Viola Davis Net Worth( 2023), Personal Life, Career, and More

Volia Davis Net Worth

Viola Davis, an accomplished Hollywood actress and producer, has swayed the whole world by her talent. She has captivated her fans with her robust performances in the world of entertainment. Her unnerving determination to achieve stardom has never made her look back in life. Check out Viola Davis’s Net Worth, Biography, Career, Personal life, and more. Let’s jump into the details.

Name Viola Davis
Date of Birth August 11, 1965
Birth Place St. Matthews, South California
Age 58
Gender Female
Ethnicity African American
Height 5’5”
Weight 61 Kg
Zodiac Sign Leo
Profession Acting, Producer,
Sexual Orientation Straight


Viola Davis Net Worth

Viola Davis Net Worth

Viola Davis’s magnificent financial empire itself speaks of her marvelous and glittering career in the glamour world. Her brilliant performances and scores of acting credits are all responsible for a huge rise in Viola Davis Net Worth. She is a brilliant and revered woman in the world of acting. Because of her outstanding roles, she is the world’s top-rated actress in terms of earnings. As of 2023, Viola Davis Net Worth is estimated to be $ 30 million.

 Sources of Income

A flashback into the acting roles of Viola Davis tells us how skillfully she has played her roles. Her income also stems from multiple sources. making her financial portfolio strong. Her dynamic personality, unnerving determination, and zeal for success all contribute to her grandeur financial success. Let’s see how the award-winning actress has raised such a huge financial empire from her prowess in acting.

1. Movies

 There is no denying the fact that Viola’s successful portrayal of complex characters, and her majestic acting abilities have led to her popularity and substantial pay-cheques. Her movies have not only helped her earn critical acclaim but also have bolstered her Net worth. Movies like Fences, Widows, Blackhead, Suicide Squad, and The Help has not only won the heart of fans but also has made her a millionaire. She once said in a statement that she was rebellious in her acting career.

2. Television Appearances

Apart from performing on the silver screen, she has also served the Television audience with her mesmerizing appearances. Her television appearances have also contributed to her humble beginning as an actress establishing Viola Davis as an acting icon in the Hollywood Industry. When we go in-depth into her television appearances, we find that her role as Annalise Keating in the TV series “How to Get Away with Murder” not only adds to the versatility of acting assignments but also solidifies her financial position.

3. Endorsements

In the constellation of Hollywood Viola Davis’s multifaceted approach to expanding her income sources shines majestically. She has not only earned a huge income from movies, rather, she has also accumulated wealth from varied endorsement deals from time to time. She has signed partnership deals with major brands like L’O’real Paris, Verizon, Audi, and Vaseline has added extensively to Viola Davis Net Worth. These deals also boosted her confidence in her achievements.

4. Cemented Her Place as a Producer

Viola Davis’s beginning was comparatively small in the entertainment industry. But her strong determination paid off and she has not only delighted her fans with her charming performances but also made her debut as a chief producer in Hollywood. She is now the head of a production company Juvee production that has drastically increased Viola Davis’s Net Worth.

Viola Davis

5. Public Speaking:

Leveraging the status of a celebrity, she has also earned great respect and money from public speaking engagements. She is invited to speak at various conferences and to give speeches at various empowerment talks, and graduation ceremonies. She charges a hefty fee for these public speaking engagements as well.

Her legacy of financial success is a result of different engagements that have made a positive impact on Viola Davis Net Worth.

Viola Davis Net Worth Comparison over the Years

Years Net Worth
2018 $ 17 million
2019 $ 19 million
2020 $ 21.5 million
2021 $ 24 million
2022 $ 26.5 million
2023 $ 30 million



Viola Davis does not have star beginnings in the Hollywood industry, she has started from small stage performances in Rhode Island. But her innate knack for acting has brought her a huge name, and fame. Her Broadway theatre debut in 1996 with the play “ Seven Guitars opened her way to breakthrough success in movies and television appearances. Her debut in films came with “Substance in Fire” in 1996. She had an insignificant start but soon rose to fame because of her sincere acting pursuits.

Viola has successfully played guest appearances in some movies. This has attracted the attention of makers towards her and she has begged many notable movies that led her to critical acclaim and award.

Rise to Fame:

According to a reputed source “T.V Guide, she has performed varied roles in diverse years speaking a lot about her determination to succeed in her career. Her major movies include The First Lady (2022), The Peacemaker (2022), and Entertainment Tonight (2021). 

She has secured a place in the Television series “ How to Get Away with Murder. It is noteworthy to mention here that she has performed just one scene in the film Doubt, but it impressed the audience. She has been nominated for varied awards because of this role. Her career is a testament to her journey as a supporting actress and to her grandeur appearance as a leading actress. Her majestic career has laid the foundation for Viola Davis Net Worth. Celebrating the climax of her success, she has also played the role of Michelle Obama in a movie.

Early Life and Education

This brilliant actress was born on 11 August 1965 in St. Mathews, South California. Her parents are Mae Alice Davis (mother), and Dan Davis ( father). Unlike other celebrities child, she was not fortunate, because she had seen financial struggles in her early childhood. Viola’s father was a horse trainer, and her mother was a factory worker. 

This early struggle in her childhood has shaped her dynamic personality, and given her a zeal to excel even in the worst circumstances. She is blessed to enjoy the love of four sisters, and one brother. She is the second child of her parents.

Davis received her education from Central Falls School. She attributes her love of art entertainment, and stage performances. After graduating from high school, Davis attended “ Central Fall High School” where she earned a major degree in Theatre production. Also, she went to Julliard School for four years.

Volia Davis

Personal Life

In 2003, Viola Davis married Julius Tennon and the couple enjoys a healthy relationship to date. The couple has adopted a daughter Genesis. Julius also has two children from her previous relationships and hence, Viola Davis is a stepmother to these two children.

Real Estate Investments

Contributing to Viola Davis Net Worth, the actress enjoys a strategic approach to buying and selling real estate properties. She enjoys various luxurious properties to her credit. She bought a huge property for $ 5.7 million in Toluca Lake in 2016. She has sold her property in Los Angeles for $ 1.5 million. She has accepted a major loss in selling Loss Angels property just because she was excited to live in her Toluca Lake Home.

Car Collection

Viola Davis Car Collection is no short of breathtaking. Check out her collection

AUDI Q7 Mercedes AMG G-63
Mercedes GL-450 4matic Audi A-8 L


Awards and Accolades

Viola Davis rise to fame as an actress and producer has not only augmented Viola Davis Net Worth but also established begged her the most prestigious awards. Viola Davis is the only African-American to achieve the “Triple Crown of Acting. It implies that she has begged the three prestigious acting awards Academy Award, Emmy Award, and Tonny Award. Her achievements do not end here. The New York Times ranked her 9th in the list of the great actresses of the 21st Century. Time also named her as the 100 most influential people in the world.

Oscar Award 2017 for best actress in a supporting role in Fences. Golden

award for the best performance by her in a supporting role in a motion picture.

Grammy Award for Finding Me in the category of the best audiobook, narration, & storytelling recording. Emmy award for How to Get Away with Murder for her performance.

The Ending Notes

Viola Davis Net Worth is a testament to her hard work, smart moves, and strategic insights. She has risen from rags to riches and has become an inseparable part of the entertainment industry. Her outstanding roles and immortal performances haveViola Davis Net Worth made her fans feel at the top of the world. We wish this Hollywood entertainment Diva grand success in the upcoming years.


What is Viola Davis’s Net Worth?

Viola Davis Net Worth is $ 30 million approximately.

Who is Viola Davis’s Husband?

The name of Viola Davis’s Husband is Julius Tennan.

Is Viola Devis the biological mother of her daughter?

No, she and her husband have adopted their daughter Dennis.

What is the name of the production company of Viola Devis?

She has a production company named “Juvee Production.”



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