Aziz Alasmar Wife, Net Worth, Career, Social Media, and More

Aziz Alasmar Wife, Net Worth, Career, Social Media, and More

If you like to watch TikTok videos and reels on social media, we bet you have seen a teeny-weeny man grooving to beats and flaunting his luxurious lifestyle. The man in question is Aziz Alasmar, fondly known as the “Small Sheikh of Dubai”. The famous Tik-Toker always found himself between a whirlwind of news all the time, sometimes due to his lavish lifestyle and sometimes due to his physical condition. People also want to know about Aziz Alasmar wife, age, net worth, and more.

Earlier this year, he passed away due to his deteriorating health. If you are also a fan and want to know everything about your favorite influencer, we are happy to guide you.

In this article, you will find everything you have been looking for about Aziz Alasmar. So, let us not waste any moment and give you a closer look into the life of the Small Sheikh of Dubai.

Who is Aziz Alasmar wife?

Throughout his lifetime, Aziz Alasmar was always the focus of the public’s attention. He would always find a way to be in the spotlight.

Although many elements of his life attracted his fans, his relationship status always remained a subject of fancy among his fans.

People want to know what Aziz Alasmar wife is up to now, did they have children, and more such details.

Aziz Alasmar Bio

But before we tell you about his partner, let us tell you more about Aziz Alasmar.

Full Name Aziz Al-Ahmad
Nick Name Aziz Alasmar

Yazan Alasmar

Small Sheikh of Dubai

Age 32 or 33
Date of Birth 1990 or 1991
Place of Birth Syria
Current Residence Dubai, UAE
Occupation Tik-Toker, Social Media Influencer
Nationality Emirati
Religion Islam
Height 3 feet (91 cm or 0.91 m)
Weight 33-44 lbs (15-20 kg)
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Education Graduate
Net Worth $1.5 Million

Aziz Alasmar was a famous TikTok and social media star from Dubai. He had a massive fan following across the globe and was known as the Small Sheikh of Dubai, owing to his small stature due to a genetic disorder.

Born around 1990 to 1991, he caught the fancy of the world with his cute videos that he would post on TikTok and other social media platforms.

Although many things set him apart from others, the two most notable things about him were his physical condition and his lavish lifestyle.

According to the sources, Aziz Alasmar was born in Syria but spent all his life in Dubai. Some sources say that he was from Saudi Arabia.

He was born between 1990 and 1991. So, he was 33 or 32 years old when he died. He was a follower of Islam.

As for his education, he attended a local private school in his region and later pursued higher studies.

Sheikh Aziz Alasmar wife

Coming back to Aziz Alasmar’s wife, not much is known about his wife. All that the world knows is he was married and had a son.

Aziz Alasmar wife name and identity are still a subject of mystery. Even if you try to search for Aziz Alasmar wife Instagram, you will find nothing.

Aziz would post many pictures with ladies, and his fans believed he had a girlfriend. Later, the world came to know that those ladies were not his girlfriend and that he was a married man with a kid.

Aziz Alasmar Career

Aziz Alasmar was a famous social media influencer. He had a massive fan following across his various social media channels.

After completing his higher education, Aziz joined forces with a private company. He worked in several private companies and gained a lot of work experience.

Later, he parted ways with his career and took a leap into the world of social media. It appeared lucrative to him, and he started making reels and TikTok videos.

He posted his videos across his social media channels, which caught the attention of the classes and the masses.

Soon, his videos started going viral. He would often share funny videos and videos flaunting his luxurious lifestyle.

Looking at his popularity on social media, many leading brands approached him for brand promotions. He also collaborated with many leading magazines.

Physical stats

Aziz Alasmar suffered from a genetic condition that restricted him from growing physically. He was 3 feet (91 cm or 0.91 m) tall and weighed only 33-44 lbs (15-20 kg). He had brown eyes and hair.

His illness was a blessing in disguise. It is because of his rare disease that he became popular across the world. It also earned him the title of the Small Sheikh of Dubai.

Presence on social media

Aziz Alasmar was the king of the virtual world. He had a strong presence on social media, anchored by his incredible fan following. He was active across many social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok, to name a few.

His official Instagram account is by the name Yazan Alasmar. He has 1.2 Million fans and 293 posts on his account. His Instagram bio is linked to his YouTube channel, which has 1.74 Million subscribers and 340 videos. He also has a TikTok account with around 7 Million followers.

Some sources say his Instagram account @yzn47 actually belongs to a YouTuber who often shares his videos. You will find all of Aziz Alasmar’s videos on this account.

He was a social media star. He frequently uploaded funny videos, shorts, and reels on his social media accounts.

Here are the details about his social media accounts:

  • Instagram- @yzn47
  • YouTube- @yazanfamily2312

Aziz Alasmar net worth

Thanks to his career on social media, Aziz Asalamar led a very luxurious life. All his money came from social media, brand promotions, and donations.

He loved cars and had a huge collection of luxury wheels. His collection comprises Rolls Royce, Mercedes, BMW, and many other expensive cars.

In fact, one of his most popular videos on social media was the one where he walked his fans through his fleet.

On 16 October, 2022, he uploaded a video on Instagram showing his expensive car collection.

In the video, he was accompanied by a gorgeous blonde lady. His followers took her to be Aziz Alasmar wife.

Later, it came to light that the lady from the video was a model and not his wife. Aziz Alasmar net worth was estimated to be $1.5 million post death.

The news of his death

Aziz Alasmar suffered from a hormonal disorder. According to sources, he suffered from a disorder characterized by the lack of growth hormone.

Growth hormone, as its name states, is responsible for the growth and development of the body. It is due to the deficiency of this hormone in his body that he could not attain the height a person his age normally attains.

In conjunction with the inability to grow, “growth hormone deficit”, as the condition is known, also affects muscles and several organs of the body.

Aziz Alasmar battled this condition throughout his life. His health deteriorated over time, and finally, he lost the battle on January 19, 2023.

The sad news of his death brought tears to the eyes of his fans worldwide. Irrespective of suffering from a hormonal condition, he led a fabulous life.

Interesting facts about Aziz Alasmar

  • Aziz Alasmar was known as the “Small Sheikh of Dubai”.
  • The identity of Aziz Alasmar wife is not known yet. The world only knows that she has a kid with him.
  • He loved animals and would often visit the zoo.
  • Aziz Alasmar believed in giving back to the society. So, it is no surprise that he was involved in several charitable works. It is also a reason why his fans loved him so dearly.
  • He loved his luxury wheels. His fleet comprised many luxury cars, including Rolls Royce, Mercedes, and more.
  • He also loved eating. He would often visit new restaurants to try their menus.
  • He loved wearing branded clothes.
  • He also shot a film inside the hospital chronicling the struggles of his last days.

Final thoughts

Aziz Alasmar was one of the most loved TikToker across the world. His funny antics made the world laugh. He hid his pain and struggles behind his beautiful smile to bring a smile to the lips of others. He did not spend his life crying over his health condition; instead, he lived his life to the fullest.

Aziz created a void that no one can ever fill. The world is going to miss him a lot.

Frequently asked questions

1. Who was Aziz Alasmar?

Aziz Alasmar was a famous TikToker and social media star. He was known for his short stature, luxury lifestyle, and funny videos.

2. What is Aziz Alasmar’s real name?

Aziz Alasmar’s real name is Aziz Al-Ahmad. But he is more popularly known as Aziz Alasmar, Yazan Alasmar, and Small Sheikh of Dubai.

3. Who is Aziz Alasmar wife?

The identity of Sheikh Aziz Alasmar wife is still a subject of mystery.

4. What is the nationality of Aziz Alasmar?

Aziz Alasmar is from Dubai.

5. Does Aziz Alasmar has a girlfriend?

Aziz Alasmar was seen with different women in his videos, but it is hard to say if any of those were his girlfriends. All that we know is Aziz Alazmar was married and had a kid with his wife.

6. What is Aziz Alasmar’s net worth?

Aziz Alasmar’s net worth is $1.5 Million.

7. What was Aziz Alasmar’s height?

Aziz Alasmar was 3 feet (91 cm or 0.91 m) tall.

8. What was Aziz Alasmar’s weight?

Aziz Alasmar weighed 33-44 lbs (15-20 kg).

9. From where did Aziz Alasmar make so much money?

Aziz Alasmar was a famous TikTok and social media star. He earned his wealth by posting his videos across his social media channels and brand promotions. Before venturing into the world of social media, he worked for many private companies. His net worth also includes the money he earned from his previous profession.

10. How did Aziz Alasmar die?

Aziz Alasmar suffered from a hormonal condition, “growth hormone deficit”. This condition is characterized by a lack of sufficient growth hormone in the body, leading to short height and improperly developed organs.

Aziz Alasmar fought this condition practically all his life and developed several other complications because of it. He passed away on January 19, 2023.


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