In project runway season 8 there are 2 Chicagoans competing


The most famous talented designers are competing for a top spot on Bravo’s Project Runway. The duo is from Chicago. It’s going to be a great level of performance by the blessed people.

Well, Project runway Season was the eighth show premiered on television. The season was aired in the month of July dated 29 and in the year 2010 on the Lifetime. An accompanied series Model of the Runway did get canceled by the Lifetime.

Then the episodes of Project Runway were extended to ninety minutes in the eighth season. It was the first time that in a season the appeared longer than an hour with commercial advertisements.

In project runway season 8 there are 2 Chicagoans competing
In project runway season 8 there are 2 Chicagoans competing

There were seventeen designers included at the arrival sequence of the competition. The supermodel Heidi Klum came as the recurring judge. Michael Kors was the fashion designer.

The workshop guide to the ambitious originators was returned as Timm Gunn. Marie Claire and Nina Garcia happened to be the fashion director. The season’s winner was Designer Gretchen Jones.

Mondo Guerra, Michael Costello, and April Johnson later showed their appearances in Project Runway: All-Stars. In happened in 2012 as April Johnson received the tenth place of the season.

Michael achieved third position. And Mondo won the competition. Ivy Higa, Casanova, Carlos, Peach carr completed the second season in the same followed year. They contested in the 2nd season of the “All-Stars” edition. The placings remained as thirteenth, seventh, and fifth correspondingly. 

Andy post used the name Ari post- transitioning accomplished in 2013 in the third of its season. But she got eliminated in the initial stage while putting Valerie Mayen at 11th place in the 5th season in the year 2016 and there she attained ninth place.

In the sixth season of All-stars, South and Casanova participated again in the year 2018. South was placed fourteenth place and Casanova got a placement on 16th of sixteen. Gretchen Jones was declared the winner of Project Season Project 8.

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