Megan Fox: She Had a ‘Psychological Breakdown’ Over Fear of Being expelled from Hollywood


Megan Fox has disclosed how bending under the excessively sexualized in Hollywood limelight feels like, says it affected her mental wellbeing and she speculates she underwent a “genuine psychological breakdown”.

To commemorate the 10th anniversary of horror-comedy Jennifer’s Body – in which Fox starred as the nominal image – the came together with the film’s writer and executive producer Diablo Cody for a thorough conversation about their businesses so far in the industry on Entertainment Tonight.

During their discussion, Fox talked about how at the time of the film’s furlough, she was being sexualized by “every producer” she acted with.

From her description ‘objectification’ would not be the right word to capture what the 33-year-old went through back then.

Megan Fox: She Had a 'Psychological Breakdown' Over Fear of Being expelled from Hollywood
Megan Fox: She Had a ‘Psychological Breakdown’ Over Fear of Being expelled from Hollywood

” The word is not capable of capturing what was occurring to me at the time,” as she puts herself.

“It forewent an infringement point for me, where I had, I guess, a serious psychological breakdown.”

Fox clarified she deliberately averted being discerned in social events because of the “fear” that people will “mock”, “spit” or “yell” at her.

“I didn’t look precise to the ‘beauty standards’. I was too heavy. I was too pale. I was foolish. I was objectionable. I was demolition of space. I was a poor actress, whatever. All of the aspects you can think of, I predicted encountering that as my belief system was from what I had suffered,” she said

I was sort of in cover of the #MeToo movement long before the #MeToo movement even happened,” Fox said.

“I was conversing out and telling, ‘Hey, these things are occurring to me and they’re not fine. And everybody was like, ‘F*** you, we don’t care, you earned it yourself! Because of how you chat, because of how you gape, how you dress, because of the hoaxes you make’.”

Cody conveyed an analogous emotion as well, saying that she still worries she will be reckoned because of her prior work as a stripper.

During the pair’s one-on-one discussion, Fox acknowledged she doesn’t tone as though there is a “space in feminism” for her, in spite of contemplating herself as one feminist.

The actor elucidated she frequently feels left out from public feminist dialogues.

“I feel like feminists don’t want me to be a part of their group,” she told.

“And what are we speaking about then, what is feminism, what is aiding women if there are only distinct ones of us you support?”


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