Best Popup Templates To Use For Engaging Content Marketing


The importance of advertising in the modern world cannot be overestimated. A person in 2022 sees ads literally every hour. On the street, on the Internet, on TV, on the radio, and even just flipping through a social network, he stumbles upon an advertisement. For the average viewer, perhaps this is not too good, since his information field is growing very fast and he gets tired of information. But for marketing specialists, expanding the number of advertising tools is obviously a good stage. What are popups and how to work with them? Is this tool useful or not? We’ll figure it out together. A popup template is a type of advertisement that is displayed on the Internet on top of the main content of the site you are on. This type of advertising includes a call to action that encourages a potential customer to do what you want them to do. As you will see very soon, these actions can vary depending on your marketing goals.

How can specialists improve their work with popup templates?

Variety of design

In order to breathe life into the system of working with popups, try to consider all design options as part of your work. Start with the most common option – a square pop-up in the center of the screen. It appears right in front of the user’s eyes and closes the desired content. This option is good enough and easy, but do not get hung up on it.

Pop-ups can appear anywhere on the screen – it all depends on what you want to tell the site visitor. The most popular location strictly in the center is usually used to tell something important: about burning promotions or the need to pay for content.

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Pop-ups can appear not only in the center, but also at the top or bottom of the screen. Such popups are good because they do not annoy the user, allowing him to continue reading or watching content. With this approach, the visitor chooses at what moment to be distracted by advertising. This approach is often used for less important actions, for example, to find out a visitor’s email address.

Of course, there is an option with a different location – on the side or in the corner of the page. This is the most unobtrusive way, and it is usually used for additional content, such as instructions and tips.

Another important aspect of the design is how you serve the pop-up, that is, animation. The way a pop-up window appears on the screen can significantly affect its perception. For example, it is much better to make a layout of a soft appearance than a sharp one. You can also connect your imagination and make such layouts that will seem like an interactive part of the site or an unusual mini-performance!

Harmony of brand style and advertising message

Often, in the process of creating a design, a specialist can forget about the harmony of the brand and the project. After all, the most basic task is to attract customers, because the call to action takes the whole focus of the author. This is how flashy designs appear, in which there is no connection with the brand, its values and philosophy, and this is very important. For example, arrows, bold text or excessive use of red color – everything so that the user does not miss a tempting offer, but everything that is unlikely to suit each individual case.

The design of pop-up windows should match the visual style of the brand, even if it means a more restrained design. Use visual hierarchy to focus attention on important information, and choose attractive images to intrigue the audience.

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Color, shape, text are important marketing tools

The main task of such advertising is to make the user want to perform an action. The textual content is obviously extremely important. However, do not underestimate the form. Visual design elements, such as the color and shape of layout elements, will help to influence the user on an emotional level.

Take care of the feelings of customers, choose calm colors: blue, green, or soft pastel tones. White will help to evoke a feeling of purity and conciseness, especially in combination with a large space between the elements. As for the shape, the pop-up window, like any computer window, has a rectangular or square shape by default. If you remove the sharp edges and make it more rounded, the design will seem friendlier.

Not adding a close button is a failed idea

The purpose of popup advertising is conversion to the desired action. Many experts resort to not using the close button on the layout, but this is the right strategy, because in this way you annoy the visitor. Here you do not need to bother and create unusual ideas, just place the button in the upper right corner – that’s where he will look for this button.

Be creative and make your perfect template, relying solely on the customer’s requests and requirements. Each project is an individual story, and there are no universal recipes! However, keep in mind the basic rules that can increase your efficiency and bring more profit to you and your client. Good luck!


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