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First introduced in September 2011, Dead Island received the attention of gamers at a high-end level because of its unique melee-based gameplay and exclusive features. According to the series of the game Dead Island, only two installments have launched till now. After the 2011 launch, gamers were eager to know when is Dead Island 2 coming out? However,  before Dead Island two’s launch, a spin-off game series – Escape Dead Island had launched in 2014. Since then, Deep Silver has not revealed much about the sequel of Dead Island on the line for launch since 2013. 

Dead Island 2
Image credit: Dead Island Gameplay

So, today we are presenting all the updates about Dead Island 2 for the fan-following of Techland, Dambuster Studios, Stunlock Studios, and Fatshark, the developers of Dead Island mainstream zombie apocalyptic gameplay. 

What is Dead Island 2 Release Date?

According to Amazon, the largest Online Gameplay purchasing platform in the world, Dead Island 2 release date 2020 is set to be 31st December 2020. Not only this but the first edition of Dead Island two is also open for pre-purchase on Amazon. 

Here’s purchase link for you:

Many readers may wonder if this information is genuine. Well! According to our research, Amazon is a globally trusted platform. Therefore,  if there might be any chances of Dead Island 2 launch’s delay in the future due to COVID-19 widespread, the buyers will be informed in the first place. 

Is the official trailer for DI2 out?

To begin with, Dead Island 2 commencement was previously announced in 2013 for Playstation Australia E3. Here is a glimpse of it:

Where can you play Dead Island 2?

Dead Island 2 is trending now because its release date 2020 is out. Therefore, gamers are eager to know whether the upcoming sequel of Dead Island will be compatible with their devices or not. Well! Here’s a list of operating systems over which Dead Island sequel will be functional:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • OS X
  • Linux
  • PlayStation 3
  • XBox 360
  • PlayStation 4
  • Xbox One
  • Android Smartphones
  • iOS devices

How many series of DI are there?

Aforementioned, Dead Island was instantly gone prominent among the gamers because of its zombie and melee mixed backstory. 

Dead Island video game sequel is coming out
Image credit: Dead Island player upgrade

Officially, Dead Island Gameplay is a first person action role-playing horror survival game. Other than the original Dead Island Video game, there are some other spin-offs released in the meantime. Check out the following list:

  • Dead Island – Riptide 2013, an expansion to Dead Island original with several modifications. 
  • Escape Dead Island 2014, a third person role playing game released as a spin-off between Dead Island and Dead Island 2.
  • Dead Island – Epidemic 2014, a multiplayer zombie based online video game cancelled in 2015.
  • The Dead Island – Definitive Edition 2016, Dead Island HD version
  • Dead Island Survivors 2018, Roleplaying melee and zombie apocalyptic combined video game for Android and iOS devices.

What is the Dead Island Gameplay?

For the most part, Dead Island is not simply about using melee weapons and fight zombies in order to survive. But this gameplay also includes the challenges of completing quests as well as building different gaming skills to improve performance level.

To begin with, Dead Island takes its audience/gamer into an open world of North of Australia infected with plague that is causing people/characters to transform into zombies. As the story goes on, the complete Northern Australia has divided into three – Zombies, Survivors, and those who want to conquer the world. 

Main characters in the game are:

  • Sam B: Survivor and weapon bearer
  • Xian Mei: survivor and one of the fighters
  • Logan Carter: Weapon bearer
  • Purna: Former officer from Sydney Police Department
  • Ryder White: Colonel at Australian Defense Force.

Dead Island Video Game Vs Media 

Image credit: Dead Island fanmade posture

If you are one of the hardcore fans of Dead Island 2, here’s a fun fact – in association with Marvel Comics, a mind blowing comic book based on Dead Island has also recently released in the market. 

The novel follows the storyline of Roger Howard, a journalist who had come to Banio in order to investigate the misuse and illegal utilization of Island’s scarce resources.

The story is highly interesting and tells you much about the Dead Island 2 gameplay for starters. 

Above all, a Dead Island Gameplay based movie is also in production by Lionsgate, Occupant Entertainments, and Deep Silver. The movie focuses on a family of four members who are fighting, yet, desperate to save themselves from the zombie apocalypse. 

So, stay tuned with us to know about this exciting game coming soon. 


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