How to write a book?

How to write a book?
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A writer’s imagination goes beyond words. Yet, the subject of how to write a book and get it published can be challenging. More often than not, you get brand new ideas and unique concepts to write a book. However, to phrase this out of the world concept into pages and titles can be challenging, especially if you are writing your first book

In this modern age, young adults are taking a high-end interest in romance editors exploring their imaginative world into books. But, people around you may tell you that one needs to experience a lifetime of tragedies to write a book. Well! Things have changed nowadays. Likewise, George R.R. Martin, the primary author of Games of Thrones, have concluded well. That writing has nothing to do with age and experience. Even if you are an 80 years old writer, your imagination can take you on the journey to write the largest watched online television series. Hence, this makes the subject how to write a book for beginners very inspiring

Tips to write a book
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Without any further ado, let’s start our book writing journey with some practical tips that you will find helpful. 

How to write a book – “Writing demands commitment.”

Do you know? According to several TED talk of best-selling authors in the United States, one of the significant challenges of “how to write a book?” is commitment. In their experience as newbie writers, book writing is equivalent to beginners in health and fitness. How? Well! One day, you feel very motivated and plan to write a book. You draft multiple beginnings; however, the next day, you skip your writing routine. Now, this tendency of non-commitment towards writing is widespread among writers. So, what’s the solution?

A handy guide for writers
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To overcome this first barrier between you and writing, it is essential to address the report as a part of your profession and passion. It should be like the habit of eating food. This solution will not only keep you going on your way but also will embrace your writing skills. 

You can start by setting up a writing goal in your mind. For instance, you can commit yourself to write one page of your book daily with a twisted plot or exciting flashbacks. 

Not only this, but someday if you do not feel like writing, you can skip and focus on your book’s characters’ growth as the story moves forward. It will help you to keep track of your progress. And further, you will be satisfied to watch your writing goal move on from 1 page per day to 5 pages per day. 

Pick a title

It is an essential step on how to write a book? Yet, it is not strictly the first step for writing a book template. There is no doubt that a writer’s imagination cannot work in a given time with given terms and conditions. It solely depends on when, where, and how the book’s concept, book’s name, next plot twist, and even climax hits you. Thus, there’s no given schedule.

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Hence, we recommend you pick a title for a book whenever you want or feel like! You can reset this step for later and move forward to the next step. 

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Now, how to make a title for a book? It is what we can entertain here. To begin with, the title for your novel must be the essence of it. In the past few years, best sellers like Sydney Sheldon had come up with “Tell Me Your Dreams,” which defines the book’s entire curriculum. Similarly, The Hobbit, Da Vinci Code, and A Tale of Two Cities had stunned their audience with the perfection put into 2-3 worded book titles. 

Be A Reader Before A Writer

Well! To begin with, this is no quote but a piece of advice to all the newbie writers out there. When it comes to skills like writing, being a keen reader is significant because it gives you the potential to explore and implement different writing tones and styles. How to write a book is not a piece of cake, yet, reading can be! During the COVID-19 pandemic, “how to write a book 2020 search” is trending because youngsters have all the time in the world. 

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Thus, if you have developed a passion for writing recently, you must check out best-selling novels in the world and review what type of stories get you going. For example, several writers find non-fiction very interesting. On the other hand, you can be one of the audiences that love to read fiction based on folk-lore, vampires, supernatural creatures, and whatnot! Therefore, it is essential to know your taste and preferences in books before targeting your audience. It leads us to our next step.

Know Your Audience

Now that you have gripped a perfect way of writing language, style, tone, and essence, it is time for some manual research. Even though this process can be pretty dull, with us, you can make it fun and worth it.

First, novels like Game of Thrones and Harry Potter have received attention at a global level. Without a doubt, their excellence has led to the big screen. But do you know? There’s a lot more difference between “the Game of Thrones audience” and that of Harry Potter. This audience-based gap focuses on the age of the reader. Harry Potter is an exciting series of novels for kids aged 7-14 years. On the other hand, The Game of Thrones audience’s age starts from 15. Do you see the difference?

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Therefore, set up a research for your audience out there. If you are writing a book for kids, you can get a lot of help on the subject of promotion and distribution of my book. On the other hand, if you are writing erotica, you can target the audience as per their age, sexuality, profession, industry of profession, and so on. To be honest, to research about your audience can be really challenging. In this situation, we have shortlisted several important factors of research for you- 

  • What type of content do they like? 
  • Category or Genre of the book
  • Source of reading preferred 
  • What’s trending among your audience?
  • What are their reviews on existing novels?
  • Source of purchase preferred 
  • What are their demands in the context of books?
  • Is your audience worldwide?
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Know – Who You Are?

When it comes to writing, how to write a book for beginners can be confusing! Some newbie writers adopt other prominent writers’ routines. On the other hand, some newbie writers make their personal routine. Both methods are good. But, in between all this, you will need to define yourself either as a Brainstormer or a planned-plotted writer. Now, many readers will not know the difference:

To begin with, Brainstormers are those writers who “go with the flow.” For instance, they sit in front of a blank paper and start writing whatever comes to their minds and keep going until they reach a perfect ending. On the other hand, planned-plotted writers are those who keep a rough draft of the entire novel and then start writing with added twists and turns.  

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For example, many writers already know the climax of their novel, even though they have not started writing it yet. And some writers do not know the end of their novel even though they are very near to the climax – they are like ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN FANTASY!

How to Write a book professionally?

Till now, you may have achieved the theoretical advancement in writing but do you know the factors of writing – professional ones?

As a writer, I focus on the presentation of my writings as much as I focus on writing. It is because anything in the market sells when it is pretty. Thus, to make your book pretty, it should keep its readers’ interest growing. 

In order to achieve this goal, you will have to learn about writing a book template and book writing software. 


Outline Your Novel is one of the best book writing software based books introduced back in 2011. By reading this book, you can effortlessly get the idea on how to write a book, how to write a book outline, and how to get a book published?

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Moreover, you can also try “Scrivener” that is a free book writing software. It allows you to write with freedom. You can change the series of events, write event outlines, put comments on plot twists, and add synopsis for free. It is a very effective writing software for writers with very less experience in storytelling and those who are parallel brainstormers.

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Apart from this, for easy book writing on smartphone, you can use Google Docs and keep the tradition of manual writing growing and expanding in the industry. 

Where do you want your book to lead?


Last and very significant question that you must ask yourself is – what is your final objective when you think about ‘how to write a book?’ Your goal concerning your first book can be:

  • Becoming a best-selling author.
  • Being a published writer
  • Earn fame
  • Self-satisfaction 
  • Tell audience your real-time story
  • Motivate readers
  • Entertain readers

To be honest, there can be one or multiple objectives behind writing a book. Yet, you must know yours!

Final Sitting for “How to write a book?”

How to write a book for beginners
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Now that you have made a commitment and set up your objectives, it is time to work your way and build a career out of your artistry of words. There’s no hard and fast rule for how to write a book? It is simply about hard work, smart work, and passion. 


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