Duke Energy begins operations at nine new Georgia solar sites


Duke Energy Renewable has declared that its nine operations with SolAmerica Energy totaling 14.1MW have begun commercial operations across central Georgia. These nine projects are participating in Georgia Power’s Renewable Energy Development Initiative.

“We’re excited to complete these projects and look forward to developing even more clean, renewable energy projects in Georgia in the future,” said Chris Fallon, vice president of Duke Energy Renewables.

These nine solar projects, earlier held by Duke Energy Renewables in 2018, will contribute $10 million to the local communities in the process of leasing and taxes. 54,590 solar panels were built for the projects in total. The previous site began its commercial operations in May 2019.

Duke Energy begins operations at nine new Georgia solar sites
Duke Energy begins operations at nine new Georgia solar sites

Each project involved development under an engineering, production and procurement agreement between REC Solar and SolAmerica and a 35-year power purchase agreement which they had with Georgia Power.

“SolAmerica is very pleased to have been able to work with Duke Energy Renewables and REC Solar on a second portfolio in Georgia, having successfully assisted on projects under Georgia Power’s Advanced Solar Initiative in 2016,” said R. Stanley Allen, chief executive officer, SolAmerica.

“We hope to work again together, whether in Georgia or elsewhere. The demand for such relationships to bring clean energy solutions to market faster is definitely here.”

The nine projects now in operation include:

Bibb Jones .996 MW Macon, GA

Columbia Bryson 1.38 MW Grovetown, GA

Liberty Martin. .996 MW Riceboro, GA

Muscogee Public Works 1.56 MW Columbus, GA

Richmond Hayes 1.75 MW Augusta, GA

Telfair Holland .960 MW McRae Helena, GA

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Telfair Thompson 1.90 MW McRae, GA

Troup RC50 2.30 MW Pine Mountain, GA

Wilkinson DeFore 2.30 MW Gordon, GA

The crew says that it’s on its way to own or purchase 8,000 megawatts of wind, solar and biomass energy by the year 2020.


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