Away official trailer is out on Netflix | Hilary Swank is ready to take off to Mars

away Netflix series
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The year 2020 has been difficult. Now, Netflix is taking efforts to make quarantine time more and more effortless with outstanding sci-fi web series. One such most-awaiting Netflix series is “Away.” A few hours ago, Netflix has launched the official trailer of Away and captioning some high-end details about the show. Away produced by Andrew Hinderaker has put some outstanding actors and actresses in the show. To be honest, the first glimpse of Away is quite chilling!

Let’s take a glimpse of the Away official trailer:

When is Away coming out on Netflix?

To the reader’s surprise, Away’s release date is out. The show is making a premiere on 4th September 2020. The show has already received viewers in thousands who are excited to binge-watch Away – the Netflix original series very soon, definitely, next month. Start counting the days because it’s very close! 

Who are all in the cast of Away?

Away is presenting Hilary Swank as Emma Green, a two-times academy award winner. Other cast members are:

  • Ato Essandoh is appearing as Kwesi
  • Mark Ivanir is appearing as Misha
  • Ray Panthaki is appearing as Ram
  • Vivian Wu is appearing as Yu
  • Talitha Bateman is appearing as Alexis Logan
  • Josh Charles is appearing as Matt Logan
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Away Season 1 List of Episodes

  • Go
  • Negative Return
  • A Little Faith
  • Excellent Chariots
  • Half the Sky
  • Space Dogs
  • Half the Sky
  • Spektr
  • Vital Signs 
  • Home
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What is the Away Plot summary on Netflix?

away official trailer
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“Away” Netflix original series focuses on mission Mars set up by the American Government. Emma Green, a mother, and a wife is a part of the mission who is planning to visit Mars for three years. This led Emma to go through the emotional struggle of leaving her two children behind. However, not everything goes according to Emma’s plan. Away’s official trailer revealed that Emma’s husband is on the death bed. Yet, Away promises other mind-blowing stories of characters who sacrificed everything for this mission. Will they ever come back to their families?



So, are you ready to watch the most epic Mars mission in the history of television? Well! Time is very near when Netflix will release the first episode of Away. Stay tuned with us to know more!


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