Latinos Are Majorly Affected by Coronavirus as per the CDC Reports

Latinos Are Majorly Affected by Coronavirus as per the CDC Reports

The latest study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds that the novel Coronavirus disproportionately hits people of color. They are the ones who are more prone to the infection in comparison with others when you consider COVID hotspots. For example, you can analyze 79 counties across 22 states that fell under the hotspot list between June 5 to June 18. Here, 96.2 percent of people affected by the Coronavirus include Blacks, Native Americans, Latinos, and Asian Americans. So, it is evident that the people of color are testing positive even more than their population proportion.

The same study has also confirmed earlier reports about the link between the pandemic and the race in question. The situation in the USA became so bad that the CDC recorded an approx. One hundred seventy-four thousand deaths in June 2020. Out of the total number of tested positive, more than 50% are Latinos and Afro-Americans. Apart from all other evidence, the research team says that the Latinos are the hardest hit amongst all other races. According to the official figures in the racial pandemic data of June, more than 74.7 percent of the affected people belong to the Latin race. For example, if you consider North Carolina, around 18 counties come under coronavirus hotspots.

Latinos get the blame for a second coronavirus outbreak

All across these 18 counties, have a hugely disproportionate number of Hispanic Americans who are infected. In fact, by the end of June, almost half of the coronavirus cases in North Carolina were reported by Hispanic Americans or Latinos. According to a Republican representative in the Senate, Tom Tillis, the primary reason for the high figures of Hispanic people getting affected by the virus is simple. They are in such a situation because of a lack of social distancing. Moreover, there is non-adherence to safety guidelines, such as wearing a mask. Tom’s words faced severe backlash, along with the comments of Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis. The latter was a little rude when he blamed the Latinos for the second outbreak of the virus. He said that these guys work in densely crowded school buses where they look like nothing but sardines.

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The CDC portrayed a “hot spot” as a region that met “algorithmic edges identified with the number of new cases and the adjustments in frequency.” At the same time, “disparities” were considered to have happened. There was more than a 5 percent contrast between the extent of new diseases and the extent of the province’s population of a specific segment. Moreover, the proportion of those two extents must be more than 1.5.) The more accurate clarification is that Latino individuals are undeniably bound to work in enterprises falling under the essential category. For example, food handling and development are two such departments. Latino individuals may likewise be in the obligation to live in bigger families. It means that older adults are at risk of the virus that the younger people may carry back home.

Why are the Latinos at additional risk?

According to a newer study by the CDC, the infection disparity could be a steady state of social inequities and discrimination. These are major contributory factors that trigger the risk of death and severe diseases. Moreover, such discrimination leads to a lack of proper medical facilities and health care opportunities. Additionally, Latinos and other Asians are at a higher risk of environmental hazards due to pollution. Approximately 22 out of the 79 hot spot counties, according to the CDC analysis also indicates a disproportionate effect of the virus on the Afro-Americans. On the other hand, it is surprising to see that very few native Americans and Asian Americans are getting ill in comparison to the other races.

As you already know, the study highlights that people of color are at risk of attracting infection. According to experts, the main reason is the discrimination in accessing COVID testing facilities. Therefore, oppression is prevalent when it comes to minority communities. On the other hand, out of the total 126 hoy spot counties during June-July 2020, very few presented reports regarding racial data. However, the government has demanded more elaborate and detailed racial pandemic data from the CDC. The effort has gone to waste following federal responses that seem to be very baseless. The issue is exacerbated by revealing errors in the country over. President Trump has been under scrutiny for not unifying the coronavirus reaction in the White House.

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Prevailing discrimination is triggering infection

According to Brett Giroir, White House testing czar Admin, the problem is underlying if we consider the Capitol Hill matter from June 2020. He says that creating and developing a central plan to reach out to the underprivileged is difficult if they do not have proper data in hand. It means that a report regarding their progress is a must to make the authorities understand the development and how those underserved people are doing at present. Quite a few days back, the Human Services and Health Department issued guidance requesting laboratories to provide racial infection reports. Moreover, they also wanted other data about the conduction of COVID tests around. However, the direction seems to be in effect from August. Therefore, there is a clear explanation of why coronavirus hotspot data is still incomplete.

What about workplace outbreaks?

There is another latest coronavirus report that came out on Thursday, August 20. It considers all of Utah’s “workplace outbreaks” between March 6 and June 5. It infers that systemic social imbalances have brought about the overrepresentation of Latinos and nonwhite laborers. They are the ones in essential occupations where exposure to the Coronavirus may be higher. Further, the study suggests mitigation strategies and extra vigilance. On the other hand, Latinos who work in the meat processing factories in the mid-west are also frequently affected by the virus. Back in April, President Donald Trump put a seal on order stating that meat processing factories must keep working.

In this context, The Congressional Latino Caucus requested that the Trump government issue and implement safety guidelines. It is for Afro-American and Latino people working on the front line. A significant portion of these people is Latinos who are living as illegal residents in America. Therefore, it is evident that they will be reluctant to report an unsafe work environment or seek medical care. Now, this can become a reason for more people affected by the virus and adding casualties as well.


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