Bianca Censori Age, Career, and Relationship With Kanye

Bianca Censori Age

Architectural designer Bianca Censori and Kanye West is all over the internet after the couple reportedly announced taking a break after being together for almost a year. If you just found out who she is, you’d want to know how this beaut is doing something conventional opposed to her looks. Well, here we’d tell you all about Bianca Censori age, relationship, work and much more so stay tuned!

Bianca Censori net worth is around $2 million. All of this is because of her high-profile job at Yeezy and several other impressive business ventures. Yeezy, is Kanye’s shoe brand. Now, since the couple has decided to take some time off each other, we don’t know how things can change going forward for Bianca.

Name Bianca Censori
Profession Architect
Bianca Censori age 28
Height 5’7″ tall
Birthplace Melbourne, Australia
Education Master of Architecture
Date of Birth 1995
Parents Unknown
Partner Kanye West
Nationality Australian
Years Active 2013-Present

Bianca Censori net worth

Every curious fan of Kanye wants to know the lifestyle, income, and career of Bianca Censori.

The wife of Kanye West’s journey from education to an award-winning architect hasn’t been an easy one.

As of January 2023, her net worth was $2 Million, and it’s not contributed by Kanye West. It took her time and hard work to achieve this.

Before coming into the limelight because of Kanye, she was studying at the University of Melbourne when she joined Yeezy 3 years ago.

Jewelry Line

Apart from working as an architect, she ran a jewelry line between 2013-2017.

The brand was titled ‘Nylons’ and did not make any significant contribution to her net worth. However, her designs are featured in i-D. It is a well-known British design magazine.

An important peculiarity of her designs was simplicity which could have been a reason for her recruitment to Yeezy. She has worked as the Head of Architecture at Yeezy for more than three years now.

There is no detail on whether marriage to Kanye has added anything to her net worth. But, reports are claiming that he gave expensive gifts including an exquisite ring to her.

Several sources mention that has worked as an actor and model as well. But, she doesn’t have an IMDb profile.

Besides, there is no record of it. They can just be mentioned in their appearances. It’s now her association with Kanye that has got her into the spotlight.

Bianca Censori net worth is not combined yet with that of Kanye West’s net worth. So, the chart below only exhibits her personal achievements.

Bianca Censori net worth in 2023 $2 million
Bianca Censori net worth 2022 $2 million
Bianca Censori net worth 2021 $ 1 million
Bianca Censori net worth 2020 $0.7 million
Bianca Censori net worth 2019 $0.5 Million

Childhood and early life

Bianca Censori became an interest to entertainment enthusiasts and media when she was linked to Kanye. So, it’s understandable that there are not many details about her early life in the media.

Her LinkedIn profile reveals that she did her schooling at Carey Baptist School in Melbourne. Following that she studied at Melbourne University to finish her architectural degree.

Bianca earned a Masters in Architecture from the University of Melbourne. She gained a good reputation as a young designer in Melbourne.

The names of her parents aren’t available to the public. But, she has a sister named Angelina Censori. Also, she comes from a Christian household.

Bianca Censori age

Bianca Censori age is 28 right now in 2023, and will soon turn 29 as she steps into 2024. Reports suggest that she was born on January 5, and is a workaholic Capricorn.

There have been confusion regarding Bianca Censori age as some sources suggest that she is 1994 born. But the designer is 18 years younger to her husband. Next month she is turning 29.


Bianca worked for the Collingwood company for three years. She worked on making technical drawings for different structures.

She has also worked as a design consultant at an Australian company Kelektiv. However, she left Melbourne and shifted to the USA to work with Kanye West’s Yeezy Clothing Line.

Bianca has a confident and skilled personality. In addition, given her impressive resume, she got an opportunity to work in a big firm at a young age. She made an impact that made her grab the role that she has been working in for more than three years now.


Bianca grabbed eyeballs when she was spotted with Kanye West in public. Later the couple revealed their wedding details and that confirmed the rumors circulating.

Bianca Censori’s net worth and monthly income are adequate to provide a lavish lifestyle in her new abode LA. But Bianca consciously chooses to stay away from the limelight.

On the other hand, her partner Kanye leads a rich lifestyle. He is often seen driving luxurious cars, giving expensive gifts to his loved ones and he shared a lot of possessions with his now ex-wife Kim Kardashian.


For Bianca, her association with Kanye automatically brought controversies in her life. He has always been in the news for his controversial acts, statements and associations that have impacted his finances negatively as well.

Several eyes were raised on the couple’s relationship from the beginning. Recently the biggest news about the couple that has made headlines is about their substantial break from each other.

Expecting Bianca to be what she isn’t

Recent reports have revealed that Bianca’s friends were concerned about her relationship with Kanye and she has taken a break after their intervention. This news comes amid speculations that there are ongoing concerns about the rapper trying to change Bianca.

The reports allegedly mention that he is manipulating her into a ‘radicalised’ version of his ex-wife. It is similar to how he made changes in his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s life when they began dating.

Public weirdity

Another scandal broke when they both were clicked together in January. At that time, they were seen engaging in bizarre behavior that invited criticism and made headlines.

After her marriage to the rapper, she is seen wearing highly raunchy outfits when they go on a Trip together to Italy where Binaca comes.

The biggest controversy that the couple faced was when they were captured allegedly engaging in an inappropriate act on a boat. The news spread like wildfire on the internet and netizens were extremely concerned about it. Moreover, such an act in a public place invited public investigation into the matter.

Fashion choices

Similarly, Bianca was again spotted wearing nude tights and carrying a purple pillow to cover her upper body. The fans were quick with reactions with some even expressing concern for the designer.

Kanye has lived the previous two decades of celebrity life in extreme media glare. Likewise, his ex-wife Kim Kardashian has been a popular media figure seen extensively facing the camera and making appearances.

Given these situations, it was normal for Bianca to become the new centre of attraction. She often has to face trolls from the Kardashian fans for different reasons too.

On the other hand, many fans believe that shortly after their wedding Bianca changed her hairstyle. She chopped her long brown hair off. Moreover, she dyed it blonde. In addition, her outfit choices have become more risque and revealing which indicates its link with the rapper’s fashion preferences.

Bianca Censori on social media

Bianca Censori had a decent presence on social media. But when the news of her marriage to Kanye became public it brought her all sorts of attention. Also, some trolls led Bianca to delete her social media accounts from Facebook and Instagram.

Earlier, one of her interviews featured in the June 2022 issue of Vogue was one of the posts that was shared on her Instagram account that doesn’t exist anymore. The piece was titled “12 globetrotting creatives on the beauty of working from Australia” which gave a testimony to her talent”.

On Facebook, she had an account with the username ‘bibi. censor. Also, she has a Facebook page with the name ‘Bibi Bonk’.

Although, there is no confirmation on whether they belonged to her as they got deleted. Last, there was just one picture uploaded on the profile in 2021.

At the same time, it seems that she has made a conscious decision to stay away from connecting directly with the media. Reports suggest that an interview link to Bianca and Yeezy’s Raif and Abe Salman seems to have been removed.

Similarly on Instagram when you click on the link to her Instagram Profile, it reads: ‘Page Not Found. Sorry, the page you were looking for cannot be found.

Bianca has been seen with a striking resemblance to Kim’s appearance including striking similarities in their faces and figures. These have also stirred up conversation online.

Income Streams

Bianca Censori’s net worth touched the $2 million milestone, from her job and other possessions. Her sources of income are:

  • Earning a Head of Architecture for Yeezy
  • Earnings from multiple business ventures

Kanye and Bianca’s Marriage

Kanye was already embroiled in controversies over his controversial statements and divorce with Kim Kardashian last year. There is no clarity or accuracy on when the couple began dating.

The news about their relationships began making headlines in early January. Particularly, the rumors ignited when the two dining together at Waldorf Astoria in Beverly Hills. Moreover, in December 2022 the rapper released a new song called “Censori Overload.”

The title of the song itself gave indications of his connection with Yeezy’s architecture designer. When the news came about their marriage, there was speculation that they hadn’t filed for a marriage license legally.

Recently news came that they married at a private ceremony in Beverly Hills, it was real and legal. More details reveal that they married on December 20, 2022. Furthermore, they got a confidential marriage license.

In comparison to Kim and Kanye who led a comparatively public life, Bianca and Kanye prefer to lead a private life. Some websites say that they married for religious reasons.

However, recent news reveals some new developments. It seems that the marriage has landed into trouble. Rumors suggest that Bianca’s family and friends were not convinced by her decision to marry the rapper.

Moreover, they were concerned about reports that claimed she was being controlled by him. Based on these issues, the couple is reportedly staying apart from each other for some time now.

But, there is no news of divorce or separation. Everyone knows that Kanye is difficult to deal with and makes headlines quite often. In addition, the rumors suggest he has strict guidelines for Bianca.

It spans from controlling on deciding on whom to talk, choosing her dresses deciding specific foods for her to eat and working out.

Kanye is reportedly in Saudi Arabia where is working on his comeback. For this move, Bianca has been supporting him. He is not currently concerned about the state of his marriage. West has been focusing on working with Ty Dollar $ign for their new music.

Final Thoughts

Australian Architect Designer Bianca Censori age is 28 and soon to be 29. Her confidential life gives us reasons to have such confusions that are not clear. She previously led a relatively normal life away from the media glare.

Despite controversies and concerns, people are always curious to know more about her. Also, they try to keep a keen eye on the couple. Bianca is a talented and hard-working professional with an impressive resume.

Undoubtedly Bianca’s Hard work has contributed to her net worth growing day-by-day. We hope that she leads a happy life and finds her true satisfaction in the continuous strides of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What does Bianca Censori do for a living?

Bianca Censori is an Architectural Designer. She presently works for Yeezy by Kanye West. Also, she has several other hustles as well. For instance, she began her jewelry line called Nylons. In an interview, she revealed that she started by making simple chokers from mesh and gradually kept the brand growing.

2. What nationality is Bianca Censori?

Bianca Censori is an Australian National and used to work there before she moved to the US.

3. Is Bianca Censori an architect?

Bianca Censori is an Architect. Before she began working with Yeezy, she worked for three years as a student architect at an Australian-based firm.

4. Are Bianca and Kanye legally married?

Several reports stated that Bianca and Kanye did not file to get a legal marriage certificate. So, their marriage was not legally binding. But, new reports suggested that Kanye West 46, legally married a 28-year-old named Bianca Censori who was not in the limelight until then.

5. How old is Bianca Censori?

Bianca Censori age is 28 as of 2023 and will turn 29 as on January 5, 2024.


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