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KickassTorrent or shortly known as the KAT has been one of the best BitTorrent protocol supportive peer-to-peer content sharing websites. First launched in 2008, KAT appeared to be the highest-ranking Alexa sites over the world wide web. By 2014, it acquired “the Pirate Bay” that offers media and entertainment content streaming for free. However, recently, KickassTorrent shut down. 

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Therefore, the requirement for top sites like Kickasstorrent increased. So, are you looking for sharing torrent content without any potential extremities? You have come to the right platform. In this reading, you will find out everything you need to know about Kickasstorrent along with its effective alternatives in the modern age. 

Why is KickassTorrent banned?

In the past few years, KickassTorrent has offered its users 100% HD entertainment content for free. Not only it allowed free streaming but also generated open-source magnet links for peer-to-peer share. But, in 2016, the DMCA or the Digital Millennium Copyright Act caused the KAT community and website owners to drop the site from the internet because of a copyright abusive case filed by the content owners. 

As a consequence, KAT was taken down by the legal authorities. This is one of the reasons why the kickass torrent is not working! To be honest, it is a very classic move by the end of the original content creators. 

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Not only this but later in July 2016, the main operator of KAT named Artem Valuin was arrested for running this site illegally on the internet. Thus, the users of KAT are also taken for downloading movies, songs, tv series, and games as illegally as the uploaders on KAT. 

Once again on our website, it is noteworthy to mention that any content that holds copyright must not be shared, downloaded, or viewed for free-of-cost by the users worldwide. It is an illegal act. Hence, it may lead to unwanted consequences such as IP Address block, lawsuit, and cyberfraud. 

Yet, till 2014, KickassTorrent was receiving traffic of over 1 million users every day. So, today, to help those millions of users move forward on the Alexa site, we are presenting the top 5 sites like KickassTorrent. 

Top 5 Sites like KickassTorrent 

The Pirate Bay

If you are wondering which site will work equivalent to or better than KickassTorrents, it’s the Pirate Bay. more often than not, the Pirate Bay changed its domain name. However, sometimes, it shuts down altogether in order to avoid copyright infringement like KAT. Apart from this, nowadays, The Pirate Bay asks for robot-verification before allowing access to any visitor. 

Site Link: 

To begin with, The Pirate Bay has become a hub for copyrighted audios, videos, banned porn, applications, and expensive games downloaded for free. According to the several users’ experience, The Pirate Bay does not allow a user to download content in the absence of incognito mode in the browser. For the most part, it easily works and directs to magnet links using chrome, UC browser, Operamini, and firefox. It definitely does not work on Safari. 

Once again, the site’s domain changes more often. Also, there are chances that the site may go off the internet for some time. If this happens, check out our next top site like Kickasstorrent that will help you access 360-degree entertainment content for free. 


Tv shows series free for watch now
Image credit: Vumoo

Now, if you are looking for streaming entertainment content for free, Vumoo is your guy! But, if you are looking to download HD Games, we apologize but you may skip this one! To begin with, Vumoo is an ad-free, signup-free, and definitely redirect-free site like Kickasstorrent. 

Not only you can stream any movie or tv series online without buffering but also download it. Isn’t that amazing? Site Link:

Some high-end key features of Vumoo are:

  1. It rather than uploading content only purchase it from the third-party. 
  2. gives you access to unlimited online movies without charging anything in return.
  3. You can upload subtitles to the files if you want. 
  4. It contains Television, Netflix Original, Hulu Original, cartoon network original, and other prominent tv series that you generally need to pay for in order to see. 

However, the risk associated with Vumoo in the context of privacy also exists. Therefore, we recommend you download and install NordVPN in order to protect your data in the computer system. If you are using Macbook air, view here how to check computer specs for privacy issues?


top sites like KickassTorrent
Image credit: 1337X

1337X is once again, the top trending torrent website on the internet. It holds multiple torrent domains that allow the user to skip from one to another in a single click. Not only this but 1337X invites contributors to upload content online that other users can download if required. 

Site Link:

New Site Link:

For now, 1337X site like KAT holds the following category of content:

Movies, xxx, television, Games, Documentaries, Anime, Music, and Applications. Apart from this, its user-interface is very easy to understand. To download any content like tv series, all you need to do is “type in the search box and enter.” 

1337X will show a list of third-party sites that offer such content for free. Furthermore, it allows the user to choose between the following types of download:

  1. Magnet Download
  2. Torrent download
  3. Anonymous download
  4. Direct download

Hence, if you are a first-time user, you can simply click on Direct download. Further, enjoy the music, or whatsoever you put on download. 

Note: XXX content is damaging to the entertainment industry as well as the public. Therefore, we request you not to download any form of violent or forceful or extreme porn videos online. It can lead to porn addiction. Furthermore, it may negatively impact your mental health. If you are under 18, stay away from such content. 


best site like KickassTorrent
Image credit: Torrent downloads

To begin with, simplicity is the best way to judge a website’s purpose. More often, sites with world-class appearance may fool the user into visiting it, however, there’s nothing much valuable in it. Next comes, sites like TorrentDownloads which in turn only focus on offering users what they want. 

Thus, thanks to TorrentDownloads, you can now move on from KickassTorrent. That’s right! TorrentDownloads is one of the best ranking sites for downloading TV shows, Movies, Games, Softwares, Anime, and even books. 

Site Link:

This unblocked version of TorrentDownloads is easy to use. Furthermore, it does not demand any type of sign up or credit card information to show results. If you are not sure what to download, it also shows top downloads of content that are loved by the other visitors on the site. 

Above all, if you are a first-time user, you can view the “How to download” tutorial given at the right side of the screen. For any confusion, you can also connect with us online. 

Note: TorrentDownloads and websites like KickassTorrents’s use are trackable by content owners such as Hulu, Netflix, amazon prime, showtime, BBC iPlayer, and SlingTV. Hence, we advise you to download, install, and activate NordVPN simultaneously to protect these content owners from blocking your IP Address. 


KickassTorrent best alternative
Image credit: ExtraTorrent.unblocked

Last on our list is “ExtraTorrent.” When it comes to downloading adult content, no site is visited at the highest pace than extratorrent. Not only does extratorrent contain content such as books, novels, anime, tv series, web series, movies, but it also allows you to download pictures, a.k.a copyrighted pictures. 

Site Link:

Although we are totally against the act of downloading content illegally, we advise you to download content at your own risk. Furthermore, our website only acts as an informative platform. We do not take any responsibility whatsoever. 

This ExtraTorrent site link is the unblocked and latest version of the torrent. You may not be able to find old-gold content here such as movies from the 1900s. Therefore, check out where to watch old movies and web series online? 

Some of the latest content available to download at ExtraTorrent is:

  1. Tread 
  2. Zoom
  3. The Invisible Man
  4. Perry Mason
  5. The Walking Dead
  6. And, Unlimited Porn


In conclusion, these were the top sites like KickassTorrent. It is noteworthy to mention that all these sites illegally run on the internet. Hence, they come under copyright infringement and money laundering offenses according to the U.S. government. If you successfully download content from these sites, there are chances that your IP Address is exposed already. 

In such a case, we request you to in-save or delete all the passwords, addresses, credit card details, pin codes, and zip codes from your computer system before downloading such content. Also, use VPN networks for extra privacy and precaution against cyber fraud as well as avoiding lawsuits or IP blocks. 

protect your computer from KickassTorrent damage
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What is a VPN? VPN is also called Virtual Private Network. For example, torrent sites like Kickass Torrents is a public network. Without a doubt, so many users are using these illegal sites to download content and share them further. VPN Network allows you to create your own private network. Hence, protect any operator from reading your IP Address or stealing your data from the system. 

Best VPN for MacOS are:
  1. Express VPN
  2. Cyberghost
  3. SurfShark
  4. NordVPN
Best VPN for Windows are:
  1. ultra VPN
  2. Private Internet Access
  3. Cyberghost VPN for Windows
  4. NordVPN for Windows

For more information, connect with us online in the comment section. You can also leave inquiries concerning KickassTorrents and we will solve them for you! 


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