amber and her dreams. 

Spoiler Alert: To begin with, Amber is looking forward to her audition at Carnegie Mellon, but once again, Amber and her mother’s financial crisis cause trouble. So, will this mother and daughter combo get through the hard times? Or, will they fall apart? A lot of secrets will come through.


All Together Now on Netflix is expecting a big break on the screen. And without a doubt, audiences as fantastic as you will not leave this movie out of the Netflix’s trending list. Till then, check out where you can watch movies for free online without Netflix premium?


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