How to Choose the Right NetSuite Supplier

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In this digital world, business demands have increased. Traditional ERP systems can no longer meet the needs of expanding companies that rely on technology and quick access to information. Currently, the NetSuite business platform is the most popular and reliable digital solution when it comes to streamlining crucial company operations. NetSuite is capable of addressing integrations, scripting, eCommerce, customer support, optimisation, and more. 

With Netsuite, businesses have the right tools for growth, so teams can now focus on core activities for better outcomes. If you are planning to upgrade your company’s system, it is now time to speak with a NetSuite consultant so you can find a reputable supplier that will meet your business needs. Just like hiring your regular employees, picking your NetSuite partner is not just about filling a role but finding the best resource to help with your growth and development. Here’s what you need to know to help your choose the right NetSuite supplier:

Do Your Research 

It is crucial to do your homework by reading up on the companies that provide this software. The best method is to ask for a referral from an industry acquaintance. This way, you are assured that a vendor indeed lives up to their reputation because you personally know a happy and satisfied client. 

If this is not feasible, take your research online and scope out official company websites. On top of that, go the extra mile by reading online reviews and testimonials from past clients. The best sites are third-party ones because they don’t carry any biases. Go with a vendor who has the most pleasant reviews because you are assured they will provide premium quality products and services. 


Compare the Vendors

You have to engage with the correct supplier to ensure you pick one that will address your needs. Speak with your NetSuite consultant and ask for a demo. Introductory consultations and discussion with your prospective NetSuite supplier are crucial. This way, you will know the cost of the package and what is included in terms of service. This is not something you can leave to guesswork, so don’t be shy and ask a lot of questions. 

It is necessary to speak with several suppliers so you can compare the pros and cons of each company. Go with one that will give you the most advantages. If a company has an excellent product and awesome customer service, then you may be willing to pay just a little bit more. Before signing the contract, make sure you outline your goals and expectations. 

Assess the Cultural Fit

Look at the company culture of your supplier and assess if it will fit with the culture of your organisation. You need a partner that will be able to mesh with your organisation. No two suppliers are alike, and you can generally gauge how one works during your initial meeting. Sometimes, don’t just look at facts but also listen to your intuition. 

Check how the supplier employees deal with each other. They will be your partner, so you want to set up a relationship with a NetSuite supplier that also has a great company culture because their issues will inevitably affect your business. You want to establish an alliance with a Netsuite supplier that will help your employees ensure that workflow is smooth, productive, seamless, and flexible. 

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Final Word

With many suppliers out there, it can be overwhelming to pick just one. But with the right mindset, you will be able to find a good match. Aim for a collaborative NetSuite software partner that provides a complementary working relationship that will help you attain success. 


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