Damar Hamlin Net Worth, Career, Bio, Awards, and More

Damar Hamlin Net Worth

One name that pops up right when you think about the Buffalo Bills is Hamlin. The NFL star made his way right from the beginning when he became the high school sensation. Damar Hamlin net worth makes us curious because making $3 million by the age of 25 is quite an achievement. Let us dive into the glories of this young footballer and all he has to offer to the game.

Damar Hamlin bio

Name Damar Romeyelle Hamlin/ Damar Hamlin
Profession American NFL Player, Fashion Entrepreneur
Age 25
DOB 24th March, 1998
Place of Birth McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania, the United States of America
Parents Nina Hamlin and Mario Hamlin
Marital Status Unmarried
Children None
Net Worth $3 million
Height 183 cm (6 feet)
Weight 91 kg or 200 lbs
Zodiac Aries
Sexual Orientation Straight

Damar Hamlin salary

Damar Hamlin is a rising star who began playing professional football in the year 2021. Within a brief period of 2 years, he has gained immense popularity. It was not easy to escalate the Damar Hamlin net worth Buffalo Bills, especially due to his injuries and hospitalization, but the man literally rose from the dead!

Well his contract with the Buffalo Bills was a turning point. But why wouldn’t they take such an efficient member after all? His four-year contract with the team features an impressive salary with exciting bonuses.

In his first season with the Buffalo Bills, Damar Hamlin’s base salary was $660,000. In his second year, he has earned $825,000. The base salary for his third year will be $940,000. The salary for the fourth and last year of his contract will be $1,055,000. In 2025, Hamlin will be a free agent if he decides not to renew the contract.

The monthly income of Damar Hamlin is $40,000, which means he earns half a million every year as of now. Additionally, he earns $200,000 from endorsements on average.

Damar invests part of his hard-earned salary across different asset classes. Chasing M’s clothing line is a major source of his income.

Hamlin has already started trying his luck in business to expand his wealth. He frequently invests in NFTs to become financially strong.

As of 2023, he has made $100,000 from his diverse business ventures.

Damar Hamlin Net Worth

Hamlin’s net worth has witnessed steady growth in the past 5 years:

Damar Hamlin Net Worth 2023 $3 Million
Damar Hamlin Net Worth 2022 $2.5 Million
Damar Hamlin Net Worth in 2021 $2 Million
Damar Hamlin Net Worth in 2020 $1.5 Million
Damar Hamlin Net Worth in 2019 $1.1 Million

Early Life

Damar Hamlin was born on March 24, 1998 in McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania. His parents, Nina Hamlin and Mario Hamlin were a middle-class American couple.

Damar’s birth name was Damar Romeyelle Hamlin and his parents raised him alongside one sibling. He received his education from Central Catholic High School.

Damar pursued higher education at the University of Pittsburgh and has a bachelor’s degree in the field of Communication. He was passionate about playing football from a tender age. He was so good at it that his classmates and teachers admired him.

From 2016 to 2020, he enjoyed playing college football for his then team, Pittsburgh Panthers. His parents have been supportive of his career choices.

Damar Hamlin girlfriend

The young footballer’s focus is on building his career at the moment. His relationship status is single and he is unmarried. There is no ladylove in his life at the moment as he is in a courtship with his game.

Damar prefers to maintain silence regarding his amorous relationships (if any). Damar Hamlin net worth is bound to soar as he is such a career-oriented person.

Some time around January 2023, there were rumors about him dating. But they soon died down as the man confirmed that he is only in love with his game.


Before joining professional football, Hamlin was a standout player for the Pittsburgh Panthers.

In 2020, he was named the Second team All-ACC. It was at Pittsburgh that he brushed up his skills and emerged as one of the leading safeties in the ACC (Atlantic Coast Conference).

He has played for the Panthers for four years and participated in 49 games. His total number of tackles was 191, with 23 passes ably defended, and 8 interceptions.

In 2020, as a senior, he recorded a career-high totaling 4 interceptions and 85 tackles.

In 2021, Damar Hamlin commenced his journey as a professional football player. He was fortunate to be a part of the Buffalo Bills, one of the best franchises in the National Football League.

Hamlin’s selection took place in the 2021 NFL Draft’s sixth round. His contract with the team will be valid for four years and he has got ample opportunities to showcase his talent. He has scored well consistently against several popular teams. He is a hard-hitting defensive back who can contribute to run defense and coverages.

Awards and Recognitions

On May 15, 2023, Damar received the prestigious George Halas Award. It is an annual award given by the Pro Football Writers of America.

On July 12, 2023, Hamlin got the honor of presenting the Pat Tillman Award to Buffalo Bills staff at the ESPY Awards. It was a special moment for the staff, Hamlin, and his fans. The video became viral on diverse social media platforms.

The Entrepreneur

Now that you know Buffalo Bills Damar Hamlin net worth, you’ll be thrilled to learn about his entrepreneurial activities. He is the founder of a fashion line which he started when at the University of Pittsburgh. The name of this fashion line is Chasing Millions and it has become popular.


The Buffalo Bills pays a fantastic salary to Damar Hamlin. Based on his performance in the future, he can get lucrative bonuses. If he follows this trajectory, he will be eligible for a contract renewal in 2025. So, it is evident that the net worth of Damar Hamlin will keep growing every year. Keeping that aside, find out how Damar Hamlin invests as of now:


Since its establishment in 2017, the fashion brand Chasing M’s has been gradually building momentum. The Philadelphia defensive back dreamt of creating a style that would leave everyone spellbound. He has done that with Chasing M’s clothing line.

Damar’s drive for success translated well into financial gains. Chasing M’s is a non-profit foundation that has garnered at least $8.6 million from more than 244,000 donations. As the foundation came into the limelight, the clothing company of Chasing M’s witnessed a spike in sales.

The newest shit in Chasing M’s collection, “Did We Win?” immediately sold out. It took its inspiration from the first phrase uttered by Damar when he regained consciousness after a scary collapse.

It is already a leading brand and the youth teams in the Pittsburgh area love to shop from Chasing M’s. After Damar’s injury’, its gear ended up gaining nationwide recognition. The range has expanded and includes cool hoodies, sweatshirts, and windbreakers.


By 2028, the NFT sector will grow exponentially. Many celebrities invest in NFTs and Damar Hamlin is no exception. He recognizes its potential and has embraced the digital world.

Stepping into the zone of digital trading cards is one of his smartest decisions. He is one of the pioneering athletes who have launched NFTs (non-fungible tokens).

As Damar thrives as an NFL player, the worth of his NFTs will grow. He keeps investing in this rapidly expanding sector.

Real estate

Damar Hamlin likes to keep his personal life hush-hush. However, as per reports, he stays in an upscale housing complex in New York’s Hamburg. The high-rise apartment complex is close to Highmark Stadium. It is a chic, two-story complex constructed in 2021 and has amenities like a gym, yoga studio, garage, and heated pool.

What happened to Damar Hamlin on January 2023?

On January 2, 2023, the Buffalo Bills were engaged in a game against the Cincinnati Bengals. It was a Monday Night Football game and during its first quarter, Hamlin unexpectedly collapsed on the ground.

Medical personnel wasted no time in rushing onto the field and performing CPR. He was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center without any delay.

Doctors termed Hamlin’s condition as commotio cordis in which a blow to his chest forced his heart to stop.

On January 6, 2023, he was still receiving treatment there, but there was progress. He was able to breathe on his own and his Bills teammates got a FaceTime call from him on the same day. One week after his admittance, the hospital found him in stable condition and discharged him.

When will Damar play again?

Damar Hamlin, Buffalo Bills safety was through his second season when an unfortunate incident took place. His cardiac arrest on the field was among the scariest injuries in the history of sports.

Now that he has recovered, fans are counting the days to see him again in a regular-season game. As per reports, the wait is about to end for Damar’s fans. His much-awaited return will happen in the coming weeks. He is perfectly fit and ready to play again.

Final Thoughts

Despite being in the initial stage of his career, Damar Hamlin has proved his versatility. Damar Hamlin net worth is a testament to this fact. He already has a huge fan following from different parts of the world. So, he has a long and successful career ahead of him and many titles and trophies to win.

Frequently Asked Questions?

1. How much is Damar Hamlin net worth?

In 2023, Damar Hamlin net worth is $3 million, which is the fruit of his hard work in his rookie season with the famed Buffalo Bills. His net worth will increase in the next few years as he has a bright future in the National Football League.

2. What are Damar Hamlin’s income sources?

Other than a six-figure signing bonus as an NFL footballer, Hamlin invests wisely in philanthropy, innovative ventures (such as NFTs), entrepreneurship, and other areas.

3. Did Damar Hamlin complete his education before becoming a sportsperson?

Damar Hamlin went to the Central Catholic High School situated in Pennsylvania’s Pittsburgh. After completing school, he went to the University of Pittsburgh. He was popular in college for being an indispensable part of the football team.

4. Has Damar Hamlin recovered from his cardiac arrest?

After suffering cardiac arrest in 2023’s January, Damar Hamlin was at the hospital for nine days. He is fine now and will soon be entertaining fans with his energetic and intelligent game.


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