Bob Lee Net Worth: How Did Cash App Founder Build His Empire?

Bob Lee net worth

The world is indebted to Bob Lee for his contribution for the creation of Cash App and Android. As a public figure, Bob Lee net worth and growth intrigues aspiring entrepreneurs like us. While the tech industry mourns his unexpected death, we want to know all about his life.

Want to delve deep into the personal and professional life of this American entrepreneur? Find out everything about the tech mogul’s overall earnings, professional background, thriving career, and of course the Cash App Bob Lee net worth.

Bob Lee bio

Name Bob Lee
Profession Businessman, American Entrepreneur
Age 43 years old
DOB December 20, 1979
Place of birth California, the United States of America
Parents Rick Lee (father) and Nan Lee (mother)
Spouse Krista Lee (separated)
Children Scout Lee and Dagny Lee
Weight 168 lbs/ 76 kg (approx.)
Height 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm)
Religion Christianity
Nationality American
Famous as Creator of Cash App
Date & Place of Death April 4, 2023; San Francisco

Bob Lee Net Worth

Wondering what is Bob Lee net worth? Bob Lee established a successful career with multiple enterprises, contributing immensely to his total earnings.

The estimated net worth of Bob Lee before his sudden demise was around $10 million. Cash App’s success is a primary reason behind the increase in his income.

The app had at least 44 million users every month and earned profits amounting to $1.8 billion in the year 2019.

As per Forbes Magazine, the net value of the app was nearly $40 billion in 2020. Although teenagers can access the app, they cannot invest in stocks or crypto until they turn 18 years.

In 2022, the gross profit of Cash App was $2.95 billion, with nearly 51 million active users per month. So, Bob Lee net worth Forbes is bound to be $10 million.

Early Life

Bob Lee was born on December 20, 1979, in Missouri’s St. Louis, a pleasant and safe city in California.

His parents are Robert Lee and Jeanie Lee, a Korean immigrant couple. They raised him alongside Tim Oliver Lee, his younger brother.

Lee and Steve have spent the initial years of their life in St. Louis. Their parents owned multiple clothing stores in Encinitas and Escondido, California.

In 2019, after the death of Bob’s mother, his father relocated to Mill Valley, California to be close to the family.

Lee was a student of Lindbergh High School and a curious kid who liked to spend time with electronics. He was a popular kid in school for his nerdy nature. He designed a 3D rendering engine in Turbo Pascal.

Lee’s classmates addressed him as Crazy Bob as he was exuberantly energetic in playing games like water polo.

After completing school, Lee pursued higher education at Southeast Missouri State University. He pledged to the prestigious Sigma Chi.

From a Web Developer to Flourishing Entrepreneur

So, $10 million is Bob Lee net worth. Now have a look at his remarkable career. After finishing his graduation, Bob Lee began working as a web developer.

In 1997, he was an employee of Redrock Communications. However, he left the job within a year to explore novel opportunities. He was a web developer at D’Arcy and Southeast Missouri State University for several years.

Between June 2000 and August 2001, Bob Lee was an employee of Capgemini. From August 2001 to August 2002, he was a part of Ajilon Consulting as a consultant.

At that time, computer worms posed a serious threat to Microsoft IIS servers. Lee succeeded in releasing a free program that could defend those servers from computer worms and Code Red.

He worked at OCI as a consultant for some months (Aug 2002 to Feb 2003). Plateau and FiveSight Technologies are the two companies he consulted for as a freelancer.

Highlights of Bob Lee’s Career

Here are some other noteworthy achievements of Lee:

AT&T (as a Technical Architect)

As AT&T’s technical architect, Bob developed the AOP (aspect-oriented programming) framework. It is equivalent to Java’s Spring Framework.

Android and Google Development

In October 2004, Google appointed Bob Lee as a software engineer. His association with Google was for 6 years. During this time, Lee worked tirelessly to come up with the Android mobile operating system.

Square Inc’s CTO

Recognizing Bob Lee’s inborn talent, Jack Dorsey asked him to look after Square Inc as its CTO. Lee officially became a part of this e-commerce company in 2010’s January. He was the main person behind the development of Square Cash (now known as Cash App). It is a widely-used mobile app that simplifies the process of making payments.

Lee’s first flight as an Entrepreneur

Bob Lee chose to leave Square Inc. in 2014’s May. He did this to invest his time and resources in setting up his business. He used the savings from his past jobs to invest in various startups. No wonder Bob Lee net worth has witnessed significant growth in the past few years. In 2014’s July, SV Angel welcomed Lee to his investment team.


Present is the name of a social media company founded by Lee. It relies on location-based technology. Bob Lee has been the CEO of Present from its inception till his demise.

Advisor Roles

Lee also had experience as an advisor. He served as the respected advisor to PreDixon Bio Inc. and MobileCoin.


In 2021’s November, Bob Lee joined hands with MobileCoin as the company’s CPO (Chief Product Officer).

Bob Lee wife

Bob Lee wife was Krista Lee. Her native place is St. Louis. In 2011, she started living with Bob Lee after their marriage. She has two children with Lee, Scout and Dagny.

In 2019, Bob Lee parted ways with Krista. Lee’s two children with Krista decided to stay in the Bay Area. The couple has maintained dignity and did not speak about the reason behind their rift.

Since his marriage with Krista did not work out, Lee shifted to Miami to live with his dad. His father Rick remembers their time together as a blissful period of love and adventure. They shared a strong bond ever since Bob’s mother passed away.

Despite being a public figure, Bob Lee liked to live a private life. Even if Bob Lee tech net worth is not hidden from anyone, there is no concrete evidence of Lee’s relationship with other women after his separation. Not much is known about his personal life or equations outside his family.

How did Bob Lee die?

After knowing Bob Lee net worth, are you curious to know the circumstances of his death? April 4 was an ominous day for the tech industry as it suffered a major loss.

Bob Lee passed away at an early age of 43 on April 4, 2023. He was stabbed to death in California’s San Francisco in the Rincon Hill locality.

As per the Police Department of the San Francisco, the murder took place at approximately 02:35 am. The incident has left been extremely shocking for his family, business allies, and pals.

On the day of his death, San Francisco police found Lee’s body with several stab wounds. He was lying motionless in front of the entrance of a well-known high-rise near the waterfront. They wasted no time in taking him to the hospital, but his injuries were fatal.

According to some of Bob Lee’s closest friends, Lee was in the area for business purposes. The 43-year-old business tycoon decided to extend his stay for another day.

The police have been investigating the matter for months. As of now, the police haven’t made any arrests. The police have remained tight-lipped about revealing the names of potential suspects.

The San Fransisco Police have appealed to the masses for information regarding the murder to identify suspects. Any person with useful information that might help the police solve the case must call 1-415-575-4444. This is the official tipline number of San Fransisco Police Department, open 24*7.

Bob Lee death reactions

Lee’s colleagues, well-wishers, and fans have expressed their profound grief on social networking platforms. Bob Lee’s ex-spouse has penned down an emotional note. She opined that he was a sweet and loving person. Even after their marriage ended, they continued to stay in touch as dear friends.

Final thoughts

So, Bob Lee was a gifted entrepreneur with an innovative mind. He was highly revered as a tech expert and his work still impacts the lives of people. Bob Lee net worth proves how passionate he was about his work. Had he lived a long life, he would have benefited the world with more noteworthy creations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who was Bob Lee?

Bob Lee was an American businessman and motivated entrepreneur famous as Cash App’s founder. He was a visionary with the dream of creating a privacy-protected wallet.

2. Who has created the Cash App?

Bob Lee deserves credit for creating the Cash App. It is a finance app available in the App Store. Users can use this app to make instant payments and purchase Bitcoin and stocks. However, the app works only in the United Kingdon and the United States. So, you must be a resident of the UK or the US to open an account on Cash App.

3. How much is the net worth of the creator of Cash App?

As of April 2023 (the month of Bob Lee’s death), his net worth was $10 million. The popularity of Cash App is a major contributing factor to his financial success. So, Bob Lee Cash App net worth at present is $10 million.

4. Why is Bob Lee remembered?

Bob Lee net worth and his mysterious murder are not the only reasons why people search his name on Google. He was a pioneer in computer engineering. His groundbreaking work in the designing of microprocessors makes him immortal in the tech world.


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