Kylie Jenner after a shower gives you how she deals with her skin


The billionaire’s lifestyle is exceptionally different than the average person’s, but there are some things that really don’t change when you become a successful businessman.

For example, Kylie Jenner takes the rain. Crazy, isn’t it? And the thing is, there is nothing inherently billionaire-y about them.

For the video she just posted, Jenner not only keeps things simple in the shower but also keeps an inexpensive post-shower humidity routine.

In a four-minute YouTube clip with Khloe Kardashian, Jenner decided to celebrate her newest Kylie cosmetics collaboration with her half-sister.

Kylie Jenner after a shower gives you how she deals with her skin
Kylie Jenner after a shower gives you how she deals with her skin

However, the tables changed when Kardashian decided to ask Jenner about her bathing habits.

“I read on my snap cap, 70 percent of the people are bathing from top to bottom. What do you do?”

Jenner is happy to break it down: “Finish the bath routine! I like it, start with your hair. Shampoo, then conditioner. I like to take my conditioner out of my hair – then I can wash it. Do you know what I mean? Sometimes I feel like a conditioner on your body,” says Jenner, and Kardashian Pa Rtiga agrees.

Occasionally the body leads to a breakdown of their conditioner, says Cha expert. After scrubbing with the Pink Luffa – no word if Kylie uses Skin Walnut Scrub on her body – Jenner stops, but this is not the last step.

She walks out of the shower, “and then it’s like the organic oil I got from Amazon.” Let’s shop Kylie Jenner on Amazon for everyone’s photo.

“Almond oil or olive oil or jojoba oil,” he tells Kardashian about his favorite oils, which, like many of us, admit that he misused Jojoba.

Aside from this entry, Jenner is a great reference for ingredients she can incorporate into future body products she launches, which also gives her the organic almonds, olives, and jojoba found for Amazon’s oils.

Here are some top-rated options for staying moist after a bath like a billionaire.


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