How to Timestamp YouTube Video- A Complete Guide


YouTube, founded in 2005, by three former PayPal employees has become immensely popular among the masses throughout the world. Watching YouTube videos, creating YouTube channels, and gaining subscribers to monetize the channel has become a fad for folks all over the world. As per the chief sources of Statista, YouTube, and Alexa, almost 62 percent of U.S. citizens use YouTube daily. This is equivalent to 122 million folks in the U.S. On viewing the immense popularity of its Platform, You Tube also from time to time introduces several policies to engage its users effectively. It also introduces several facilities to enhance the experience of YouTube users One such amazing way is to timestamp your You Tube videos. If you are keen to know “How to Timestamp YouTube Video” you have come to the right place. Check out the entire process.

Step-by-Step Process to Know How to Timestamp YouTube Video

For some folks who are not aware of what time stamping their YouTube Video means, first, let’s clear their basics. Creating a YouTube channel and making videos are quite essential to stimulate your brand’s identity positively. The facility of time stamping your videos introduced by YouTube, provides a facility to watch the YouTube video directly from a specific time frame. So, if you are damn interested in knowing how to timestamp YouTube videos, check out the entire process. The users will be delighted to know that they can add timestamps to their videos manually as well.

How to Timestamp YouTube Video Manually- Hit these Steps.

How to add timestamp to YouTube video

1)Place Mouse at the End of URL

Whenever we want to play any video on YouTube, we open YouTube either from our desktop, or else mobile. When you wish to add the timestamp, you should first open the Google search bar Now, open any video on which you want to add a timestamp. Now, place your mouse cursor at the end of the YouTube Video URL.

2) Add the Required Symbols and Letters

To proceed further with the process of timestamping your video, you must add the symbol & to your video, followed by t and sign of =. Now, once you have done this, you can add the time for which you want the video to start. The addition of time can be in either seconds or minutes. The addition of time will depend on your preference, and what you want to choose.

3) Specify the Time in Seconds & Minutes

Specifying the time either in seconds or minutes will help us to play the video from that particular time frame. For example, you can add &t=40. This will play the video from a 40-second time frame. If you add $t= 2m. Then it will play the video from the timestamp of 2 minutes. If you want the results in both seconds and minutes, you can add the timestamp by following $t=1m30s. This will give you the desired result both in seconds and minutes.

4) Press the Enter

Now, as you have successfully added the timestamp to your video, you must press enter. It will start playing the video from that particular timestamp. For example, if you have given the timestamp of 2 minutes 10 seconds, your video will start playing with that particular timeline.

How to Timestamp You Tube Video- Copy the URL

How to timestamp YouTube video

If you wish to add the timestamp to a specific video, you must understand that there are multiple ways to do so. You can easily add the timestamp by copying the video URL. Let’s check out the key steps.

1) Pick a Particular time to Play the Video

First of all, you should pick that particular time for which you would like to add the timestamp. For this purpose, play the video to the point from where you want to add the timestamp. For example, if the entire video is 20 minutes long, and you want to add the timestamp from 5 minutes, play the video til that time. If you don’t want to do it directly, you can use the video slider as well to slide the video for its smooth playing.

2) Right Click on the Video

Right click on your video, and you will view different options will be available to you. Among the diverse options, you will also find on option of copy video URL at the current time. Choose this option and click on it.

3)Copy the URL

Once you are done with the above step, you can copy the Video URL. On the copied URL you will be able to see the timestamp. You can also share it on the social media if you want people to enjoy short videos with particular time frames.

How to Timestamp YouTube Video- opt for Video Share Method

How to timestamp you Tube video

The last technique that helps to know how to timestamp You Tube video is to use video share method. Follow the below-mentioned guidelines.

1) Choose the Share Option

Go to the video you want to timestamp and open it. Then, you must go take the video to the bottom right, you will see an option of share, click on it. As soon as you click on it, you will see a popup option appears.

2)Tick on the Box in the side of Start at

If you complete the above option, you will see a start at option. You should tick on the box lying at the side of start at. It will start the action of timestamp the You Tube video. You can now choose the timestamp in either minutes or seconds. Adjust the timestamp as per your requirements.

3) Share the URL

Now, you will observe that timestamp has been added to the URL. It will make easy for the viewers of the video to choose a specific timeline and engage with the video. You can share the timestamp URL in different groups, or else, with your friends.


With all these steps, we hope that you have learned how to timestamp YouTubehow to add timestamp to YouTube video video. Adding timestamp will make it convenient to watch the video. Adding timestamp benefits all the people who want to watch the video picking a specific timeframe. It is also useful for people who don’t have time to view full video and can devote the time watching only a specific part.




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