Future Business Ideas 2020 amid COVID-19: The Business Industry is changing!

future business ideas 2020
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CoronaVirus is no longer a come-and-go aspect of our lives. From changing the school and hospitality industry to bending the innovation for future entrepreneurs, it has become a part of our lives, careers, and how we cope with everyday situations. It has led to the century’s most significant change, a.k.a change in future business ideas 2020. A non-confident entrepreneur says, How? However, an opportunity-grasper and a risk-taker would say, Why not!

That’s right! In 2020, the world is swiftly in-and-out of quarantine. It has become a pattern. It has made it difficult for business people to keep their businesses on track. But, are these businesses worth now? The economy is dropping at a high pace. During this challenging period, what business will be profitable?

Today, we are presenting the best future business ideas 2020 amid COVID-19. Before we countdown the list of prospective business ideas, here’s a glimpse of today’s customer demand:

  • Online service
  • Safety and security against Corona
  • Affordability
  • Ease of access to service
  •  Necessities

To begin with, the world has become a dangerous place amid the CoronaVirus pandemic. Therefore, today’s customers are demanding “everything at home” service. Thus, the following are the top-notch future business ideas 2020 that will run profitably in today’s world.

Online Educational courses for short-term future business ideas 2020

As an entrepreneur, you must think of how Covid-19 is changing the educational industry? Students as well as their parents feel safer while getting classes at home in front of the computer. It does not make much of a difference. Therefore, why not run online educational courses for the short-term?

These courses will help the recent graduates to learn additional skills such as foreign languages, advanced excel, web development program, Search Engine Optimization program, and much more.

Not only this but you can also run online tutoring classes for school students. If you do not have a specific group of students with you already, you can start a Youtube channel where you can tutor all the viewers. Apart from this, it can also lead to a high paying business idea of 2020 once your channel starts to receive a higher number of viewers.

Monetized Blogging

If you are looking to start a business with zero or low investment, here is the best future business idea 2020. Start Monetized Blogging platform. That’s right! All you need is a list of topics of interest, Google trends, and writing skills.

For the most part, up until now, Opening a blog is taken for a part-time activity. However, it can lead to a full-time business with a profit margin beyond your thinking. Do you know? Based on the topic and conversion rate, a blog can earn from $0.1 minimum to $3.50 maximum per view in the U.S.

More often than not, the earning per blog depends on the conversion rate. However, Monetizing blogs can lead to unlimited earning even for the blogs written in the past. Therefore, you can take it as a “return on previous blogs” as well.

Here’s a tempting fact! High-end American bloggers like Jason Kottke earn over $80, 000 per month. How does that sound for a business with zero investment future business idea 2020?

For the reader’s information, GoogleAd is one of the most-effective ways to monetise your blogging platform. It offers a persistent conversion rate. Thus, maintains a regular income for you.

Freelance Graphic Designing

Graphic design is one of the most required business skills in today’s world. Whether a business is small or large, it requires a graphical representation of its business. From depicting current environment situations to presenting a business idea or teaching via digital sources in school, graphics are the main element.

Therefore, during quarantine, you have enough time to take freelance graphic designing projects. Not only this but you can also outsource projects to other graphic designers in your network. This will lead your business as a group of graphic designers. Furthermore, you can profit from abstracting a small commission for every outsourced project.

This is one of the best future business ideas of 2020. You can also prefer to utilize this idea if you are a freelance content writer or website developer.

For graphic designing, some of the designing software to start with are:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Sketch
  • Affinity Designer
  • Inkscape
  • Gravit Designer

Fitness consultancy

When it comes to fitness, nowadays everyone is into it. To begin with, COVID-19 medical specialists have made it clear that people with a healthy immune system and fit body are less at risk of CoronaVirus. Therefore, the demand for fitness consultants has gone up by 50%. On one hand, where Gyms are closed down, you can invest your time and money in launching an online fitness consultancy smartphone application. You can start building your brand and boosting your business by using a fitness management software.

Due to the lack of gym equipment at home, people are focusing on home-based workout plans such as Yoga. Furthermore, rather than entirely focusing on the workout, people have also started taking interest in diets to improve their fitness level. Diets such as the Keto diet.

Hence, you can plan a fitness application with several categories such as:

  • Workout
  • What to eat?
  • Yoga tutorials
  • Meditation
  • Sleep schedule

In conclusion, Future business ideas 2020 relating to the online fitness and healthcare industry are potentially strong in the context of growth.

Online Store for Groceries – future business ideas 2020 at small scale

Covid-19 pandemic has caused people to avoid public locations, especially grocery stores. In this situation, one of the top future business ideas 2020 is opening up an online store for groceries with doorstep delivery services.

This will not just help people to get groceries without putting them at risk of CoronaVirus but also bring a stable employment opportunity to potential delivery executives.

Many entrepreneurs will question why not food delivery in place of groceries? Well! To begin with, CoronaVirus is an air-bond disease. However, people are not trusting food courts and restaurants in the context of 100% hygiene. Therefore, a precocious customer will prefer ordering groceries and rewashing them at home before consuming them. This way, he/she will feel safer.

Above all, currently, there are very limited online grocery stores in small towns. Therefore, this could be a one-time business opportunity. Hence, take it or regret it later!

Local store of Office supplies

Amid CoronaVirus spread, 60% of businesses have permitted their employees to work from home. This has changed the dynamics of the business industry at a higher level. According to various industrial researchers, high-end companies are planning to offer employment opportunities, even full-time at a freelance basis, i.e., even if the employee is hired for a full-time job, he/she will work from home.

This sudden change in the work ethics of uncountable companies has increased the demand for office supplies such as office chairs, desk, stationery, printer, computer, laptops, and others. Hence, opening up an online or offline store for office supplies can lead to a profitable business in the times to come.

Salon at Home

During the quarantine period, the locations to shut down instantly included salons, gyms, offices, hotels, and schools. However, for both men and women, time-to-time grooming is quite significant not only for the purpose of maintaining one’s charm but also to stay hygienic.

Therefore, why not bring salon services to customers at their doorsteps. Before 2020, several salons at home brands have been introduced. Today, their demand has increased as people do not desire to go to public places including Salon.

Hence, you can open up an online salon where a customer can hire a salon executive. And, further, receive all salon services at home.

Epilogue for future business ideas 2020

These were some high-end future business ideas 2020 amid COVID-19 pandemic. Today, the world is going through several crises including political, economic, medical, and others. As a result, the business industry in the context of luxurious products and services is going down. Demand for necessities such as groceries, clothes, medicines, office supplies, household products, and others are going up.

2020 is a year full of disasters. Now, people are building a closed world where precaution at every step is significant. Amid Corona pandemic, future business ideas 2020 solely depend on the internet. Everyone has access to the web and therefore, no business at this time will be profitable other than a business that offers a lack of human-to-human interaction.


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