How Important is Brand Identity for a Business’s Continued Growth?

Growth for business

Choosing a color palette is one of the most important steps in any brand identity process for business growth, What is branding and why does it matter in today’s ever-evolving market? Well, simply put, branding is the intricate creative process of telling a company’s story through colors, images, logos, and more. It’s the first thing a potential customer notices before interacting with your product, and it’s the thing that leaves a lasting impression on a buyer to return again and again even when competition stares them straight in the face.

Millions of brands all around the world utilize great identity strategies within their marketing plans to attract, inspire, and retain customers. While it can be enhanced, transformed, and altered overtime, its overall presence is crucial to any successful business. Let’s take a look at how a strong brand identity can drive growth and ultimately dazzle consumers into action.

Branding Creates an Unbreakable Bond  

Many people have certain brands they love and stand by, and even if another competitor comes along with a similar product, they won’t budge their loyalty. What creates this long lasting, durable bond between customer and brand? You guessed it-brand identity! Just think about your favorite local coffee shop. You may not even realize it, but a large reason you frequent it as opposed to others is because you’ve grown to believe in the café’s identity. After all, coffee isn’t anything unique, but the way it’s presented makes all the difference.

A real-life example of this in today’s current market can be seen by the world’s #1 e-commerce company, Amazon. Their branding model is so successful because it delivers a product which fulfills every consumer’s desire by being trustworthy, dependable, and quality-driven. The results are that, nowadays, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an online shopper that doesn’t prioritize Amazon over other similar platforms.

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Branding Leads to New Opportunities

The wonderful thing about a brand’s identity is that it can always be built upon, or even changed entirely based on the current market and consumer expectations. This is known as re-branding and its implementation can often cause the existing client base to grow, and even a new one to appear. Whether it’s an altercation in logo/colors or a new product launch, this strategy is highly

effective throughout the world’s biggest industries. For example, the leading live-poker platform PokerStars recently rolled out a brand refresh campaign entitled “I’M IN” which aims to excite and entertain their current customer base while calling out to other like-minded individuals in a new way. Rebrands like these create opportunities for growth as potential users are intrigued by fresh campaigns, content, and branding style. Another instance of successful rebranding can be seen in last year’s GoDaddy logo change where the domain hosting company upgraded its look across each of its markets. Similarly, the decision was consumer-centric and focused on empowering their audience- the everyday entrepreneur.

Because these brand’s identities were already secure at the time of the refresher, when they did launch a rebrand, it was an immediate success. This proves that having a strong foundation in terms of identity is crucial to build from when thinking about a change.  

A brand’s logo is often the first thing consumers see, so ensuring its up to par is crucial for the business overall

When a Brand Prioritizes Their Identity, Their Sales Increase  

Perhaps the biggest benefit of brand growth identity is the fact that it drives sales: plain and simple. Sizable revenue is garnered from those businesses who prioritize their overall look and create holistic value across channels and audiences. After all, the future of any brand relies on increased revenue over time, and the ones that are constantly in touch with their identity have been proven to experience monetary advantages over those who are not.

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Spreading Brand Awareness

All this talk about brand identity is great, but how do companies realistically implement these strategies in the everyday? This answer has changed over the years, but nowadays the greatest driver is undoubtedly social media. Once your brand’s identity is defined, the greatest way to get people talking about it is by marketing it on platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

In our current generation, these tech giants are able reach millions mostly by word of mouth your brand should definitely be taking advantage of that. In fact, there are even applications which help to increase Instagram following so that your business can extend their reach further. Other ways include e-mail marketing, video content, and enhanced website launches. However you go about spreading awareness, the most important thing is that people get to know your brand’s identity in a real way that has the potential of creating a long-term buyer/seller relationship.


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