Wentworth season 8 Joan’s Redemption – will another treasured character of the show die this week?

Wentworth Season 8
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Wentworth is one of the longest-running television series on Fox Network that storyline of Bea Smith and her struggle to live the life of a prisoner, and her survival there is worth watching. Before the release of “Orange Is the New Black” on Netflix, Wentworth was highly attentive by millions of viewers on television. Now in 2020, after so much discussion by viewers online, Wentworth season 8 named Wentworth Redemption is out. According to Wikipedia, Wentworth season, 8 is the semi-finale season of the show that focuses primarily on the escape of Joan in flashback. 

Wentworth Season 8 all episodes on showtime
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So, let’s begin to know more about Wentworth for our first-time viewers. 

What is the Wentworth plot summary?

To begin with, Wentworth is a show similar to Orange Is the New Black. The story revolves around Bea Smith, who is on-the-line to receive a sentence from the court. However, she has put on remand. Bea’s survival in prison is very uncertain. But, will she ever get out of jail? Or, will she be sentenced for life? To see what happens, stream all Wentworth season 8 – visit SoHo network, Foxtel, and Channel 5 online.

Wentworth is on Netflix
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When is Wentworth season 8 coming out?

To the reader’s surprise, Wentworth season 8 release date was 28 July 2020. On the given date, the pilot episode of Wentworth redemption premiered on Fox Television Network. It is called “Resurrection.” Up until now, two episodes of Wentworth season 8 have released. 

Who are all in the cast of Wentworth?

In the past eight years, many characters/cast members in the show Wentworth have come and gone. Yet, some treasured characters are there, and the credit goes to the fantastic cast. 

  • Kate Atkinson appears Vera Bennett 
  • Robbie J. Magasiva appears Will Jackson
  • Katrina Milosevic appears Susan Jenkins or Boomer.
  • Pamela Rabe appears Joan Ferguson or “The Freak”
  • Kate Jenkinson appears Allie Novak 
  • Bernard Curry appears Jake Stewart 
  • Leah Purcell appears Rita Connors 
  • Susie Porter appears Marie Winter 
  • Rarriwuy Hick appears Ruby Mitchell 
  • Jane Hall appears Ann Reynolds
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  • Kate Box appears Lou Kelly
  • Zoe Terakes appears Reb Keane 
  • Vivienne Awosoga appears Judy Bryant 
  • Marta Dusseldorp appears Sheila Bausch 
  • Danielle Cormack appears Bea Smith 
  • Nicole da Silva appears Francesca Doyle or “Franky”
  • Kris McQuade appears Jacqueline Holt or “Jacs”
  • Leeanna Walsman appears Erica Davidson 
  • Also, Celia Ireland appears Elizabeth Birdsworth or “Liz”
  • Shareena Clanton appears Doreen Anderson or “Dor”
  • Aaron Jeffery appears Matthew Fletcher or “Fletch”
  • Catherine McClements appears Meg Jackson 
  • Furthermore, Socratis Otto appears Maxine Conway
  • Tammy Macintosh appears Karen Proctor or “Kaz”
  • Sigrid Thornton appears Sonia Stevens

Is the trailer of Wentworth season 8 out?

Here’s a glimpse of Wentworth season 8 official trailer by Foxtel. 

When is Wentworth season 8 next episode coming out?

Wentworth season 8’s episodes “Resurrection” and “Ends and Means” are out, premiered on 28 July and 4 August 2020, respectively. Now, Wentworth season 8 episode 3 is on the line for release on 11 August 2020. It is called the “Enemy of the State.” Indeed, Fans of Wentworth are excited to see what happens after Joan has been attacked by a homeless guy who leaves her dead. So, will Joan come back?

To begin with, fans of Wentworth are clueless because every episode of the show ends in suspension. For the most part, in the last episode of Wentworth season 8, episode 2, Joan has planned to kidnap Grace. Lou returns to the hospital with a horrifying reattachment of fingers. Consequently, the Attorney General Heston is dead. So, what’s the mystery? Thus, please send us your clues in the comment section.


So, are you thrilled to watch the biggest mystery resolve in the show? Or, are you afraid to see your beloved character make a final walk away from the show? Hence, Let’s find out tomorrow at 7:45 pm on Showtime at Fox. 


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