Five common misconceptions about driving on the motorway

driving on the motorway

It can be daunting to drive on the motorway. This is where you and other drivers will be reaching the highest legal speeds. But there are plenty of misconceptions surrounding driving on the motorway. Below, we explore five of the most common misconceptions. 

The right-hand lane

One common misconception is that any car can drive in the right-hand lane of the motorway. However, in reality, certain vehicles aren’t allowed to. On a three-lane motorway, it’s against the law to drive a heavy goods vehicle with a maximum weight of more than 7.5 tonnes in the outside lane. Naturally, this applies to caravans and lorries too. 

The left-hand lane

Many people consider the left-hand lane to be solely for heavy goods vehicles. However, this lane should be your default option, unless you’re overtaking. 

Using the hard shoulder- driving on the motorway

Many people believe that they can stop on the hard shoulder if they need the toilet or if they’re feeling ill. However, you can actually only use the hard shoulder in a real emergency. The authorities won’t accept the reasons above but will accept it if your car has broken down or if there is a serious medical emergency.

Giving way to those joining

You also don’t actually have to give way to those joining the motorway. It’s more of a courtesy rather than a requirement. Instead, you have right of way and should prioritise the safety of the motorway by maintaining safe gaps between vehicles. It’s the responsibility of those joining the motorway to ensure that they find a safe spot to emerge in. 

Prepare for learners

Learner drivers are also actually allowed to drive on the motorway now. Once you’re aware of this, you should take measures to keep yourself and other drivers safe. If you spot a learner driver on the motorway, ensure that you exercise caution and maintain a safe distance. By remaining alert you can act quickly to avoid an accident or you can switch on your hazard lights to warn others. 

If you’re aware of common misconceptions on the motorway, you should be in a better position to avoid an accident. And you can take another step towards protecting yourself by booking an online MOT to ensure that your car is in optimal condition. By following this advice, you should be suitably prepared to stay safe on the motorway. 


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