How Automatic Trade Bots Help Crypto Traders

Automatic Trade Bots

In a lightning-fast world of crypto trade, an hour lag can turn a 1,000% profit into a financial disaster. A digitized world demands digitized helpers. Trader bots can monitor the market automatically and look for moments of opportunity, analyze charts to find the best strategies, and make buying and selling automatic. A crypto trade bot 3commas offers this and many more features that can help beginner and expert traders get better deals and grow their portfolios. Automatic Trade Bots 

Features and Automation- Automatic Trade Bots 

In plain English, a trader bot’s job is to recognize market fluctuations and buy or sell tokens according to them. It means you don’t need to monitor the market by yourself — a bot will do it for you 24/7 and guarantee that you don’t miss any sweet deals. All you need to do is determine the parameters under which the bot should buy or sell crypto.

3Commas is capable of different kinds of trades, including spot, options, and grid trading. A grid trading feature is capable of optimizing your budget by dividing it into small transactions and saving money on volatility. Also, if you don’t feel comfortable about setting trading parameters on your own, 3Commas allows you to copy presets of more skilled traders and learn from the best while your profits grow.

Analytics Is Everything

Data analysis and research are what make a true trader. Technical analysis helps understand if a certain coin is overvalued or undervalued and predicts changes in its price. A thorough analysis can give a smart trader an edge and help play on others’ panic about buying or selling. Apart from managing trade positions, crypto trade bots are capable of analyzing trade data and providing tools and indicators to turn it into valuable insights.

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TradingView from 3Commas offers more than 100 indicators and vast functionality to analyze assets behavior and test trading strategies. Beginners will appreciate the informative interface and ready out-of-the-box features, while expert traders can take advantage of the possibility to create custom signals and indicators


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