Dark Season 3 is out now, will there be a Dark season 4? Release Date, Plot, Trailer, and darker mysteries of past and present upcoming in 2021

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After the success of Stranger Things, high-end science fiction, Netflix has brought a Dark web series that allows its audience to imagine the horror of reliving the past. Created by Baran Bo Odar and Jantje Friese, Dark series on Netflix sets in the town of Winden in South Germany. To begin with, Dark is the first-ever German series on Netflix in its original language. First aired in 2017, the series has now reached its Dark season 3. Recently released, Dark season 3 has unfolded some deepest mysteries in a very creative and fictitious way. Now, viewers have already binge-watched Dark season 3, released on June 27, 2020. Fans are already wondering, will there be a Dark season 4? Well! Let’s find out:

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According to the plotline of Dark, the show follows the storyline of a boy who suddenly disappeared. After that incident, several secrets on the rules of “time” DISCLOSE. One by one, more children disappear, and their families start to live double lives. At the beginning of Dark season 3, Martha travels back in the past only to find out what her life was without Jonas in it. Yet, some things are ready to trouble Martha, such as Ulrich and Charlotte’s affair.

So, without any further ado, let’s countdown on some keen details that direct toward the production of Dark season 4!

When is Dark Season 4 coming out?

Earlier in 2020, the Dark fans were very doubtful of the forthcoming season 3 as COVID-19 has caused the entertainment industry to shut down. But, as mentioned before, the production of Dark season 3 was completed before the shutdown. Thus, now that several series are making a comeback on Netflix, Dark season 3 has been released on June 27, 2020. 

Now, if you think that Dark season 4 will also come soon. Well! We don’t think so. Indeed, the production of Dark season 4 will not start up until the risk of COVID-19 goes down. Also, Dark season 3 has been declared as the finale season of the show. Therefore, check out other thriller web series in Netflix to fill the gap:

  • Stranger Things
  • His Dark Materials
  • The 100
  • The OA
  • The A-List
  • Peaky Blinders


What is the plot for Dark Season 3 on Netflix?

The series Dark on Netflix follows four families’ storylines, which are keeping dark secrets for longer than they can remember. Once in a German town called Winden, children start disappearing mysteriously. As this goes on, the four families come to know the circle of unnatural patterns of time. It is going on for the four generations. The families connect in a very strange manner.
In the Dark season 1, the series takes the audience in 2019, and witnesses as a few family members time travel back to 1986 and 1953. In Dark season 3, the finale of the series, the families find out the mystery behind the present world’s interconnection and the other two worlds shown in season 1 and season 2. Above all, the show’s plot tells you many about many possibilities when it comes to the existence of a parallel universe.

Is there a Dark Finale season trailer?

On June 12, 2020, Netflix had launched Dark Season 3 official trailer. Let’s check it out:

Dark 3 List of Episodes

  1. Deja-vu
  2. The Survivors
  3. Adam and Eva
  4. The Origin
  5. Life and Death
  6. Light and Shadow
  7. Between the Time
  8. The Paradise

What happened in the finale of the Dark web series?

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In the last episode of Dark finale season titled “the Paradise/Das Paradies,” Claudia explains what is going on to Adam and her connection with Eva – the endless eternity. Now, Adam and Eva’s world is split into two since they got into an accident. Hence, they both travel to the past in order to stop Tannhaus from building a time machine. As the time machine is destroyed, now all the characters that died in the past disappear because of their unnatural existence in the world. Finally, they find peace. 


In conclusion, Dark season 3 has come to an end and so the complete series. How do you feel about the peaceful climax of the show? Share your reviews with us in the comment section. Steam all seasons of Dark on Netflix. Also, read, where can I watch all tv shows online free?


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