Common Mistakes to Avoid When Seeking a Real Estate License in California


With a real estate license in California, you will have a ticket that allows entry into a dynamic and potentially lucrative career. Real estate is one of the leading industries in the Golden State, and people are constantly buying and selling commercial properties. There are other realtors dealing with houses, so you can rest assured you will have lots of work and a chance to earn as much as you may dream of.

But to practice as a real estate agent, you must first understand how to get a CA real estate license. This article seeks to help you address the question, “How do I get my real estate license in California?”

Real estate license California requirements

Before you can start the process of getting a CA realtor license, you need to know what the requirements are. Here are the bare necessities for acquiring your real estate license in California:

  •   Must be 18 years and above
  •   Be a person of honesty and integrity. You may be denied a license if you have ever been convicted of a crime. Also, you may be denied a realtor’s license if you don’t disclose any previous disciplinary action.
  •   Complete mandatory pre-license education. The state requires licensees to complete 135 hours of approved real estate courses covering areas such as principles, ethics, practices, and legal aspects.

Mistakes to avoid as you work for your real estate license in California

Below are some of the common mistakes that individuals make as they pursue their CA realtor license:

Ignoring the educational requirements

A primary mistake aspiring professionals in the real estate industry make as they explore how to get a CA real estate license is underestimating the importance of fulfilling the educational prerequisites. The state requires license applicants to complete approved coursework, and only accredited institutions can provide this.

It is vital to ensure you adhere to the state-required minimum of 135 hours of pre-licensing training. Failure to meet this requirement will halt your progress toward acquiring your real estate license in California.

Rushing through the coursework

Although it is vital to meet the educational criteria, you should also avoid any temptation to rush through the coursework. Rushing through it is counterproductive. You must understand that comprehending the course materials properly and their application is not only crucial for success in the licensing exam but also for practicing in the industry long term. With a good understanding, you will reap handsome rewards in the long run because you took the time needed to understand the nuances of real estate law, ethics, contracts, and other aspects. You can trust RealEstateU, the leading real estate online licensing course provider in CA, to take you through your education at a sensible pace, at affordable rates, and with great chances of success.

Poor exam preparation

Another mistake those seeking realtor licenses in California make is failing to prepare for their exam adequately. You need to appreciate that the licensing exam is rigorous and demands nothing short of thorough preparation.

Unfortunately, many people underestimate the exam’s difficulty and, as a result, fail to prepare well for it. If you want to pass your California state real estate exams on the first attempt, you need to set aside ample time so you can review the content covered in the courses. Also, use exam-standard questions to practice, and if need be, consider using additional resources to improve your chances of success in the tests.

Incomplete or incorrect license application submission

Although it may look easy, some people make mistakes when submitting their applications for a real estate license in California. It is common for people to submit inaccurate or incomplete applications, which can delay the licensing process.

To avoid unnecessary delays in processing your CA realtor license application, as you submit your paperwork, take a moment and double-check all the documents, ensuring they are accurate and complete. You must also pay close attention to the required fees, personal information, and educational transcripts.

Neglecting background checks and integrity aspects

Besides ensuring the application is accurate and complete, you must undergo a background check to get your real estate license in California. The state requires those seeking CA real estate licensing to undergo a background check to verify the applicant’s trustworthiness. The license issuing may be delayed in case of any criminal history or application discrepancies. Thus, attention to detail and utmost honesty are crucial when completing the application and filling out the forms to avoid unnecessary setbacks in processing the licenses.


Your journey to getting a real estate license in California should be a simple and manageable one if you know the mistakes you should avoid. Choose the best course provider to guide you and help you prepare for your exams. Before starting the license application, ensure you meet all the requirements, and as you submit your application, ensure it is complete and accurate.




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