Hitman Holla Video went viral on the web. Fans cannot believe what they are seeing!

Hitman Holla Video
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As we have said many times, the world of the Internet is strange. Today, we are once again counting down the Internet’s unbelievable moment when Hitman Holla Video of having sex with his girlfriend Cinnamon went viral on the Internet.

The video was initially put on Instagram, but as the fans and critics of Hitman Holla viewed the video, it reached several platforms, including TikTok and Twitter. 

To begin with, for those who do not know, Hitman Holla is quite a popular battle rapper who has appeared in the SMACK URL Rap Circuit for over 10 seasons. Not only this, but his career background also reflects his strong presence in sports as he was an athlete back in the day. 

Hitman Holla Video
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In the forthcoming years, Hitman Holla is planning to base his career in the comic industry. Rumors are that he soon will appear as an improv comedy artist in Wild N’ Out on MTV channels and VH1.

With such a hardcore reputation and many talents, how did Hitman Holla become the target of the Internet? Do you also want to know? If yes, read through this article till the end. Let’s get started: 

Who is Hitman Holla? 

Popularly known by his nickname “Hitman Holla,” his actual name is Gerald Fulton Jr. He was born on 29th March 1988 in the small city called St. Louis is situated in Missouri, USA. Nowadays, he lives in Atlanta, Georgia, in a live-in relationship with his Girlfriend, Cinnamon. 

According to the inside details, Hitman Holla, a.k.a., Gerald Fulton Jr., completed his high school and undergraduate from the local University of St. Louis. He further moved to Los Angeles for four years to join and attend California State University, Northridge. 

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His family background suggests that he comes from a high-end stable family. His parents, Sue Fulton and Gerald Fulton Sr., are still together. In addition to this, he also has a brother (nicknamed) — Show out, who has also appeared in his rapping battle videos in the past years. 

Currently, he is 34 years old and looking forward to building the foundation of his career in acting. As aforementioned, Hitman Holla is quite talented. He has millions of followers on Instagram. He is also a former athlete and openly shows his passion for acting. 

What’s more interesting about Hitman Holla is the popular Hitman Holla video that went viral on the Internet. Want to find out all about it? Let’s scroll and keep reading: 


Full NameHitman Holla
Nickname/Stage NameHitman Holla
Name Given By ParentsGerald Fulton Jr. 
Birthday29th March 1986
Born in St. Louis, Missouri, USA
Lives in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Age34 years old (as of 2022)
Height6’8’’ tall or 182 centimeters
Body measurement185 lbs.
Educational background/QualificationsPost graduate from California University, Northridge
ProfessionFormer Athlete, Battle Rapper, Artist, and Actor
EthnicityMultiracial (African American)
Parents’ NamesSue Fulton and Gerald Fulton Sr.
Marital Status Not Married 
Girl FriendYouTuber Cinnamon
Net Worth$3 Million 
Hobbies Rappig 
Passion Cars

What is the Hitman Holla Video? 

To begin with, there is no uncertainity that in the past many years, Hitman Holla has been part of multiple controversies. You will be shocked to recognize that Hitman Holla was accused of murder (or involvement in a murder case), not once but two times. 

Hitman Holla’s video can mean anything from his leaked video with his Girlfriend to his video of assaulting a fan on the stage. However, based on the urgency of the matter, we think you want to know about the #1 video. 

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Hitman Holla Video
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In December 2021, Hitman Holla Video was one of the top-searched videos on YouTube and other platforms. This was not the first time that Hitman Holla and his girlfriend Cinnamon had become someone’s target.

According to the inside details, in October 2021 (2 months before the Hitman Holla leaked video), intruders entered Holla’s mansion, which led to a serious injury. After an aggressive confrontation with intruders, Cinnamon received a shot in the face. However, thankfully, she is alive and recovering. 

Hitman Holla Video Leaked with Cinnamon, YouTuber

For the most part, in the beginning, many fans assumed that the video was about the gunshot wound that Cinnamon had. However, as it turned out, Hitman Holla’s private video had been leaked in which Hitman and his Girlfriend Cinnamon are sharing an intimate moment. 

But, fans could not believe that Hitman Holla himself uploaded five videos of his story on his Instagram profile. The handle @hitmanholla has been removed by the Instagram authorities already due to nudity and obscene content. 

Hitman Holla Video
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This 41 seconds video is quite revealing. You can see Hitman’s face in none of the videos (except one). However, the YouTuber — Cinnamon is seen in all the videos. She is giving BJ. In another video, you can see Cinnamon’s booty. 

Yet, as soon as the couple realized that their video had gone viral on the web, it was immediately removed from both Instagram and YouTube. By then, thousands of viewers had already watched and recorded the video. 

Where is Hitman Holla now? 

According to the inside details, 3 years ago, Hitman Holla moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta in Georgia. There, he lives with his YouTuber girlfriend named Cinnamon. Their YoUTube channel is Hitman Holla & Cinnamon. It currently has 185K subscribers and six videos. 

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It seems like the youtube channel is currently not active. Cinnamon and Hitman uploaded their last video in 2021. In 2021’s month of October, Cinnamon had gotten badly hurt as intruders shot her in the face. She is still in hospital recovering. 

How did Hitman Holla get famous? 

Before becoming globally prominent for battle rapping, Hitman Holla, or Gerald Fulton Jr., was an athlete. According to the inside details, he was a big-time and highly potential professional basketball player.

After completing College in California, Hitman Holla decided to pursue his further career in basketball. However, during the time, rapping culture in the music industry was on the rise. Thus, he went the other way!

Hitman Holla Video
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As his first step in the music industry, he became part of SMACK URL Rap Circuit. It is a professional battle rap show. You can view multiple videos of Hitman Holla rapping and freestyling.

He appeared in Smack URL for the first time in Season 6. From Season six to Season sixteen, for ten years, Hitman Holla has remained recurring in the Ultimate Rap League.

To the reader’s surprise, his brother, nicknamed as ShowwOutt, is also in the music industry. He is following the steps of Hitman Holla. SMACK URLs also promote Show out in many seasons now. 

What is Hitman Holla’s Net Worth? 

Hitman Holla has given unlimited rap battle performances till now. Without a doubt, URL pays him big-time for each rap battle. According to the latest estimation of celebrities’ net worth in 2022, Hitman Holla’s net worth stands at 3 Million USD.

Lately, he has also become a recurring face on America’s Rap Battle. His upcoming part in the improv comedy shows Wild N’ Out is much awaited. 

Surprisingly enough, Wild N’ Out alone is paying Hitman Holla a salary worth 27K per episode. In addition to this, the show Wild n’ Out itself is worth over $500 Million. Not only this, but per rap battle on several shows, Hitman Holla makes upto 30K USD per battle. 

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According to our research, a good part of Hitman Holla’s Net worth in 2022 also comes from his youtube channel. Various other youtube channels, such as Wild N’ Out, Hitman Holla music, Rare Breed Entertainment, and Best in Battle Rap, also upload his videos that have views millions. 

No information about Hitman Holla House is available. He is quite private about where in Atlanta he lives! Listen to Hitman Holla’s House party online. You may get some clues!

Why did Hitman Holla go to jail?

In March 2020, Hitman Holla went to jail for violation of driving rules and regulations. However, the story behind the Hitman Holla video behind bars is a lot deeper.

Inside details disclose that Hitman Holla had an outstanding warrant for arrest in his name at the time of the arrest. Police complaint and investigation disclosed that he did not own the car that the rapper was driving. The cops’ assumption was that he stole it. 

On the contrary, Hitman Holla’s defense team proposed that he is facing such harsh charges due to the racial profiling culture in America. 

Inside details of the case also revealed that the police stopped his car and requested him to get out for no apparent reason.

Further ahead, cops asked him irrelevant questions such as — how much he bought the car? When the best battle rapper in America realized he was getting targeted for his color, he began to record the whole situation. 

In various interviews or conversations with Hitman Holla, he has pointed out being the target of racial profiling several times. Because the actor and rapper come from a streetlife background, he often faces heat for the same. 

Basic details — 

To begin with, Hitman Holla, age 34 years old, is an American Battle Rapper, Artist, former Athlete, and elite actor. He has made several appearances on MTV and VH1.

You can also view his freestyle rapping videos on youtube. Hitman Holla’s height is 6’8’’ or 182 cm tall. He is black American or African American by ethnicity as well as “American” by nationality. 

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After the accident in 2021, fans are eager to know if Hitman Holla’s GF is alive? The answer is yes. Hitman Holla’s girlfriend, Cinnamon, is alive and recovering in the hospital. She had two neck bones fractured during the incident. He has not married yet. 

Here’s a bonus fact: Do you know? After 10 years in the Ultimate Rap League, Hitman Holla had banned from the Smack URL Rap Circuit. The story behind the scene disclosed that the Hitman threatened to oust Forbes. 


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1. What is the Hitman Holla video?
A. The Hitman Holla video is a video featuring the popular battle rapper Hitman Holla showcasing his skills and performances in rap battles.

2. Where can I watch the Hitman Holla video?
A. You can watch the Hitman Holla video on various online platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, and other video streaming websites.

3. Can I download the Hitman Holla video?
A. The availability of downloading the Hitman Holla video depends on the platform you are watching it on. Some platforms may allow you to download the video for offline viewing, while others may not have this option.

4. Are there any restrictions on watching the Hitman Holla video?
A. The restrictions on watching the Hitman Holla video may vary depending on the platform and any copyright or age restrictions that may be in place. It is always recommended to check the terms of service or guidelines of the platform you are using to ensure compliance.

5. Can I share the Hitman Holla video on social media?
A. Yes, you can share the Hitman Holla video on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. However, it is important to respect copyright laws and give credit to the original content creator when sharing.


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