MacRumors Giveaway: Win a Type-C Dual Multimedia Adapter From Satechi


MacRumors have teamed up with Satechi to offer MacRumors readers a chance to win Type-C dual multimedia Adapter. This adapter is for Apple’s USB-C Macs from Satechi. Satechi makes a wide range of USB-C adapter to add ports to Apple’s Macs. They also create hubs and docks for Apple’s Macs.

A multimedia adapter for Macs by Satechi is one of the more powerful specialized options. The market price of this type-C adapter is $109.99. This is a dual multimedia adapter designed to plug into two USB ports on a Mac Book Pro MacBook Air or Mac mini.

This adapter offers two 4K HDMI ports, so you can connect two 4K displays. One is 4K 60Hz and the other 4K 30Hz port. Both of them are HDMI ports. A direct HDMI to HDMI connection is required. The device won’t work with VGA, Thunderbolt, or DVI displays. Apart from the HDMI ports, the multimedia ports feature a USB-C port for charging purposes. Its capacity is 60W.


The device has a Gigabit Ethernet port, microSD and SD card slots. It has two other USB-A ports for USB A accessories. This multimedia adapter is made up of brushed Aluminum. There are two color variants available. It comes in either silver or space gray color to match Apple’s devices.

The dimensions of the multimedia device are that its 5inches long and 2 inches wide. The little size of the device makes it easily portable. This adapter is also perfect for desk use. According to Satechi, the multimedia device will work with the 2018 and later MacBook Pro. This device will work with the 2018 MacBook Air and the 2018 Mac mini also.
How to enter the giveaway?

There will be a giveaway of five Satechi devices. To participate in the giveaway certain steps are to be followed. The steps are first to use the widget and enter an email address.

The email will be used to contact the winners. This is the only purpose of asking for Email. Additional entries can be made if you subscribe to the weekly newsletter, subscribe to their YouTube channel.

There will be certain criteria for participating in the giveaway. People who are residents of the U.S and are above 18 years of age can participate. Also, Canadian residents excluding Quebec who have reached the majority in their province or territory will be able to participate.


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