Mistakes to Avoid When choosing a Temporary Building

Temporary Building

Temporary building offer affordable and quick solutions to businesses looking for additional space for just about any purpose. The beauty of these structures is that they can be configured in multiple sizes, shapes, and other specifications to perfectly meet the specific needs of each customer.

However, when choosing temporary structures, many people make crucial mistakes that will cause them not to get the maximum benefits and value for money from them. Below are some of the mistakes that businesses need to avoid as they order temporary buildings:

Not properly considering the size or layout

Customers can define specific dimensions and layouts when they place orders for temporary buildings. Alternatively, they can check if any ready-made structures’ dimensions and shape meet their needs before they order ready-made buildings.

Unfortunately, some buyers do not take enough time to check and later realise the buildings are not suitable for their intended use. This will probably lead to a loss of both time and money as the buyer gets the structure’s size and shape modified to fit their needs.

Choosing cheaper options ignoring the quality of materials

There are several materials that manufacturers of temporary buildings can use to make the structures. This includes PVC, steel sheets and rods, aluminium, and others. The choice of materials depends on the use to which the users will put the building, the expected duration of use, and others.

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When choosing temporary structures, it is vital to state if you will store goods that need special storage environments, such as perishable goods. If special storage conditions are required, the buyer should order a structure made with suitable material and even the proper material density because the PVC and steel cladding used for walls and roofs come in different thicknesses.

Not considering the reputation of the manufacturer or seller

While several companies offer temporary buildings for sale or hire, not all offer the best solutions, and some even do not have the right experience and expertise. If you buy or lease from companies without the right expertise, you could get poor-quality products and suffer losses due to damage to your valuable items stored in such structures. You also risk interrupting your business if the structure has problems and staff working or other activities cannot go on.

The good news is that you can find here one of the best temporary buildings company in the UK, with over 30 years of experience in the industry that has served many customers in various sectors. You can buy or hire temporary structures from them with no worries because they offer the best solutions.

Failure to check if they need planning permission

You need approval before installing temporary buildings. However, some temporary structure users do not properly consider planning permission requirements and do not take the necessary measures to get it. This can lead to problems with the local authority and possible financial losses if the user is served with orders to remove the structure.

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To avoid such problems, you need to consult temporary building experts for advice on planning permission. They can help you seek approvals or advise if the permission is unnecessary because some cases do not need planning permission.

Failure to budget properly

It is true temporary buildings help save costs, but it is crucial to consider the cost implications when choosing the structures. For example, it is vital to check if the structure will need other facilities like power and internet connection if it is a staff working building. Also, storage facilities may need extra items like shelves and others to serve their purpose. In addition, users should consider if they should hire or buy depending on the time period they need to use the building.


Some crucial mistakes to avoid when choosing temporary buildings include not factoring in the size and layout and ignoring the quality of materials used to make the building by focusing on price. Also, some users do not check planning permission requirements and disregard suppliers’ reputations.


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