How to Increase Estrogen Naturally- 5 Super Ways

How to increase estrogen naturally

Our body is an ecosystem, and it works as an interplay of diverse parts and processes. Hormones are a vital part of this ecosystem, and they affect our bodily functions in one way or another. Estrogen is a hormone responsible for sexual activity in females, sexual development, menstruation, and fertility levels. However, the production of this hormone fluctuates over time in our body. As estrogen is responsible for maintaining the crucial reproduction system in our body, it is essential to check and address the lower hormone levels. Healthy estrogen levels are necessary for sexual activity and aging. Let’s face it and know how to increase estrogen naturally.

Signs, Causes, and Tips to Increase Estrogen Naturally

To address decreased collagen levels in the body, we should first understand the signs of an alarming decrease in estrogen and its causes.

Signs of low Estrogen levels

Decreased estrogen levels in the body can lead to grave consequences. Therefore, we should check for the decreasing signs and work on increasing their levels quickly. Some signs that indicate a low estrogen level in your body are

  • Irritable moods or shifts in moods
  • Dry skin
  • Painful sex
  • Irregular periods
  • Hot flashes
  • Depression
  • Tenderness of the Breasts
  • Headaches and Fatigues

Causes of Low Estrogen Levels

Now, the next concern is what causes low estrogen levels in the body. Frequent research studies on the internet indicate that a lot of factors are responsible for low levels of estrogen in the body. The major causes are 

  • Eating Disorders
  • Excessive exercise habits
  • Extreme dieting
  • Family history of Hormonal issues
  • Pituitary gland issues
  • Disorders due to substance use
  • Radiation therapy or Chemotherapy
  • Chronic stress conditions
  • Auto-immune Diseases
  • Genetic conditions such as Fragile-X syndrome and Turner Syndrome

Tips to Address Low Estrogen in Our Bodies Naturally

As we are aware of what causes low estrogen levels in the body and what the visible signs of these issues are, we can now immediately focus on tips regarding how to increase estrogen levels in our bodies.

1) Consume foods rich in Phytoestrogen

Several foods containing phytoestrogen, or dietary estrogens, are plant-based compounds that can simulate the effects of estrogen on our body when estrogen levels are low. Therefore, we should consume foods that are rich in phytoestrogens.

  • Soy foods
    Soy Products

According to research conducted by the National Library of Medicine, soy foods contain isoflavones, which are a type of phytoestrogen. Therefore, if we consume soy foods, they can mimic the activity of estrogens in our body and, hence, are responsible for naturally increasing the estrogens. Some examples of soy products are tofu, tempeh, soy milk, soy nuts, soy chunks, natto, lentils, and legumes.

  • Flax seedsFlax Seeds

Flax seeds have many health benefits. They contain phytoestrogens, and hence, they are active in imitating the behavior of estrogen in our bodies. Flax seeds are a rich source of lignans that act as phytoestrogens in our bodies. Apart from flax seeds, lignans are also found in walnuts, peanuts, and sesame seeds.

  • Berries


Another chief source of phytoestrogens is berries. Different berries, such as blueberries, raspberries, cranberries, and strawberries, contain plant-based compounds called phytoestrogens. Therefore, berries are responsible for increasing the level of estrogen in our body.

  • Cruciferous vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables

Some cruciferous vegetables are responsible for increasing the level of estrogen in our bodies. Many profound research sources, like the Whole Health Library, indicate that cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, green beans, and collard greens are responsible for enhancing phytoestrogens. Therefore, these vegetables play a role in increasing the amount of estrogen in our body naturally.

  • Grains


Some grains are also a rich source of phytoestrogens, such as wheat, rice, oats, and barley. These plant-based compounds are responsible for imitating the behavior of estrogen in our bodies naturally.

2) Count on Herbal Supplements

There are multiple ways to increase estrogen naturally in your body. Out of all these, counting on herbal supplements can help you deal with the concern quickly.

  • Black Cohosh

    How to increase estrogen naturally?

Black cohosh is a traditional herb that has its roots embedded in Native American history. For ages, this herbal supplement has been used to treat menstrual and menopause issues.

Red Clover

How to increase estrogen naturally

Red clover is another herbal remedy that can be used to treat estrogen disbalance in your body. Because these are extremely rich in isoflavones and, thus, can help increase the estrogen in your body naturally.

  • Dong Quai

How to increase estrogen naturally

It is another herbal supplement that is linked to boosting the scarcity of estrogen in your body. Popularly known as Dang Gui in traditional Chinese medicine, this herbal remedy treats abnormal menstruation and suppresses menstrual flow. This herbal remedy is widely used to treat fallen estrogen levels.

3) Adopt a better lifestyle.

In the present world, when everyone is busy carrying out multiple pursuits, it becomes tough for us to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But when you want to consider how to increase estrogen naturally, adopting a healthy lifestyle can do the trick.

  • Healthy Body Weight

How to increase estrogen naturally


Being heavy or underweight is a risk factor for estrogen. So, if you aim to increase estrogen levels, pay attention to maintaining a healthy body weight. Talk to your doctor about what dietary changes will help you in this job.

  • Exercise moderately

Exercise in moderation

Remember, excessive exercise can lead to a considerable fall in estrogen levels. So, you must practice moderation while performing these exercises.

  • Take quality sleep

Quality Sleep helps in increase estrogen

Sleeping is the best medicine. It is also true when you are working toward naturally increasing estrogen in your body. So, take a nap of at least 7 to 8 hours. The rest should be uninterrupted. Because an uninterrupted rest can be good for enhancing estrogen.

  • Avoid Stress

Reducing stress is helpful in increasing estrogen naturally

It would help if you avoided stress conditions, especially when you want to increase estrogen in your body. Avoiding stress will lead to a healthy lifestyle, which in turn will help enhance estrogen naturally.

4) Vitamins and Minerals

How to increase estrogen naturally

If you often struggle with how to increase estrogen naturally, you should count on vitamins and minerals. These are lovely natural sources that work miraculously to enhance estrogen. According to several research studies, both Vitamin D and vitamin B are immensely helpful in increasing estrogen levels naturally. Trace minerals like boron can help us deal with low estrogen issues. Boron is necessary for the effective metabolism of sexual hormones in the body. Therefore, you should consume vitamins and minerals.

5) Avoid Drinking and Smoking

How to increase estrogen naturally

Improve healthy habits, as it not only improves your overall health but will also be effective in letting you be carefree regarding increasing estrogen naturally. Many studies have linked excessive alcohol consumption to the reduction of the metabolism of estrogen and, hence, a fall in sexual ability. Therefore, avoiding drinking and smoking is also a way to enhance estrogen levels in your body.

What to Do If Natural is Not Sufficient?

Sometimes, people do not react to natural remedies as they are oversensitive to the fallen estrogen levels. Therefore, we should refer to other medical treatments, such as hormone replacement therapy or estrogen therapy, to combat the falling levels. If natural remedies do not show any improvement, you should visit the doctor immediately.


We hope that you have learned everything about how to increase estrogen naturally in your body. If these natural remedies don’t work enough for you, your doctors will suggest blood tests. After conducting blood tests, they will form a remedial plan for your therapy and other treatments.


1) Which foods can enhance estrogen quickly?

Consuming soy and soy products, cruciferous vegetables, sesame seeds, and dry fruits are rich sources of increasing estrogen naturally.

2) What are some prominent signs of low estrogen levels?

The chief signs of low estrogen levels are dry skin, concentration issues, irritable mood, hot flashes, tender breasts, irregular periods, etc.

3) Is increasing estrogen helpful for the human body?

Increasing estrogen levels naturally is certainly helpful, as it helps us improve our cardiovascular health. It also helps us keep our blood pressure under control. Therefore, we should rely on increasing the estrogen levels naturally in our body.



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