How to make money in college

make money in college

It’s a harsh reality. Not every student has the time or motivation to hold a part-time job while going to school to make money in college. Some jobs can take up hours of your day, others may not pay very well, and others still might be too physically demanding. In this article, you will know about how to make money in college.

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Here are some ideas for helping you make money in college:

1) Tutoring:

There is always a shortage of tutors in subjects like math and science. If you’re good at the subject, why not offer your services to those who need help? The best part about tutoring is that it can be done from home.

2) Sell old books back:

Ask your fellow students if they want to buy their old textbooks from you. You can also use Amazon or Chegg to sell your books, since you’ll get a better price by selling them online.

3) Sell old clothes:

If you have an amazing wardrobe, why not make money off of it? Decide which clothes are still in good condition and make a list of everything that’s left. You could even take pictures of the items and post them on Craigslist.

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4) Become an Uber driver:

If you’re at least 21 years old, have a clean driving record, and own a car, then you can become an Uber driver. This is one of the most popular ways to make money in college right now because it’s so flexible. You’ll be your own boss and you can set your own hours.

5) Sell old textbooks:

If you still have time to hit the books, why not sell some of them back for money? Sites like Amazon and Chegg will buy your old textbooks from you. You can even look up which books will fetch a higher price on the resale market.

6) Get a job at your school:

This option is similar to working at an off-campus location, but it’s generally more flexible. You can look for jobs online or you can ask around among college students. Word of mouth goes a long way.

7) Offer web design services:

If you’re good with computers and know how to use various web design programs, then you may want to look into this option. Colleges often need help redesigning their websites or making them mobile-friendly. You can also offer to update social media accounts for the school on a regular basis.

8) Sell old electronics:

If you have an older smartphone or tablet, then why not sell it? You can look up which phones are in high demand and start looking in the right corners of the internet. Sometimes you’ll find people who will buy your phone in person.

9) Tutor online:

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This option is a little different from tutoring in person. With this option, you’ll be teaching students online via a video chat program. This can work especially well if you want to make money from home.

10) Sell old music equipment:

If you have old keyboards or guitars lying around, then why not sell them? Sites like Craigslist and eBay will allow you to sell used equipment online. You could also try selling them at a local pawn shop.


There are many ways to make money during your college years. You just have to be dedicated, creative and willing to work hard. Don’t worry if you’re not a business major or if you don’t have any special talents everyone has their own unique set of skills that will help them stand out from the rest of the crowd.






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