How to Prevent Teeth Chipping While Playing a Sport?

Teeth Chipping

Having a chipped tooth is not that uncommon. The unpleasant occurrence resulting from mishaps or accidents is common among youngsters. At times, improper oral health is often the result of a chipped tooth. When you don’t brush enough or floss regularly, it results in such a condition. Involvement in sports activities opens an individual to risks of chipping their teeth. Whether you are boxing, wrestling, or playing football, the possibility of broken teeth is not unavoidable. Fortunately, you may take a few precautions to minimize the issue of Teeth Chipping. 

How does it happen? 

People believe that injuries occur when they hit the ring, field, court, or pool. When you fall on hard ground like a basketball court or football ground, the problem of the chipped tooth is possible. Many athletes have often encountered this issue while playing the sport they enjoy. Even a pool, ball, bat, or other equipment may hit your mouth and chip your teeth. 

Make use of a helmet

There are many sports in which wearing a helmet is not compulsory. However, in sports like hockey or football, the protective gear may save you from facial injuries. Athletes must ensure that they use the face mask appropriately. It would help if you always went for a face mask that is sturdy, strong, and well fitted. The equipment is essential to protect you against accidents and injuries. 

Wear a mouthguard

For reducing the chances of a chipped tooth, casual or competitive athletes must wear a mouthguard. It is simple equipment but very effective in the long run. Individuals must wear guarding equipment when involving themselves in multiple actions in sports. Various sporting goods stores provide mouth guards that fit well and are high quality. You also get customized options that fit your budget and your face

Play smart

If you want to avoid chipped teeth, you have to be strategic in your moves. At times, a chipped tooth is unavoidable. However, you play appropriately when you are aware to avoid these incidents. When you participate in any sport, you have to confine yourself to the rules and regulations. Never engage in retaliation or dirty play. Although aggressiveness is a part of sports, you have to be mindful in your game.  

At times, irrespective of the precautions, a chipped tooth occurs. Only a dentist can help you with the problem in such a situation. By using different equipment and apparatus, they can rectify the problem. Along with this, you have to be cautious of your oral health care. 

Visit Dublin Dental Care every six months and undertake a detailed evaluation of your oral health. You have to fix your appointment and stick to the schedule. Follow the dentist’s recommendation and be serious about your oral health issues. When you take immediate steps, you can prevent a lot of problems. Ensure that you wear a mouth guard, and play safely to avoid accidents. These things are helpful, and you must have these in mind while playing your game. Take care of your teeth to play your game with confidence. 


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