Famous Football Players With Unexpected Hobbies

Football Players

Today, there’re so many ways to entertain yourself and pass free time. People keep looking for interesting hobbies, which can engage them and impress people around. Thus, nowadays we can meet people with very strange hobbies. Some of them are quite famous. In our article, we’ll speak about popular football players, who are known not just for their impressive play but also for their unusual hobbies.

Hobbies In a Traditional Sense

Well, what do we usually understand under the term “hobby”? It’s a regular activity, which is done to enjoy and organized during free time. Among the most common hobbies, which are usual to the majority of people, we can enumerate the following:

  • Collecting items (those which usually refer to a certain category, theme, style, etc.)
  • Creative/artistic work (painting, singing, poetry, etc.)
  • Sports
  • Non-competitive activity (fishing, hiking, gardening), etc.

There are no limitations to what a hobby could be. However, in most cases, we can expect a possible hobby when looking at a person or finding out about his/her job. When our expectations don’t meet reality, we call such a hobby unusual or unexpected.

Popular Footballers And Their Hobbies

When we look at famous sportsmen, we can expect that they can be interested in something like yachting, golf, or at least fishing. Are we actually right? Let’s observe the most popular football players and know about their favorite pastime:

Player Hobby A few words about a footballer
Toni Kroos Darts He’s a professional German player, who plays for Real Madrid. Being so famous, it’s difficult to imagine that he’s a fan of guys from Stoke, who just threw several arrows. Toni is impressed by Phil Taylor, the proof of it can be easily found on his Twitter. This isn’t the strangest hobby though.
Joe Allen Hens Being a Welsh professional football player, he plays for Stoke City. In 2017, it was discovered that he and his wife are fond of chickens and even own a few (each with its own cute name). Joe was also placed on the cover of Chicken & Egg magazine (and this is a real edition!).
Cristiano Ronaldo Bingo There’s hardly anyone not familiar with his name. He’s a professional footballer playing for Manchester United. He told about such a hobby in 2016 during one of the interviews. Cristiano called bingo a very exciting game. As he said, the love for the game was born after he had got a DVD bingo game to support him in learning English.
Xavi Mushrooms It might sound funny but this football manager and former Barcelona player is interested in mycology. The sportsman adores picking mushrooms. He even takes friends with him.
Axel Tuanzebe Hungry Hippos Do you want to make somebody laugh? Then tell the story about the hobby of a famous Manchester United footballer! Well, it might not be a hobby in a traditional sense. But Axel became a world record holder of MU for the fastest time in Hungry Hippos.
Moritz Volz Cakes A former professional player and current RB Leipzig coach is interested in baking. He made cakes depending on the opponent team. Thus, for MU, he liked making cakes with bananas, while for more rough opponents he could make something like a carrot cake with nuts.
Clint Dempsey Hip Hop The footballer used to be a star of Fulham and Tottenham. Clint has been known as a rap lover for many years. He even performed as Deuce in the past. In addition, in 2006, a track for Nike for World Cup was made.
David Beckham Fencing An English former professional footballer wasn’t always interested in fencing. His life changed when he left football and started to chill out with Hollywood stars. For his friends, this is a perfect way to bond and have closer relations.
Matt Oakley Piranhas He’s a former Leicester player, who is known for his passion for fish. Well, not all piranhas interest him. Matt is fond of South American red-bellied ones. And he has been interested in them for more than 15 years! The sportsman says the feeding time with them is very exciting. 
Daniel Agger Tattoos He’s a Danish professional player of the HB Køge club. His adoration towards tattoos is impressive as he runs a tattoo-sharing site and a sewer company. Daniel himself is a skilled artist with tattoos on his knuckles.
Neymar Jr. Poker His man is a professional Brazilian footballer playing for Paris Saint-Germain. He isn’t just a fan of the legendary card game. He’s truly good at it! It’s even possible to find a story on his Instagram about his excellent experience on PokerStars. It might be interesting to know that Neymar represented the Red Spade tournament in the past.
Michael Owen Horse Racing This former footballer used to play for Liverpool, Real Madrid, and many other popular clubs. He’s another player who likes risk. His hobby proves that. The first bets were made when he was a kid. With the growth of his footballer career, Michael managed to become a serious bettor. In addition, the man has his own stables, while his horses even managed to win a few awards.
Jozy Altidore FIFA video game Jozy is a soccer player for Toronto FC and the United States national team. It’s quite obvious and still a bit unexpected. Does anyone want to do at home something the same he/she does at work? Jozy wants it! He can play FIFA for hours.

There’re so many football players with unexpected hobbies and unusual interests. The majority of them want to diversify their lives, which is why the hobbies are sometimes truly unusual. Some of them play card games, such as poker or blackjack. The others might even read a Spin Samurai casino review trying to find a suitable platform to relax.

When it concerns a hobby, everyone should choose something interesting, which is able to help relax and forget about stress after a hard-working day. Let it be video games, hunting, dogs breeding, fashion, or any other activity. Popular footballers are free to choose what they like, as well as any other people. For professionals, it’s much more important to have something relaxing off the field. Follow their example and never be afraid to look strange!


Q: Who is the most famous football player of all time?
A: The most famous football player of all time is a matter of debate, but some of the most commonly cited contenders include Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pelé, Diego Maradona, and Franz Beckenbauer.

Q: Who is the current best football player in the world?
A: The current best football player in the world is also a matter of debate, but some of the most commonly cited contenders include Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, Kevin De Bruyne, and Kylian Mbappé.

Q: Who has scored the most goals in football history?
A: The player who scored the most goals in football history is Cristiano Ronaldo, with over 800 goals.

Q: Who has won the most Ballon d’Or awards?
A: The player who has won the most Ballon d’Or awards is Lionel Messi, with 7 awards to his name.

Q: Who has won the most FIFA World Cups?
A: The most FIFA World Cups won by any individual player is 3, shared by Pelé and Mario Zagallo.


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