Day 1 in Quarantine vs Day 50 – How Our Lives Have Changed

Day 1 in quarantine vs Day 50

Despite all the messed-up things happening right now, we can’t deny that we were secretly looking forward to the quarantine. After all, no need to go to work and you had to stay inside your home. It is like a paid holiday but with a little bit of work. The mood in the starting was ecstatic too! No more rushing to office in the morning or picking up the kids from school. However, it has now been over a month that we have been in quarantine. The idea doesn’t seem so much fun anymore. In this segment, we bring you a few things that have changed during the quarantine as time elapsed. But first, go through the fun video of Day 1 in Quarantine vs Day 50 by Trey Kennedy to see if you totally relate to it too!

Day 1 in quarantine vs Day 50

Here is how our lives have changed from day 1 in quarantine vs day 50:

Staying Hydrated

At the start of the quarantine, we were all excited. We wanted to stay hydrated and healthy. A different juice was ready for each meal. Drinking and eating healthy was the main focus. Now, drinking is the main focus. From drinking juice straight from the bottle, we have gone to drinking tequila straight from the bottle. You know what they say, alcohol doesn’t ask questions, it understands.

Getting Dressed

We know it’s the ‘work from home’ model of work so you don’t have to go anywhere. So what? One must always look professional. So, we dress well even for zoom meetings and sitting in front of the laptop. This is only in the initial days though since you believed it will have a mental effect. By the time 50 days are over, you’ll be wearing the same outfit for six days straight. That too, without a care in the world.

Expectations of how long it will last

When the quarantine started, we only expected to last a few weeks. We thought that it would be over soon and then we would get to go out and resume our normal lives. The thought that it might last a whole month itself seemed preposterous. After 50 days are over, we’re all dead tired of being at home. All we want is to go out to a restaurant or a concert for a bit. We no longer try to guess when this will all be over because we have lost all hope. In fact, we now have to ponder upon whether our grandkids will ever get to see what a concert is.

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In the first few days, cooking was fun! We experimented, tried out new things, and even become Instagram chefs. We showed off our culinary skills to the family and on Instagram. We learned to bake bread from scratch and made sourdough. But after cooking for 50 days in a row and often the same thing, cooking loses its charm. Now, we’ll get irritated even if a small mistake happens or if the food turns out differently.


We thought that quarantine would be a good time for bonding with our loved ones. Everyone will be at home; we’ll get more time to interact and spend some quality time with our loved ones. In the first few days, we were loving the time we got to spend with our families and partners. But now, we find even the slightest thing they do, annoying. We hate the way they chew with their mouth open or we hate the way they brush. We hate how they keep changing the places of the things we keep. After all, each item should be found right in its place! We even hate the way they stock up the fridge.

Ordering Food

At the start of the quarantine, it was all about eating home-cooked food, eating healthy, and staying safe. But, now we’re all at the peak of our frustration. We don’t just opt for home delivery of food; we opt for home delivery of a lot of food. Almost double our daily intake. Safety issues aren’t a concern anymore since we’re dying a little every day.

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The Routine

Well, our routine has been the biggest casualty of the quarantine. At the start, we were committed to sticking to a healthy routine. We woke up early, had coffee, exercised a little, and then get down to work or watch Netflix. This healthy and sound routine stands decimated as we speak. Getting up before lunchtime is an achievement. The task of crawling out of bed itself deserves a medal. We sleep when the sun comes out in the morning. We sleep at random times in the day but never at night when we are supposed to. We don’t even remember what day it is or what time it is. Time is meaningless and everything is just a blur.

Going for a walk

As of now, even hearing the word ‘walk’ can get you excited. At the start of the quarantine, we never wanted to go for a walk because that’s for old people. Moreover, it was not safe to be loitering around outside. Oh, how the tables have turned now. Even hearing the word walk gets you excited and you stop bouncing up and down like an excited puppy. This quarantine will bring humans and dogs closer together since we can now finally understand how they feel.

Personal Grooming

Personal grooming was a big yes at the start. We were spraying perfume on ourselves even though we weren’t going out. Our beards were trimmed and our hair was perfectly trimmed. This was all in the name of mental impact. Now, things are totally the opposite. Earlier we used to shower before every zoom meeting. Now, we don’t even know when we last took a shower. Washing our faces in the kitchen sink while washing dishes is all the personal grooming we do. Beards are overgrown and hair has gone awry. Even our colleagues in the Zoom meeting seem to be in a similar state. The irony is that we are all inside our homes but we look homeless.

Final Thoughts

There have been several casualties due to the pandemic. Our good habits seem to be the biggest of them all. With no end of the quarantine any time soon, all we want to say as that we are in this together.


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