Mobile Apps Like Uber: Everything from Cost to Latest Trends

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On-demand mobile apps are flooding the mainstream these days, with apps like Uber gaining immense popularity among consumers of all age groups. 

The on-demand mobile app sector is going through an exponential shift, with hundreds of new on-demand app development ideas entering the soon-to-be trillion-dollar industry every year. 

In this blog, we will explain on-demand mobile apps and the secret behind their increasing popularity. Moreover, we will go over some of the best on-demand mobile apps everyone should try this year and some cool on-demand app ideas that entrepreneurs can capitalize on!

So without further ado, let’s get started!

On-Demand Mobile Apps

On-demand mobile apps work as an intermediary platform between consumers and service providers. These apps enable users to order products and services from available sellers and get instant delivery to their doorsteps in minutes. 

Take the example of the Uber app. The way Uber has simplified the process of manually booking cabs is truly remarkable. And it is not just about going from one place to another, but getting access to high-quality transportation services independent of time and place, at an affordable price on the go!

Although Uber is among the pioneers of on-demand apps, the on-demand mobile app industry is now way beyond transportation. In fact, the breakthroughs in the healthcare and consumer retail sectors eclipse the popularity of Uber by considerable margins. 

The Concept of On-Demand Mobile Apps

On-demand mobile app development aims to cut the clutter and streamline everyday tasks. Generally, an on-demand app works in the following way:

  • The consumer orders some product or service through the app
  • The app connects the consumer with the seller/service provider
  • The seller verifies the order and approves it online
  • The seller delivers the order through either personal delivery or third-party delivery services
  • The consumer receives the order and pays either using cash or online banking services
  • Once the order is completed, the seller gets their payments

3 On-Demand Mobile Apps to Try this Year

Since most of you are already using your favorite on-demand apps like Uber Eats, Netflix, Fly Wheel, etc., here are the three super-useful on-demand apps that most people don’t know about but should:

Glam Squad

Glam Squad is a forward-thinking omnichannel beauty brand offering hairstyling and makeup services across NYC, LA, Miami, WDC, and San Francisco.

They cherry-pick skillful and reliable beauty practitioners, ensuring consistent, high-quality results, and bringing fashion enthusiasts and practitioners closer through personalized, in-home experiences.


Handy is an on-demand service-based business headquartered in NYC. It enables users to hire skilled professionals for a fixed price for projects like cleaning, repair, installation, maintenance, etc.  

Booking home service providers is simple, quick, and trustworthy with Handy. Users can share their requirements, address, and preferred time for the service, and Handy’s advanced algorithm will pick the perfect service professionals for them. 

Doctor on Demand

The Doctor on demand is a telemedicine business providing scheduled visits with certified healthcare professionals in the US. The company serves health plans, retail clinics, and health systems. 

The Doctor-on-demand app is modernizing general healthcare with its class-apart user experience and supreme clinical standards. 

On-Demand App Ideas that can Change the World for Good

Below is our list of potentially sound on-demand app ideas that can transform the consumer business industry

On-Demand Healthcare App Ideas

Since the pandemic, people have become more obsessed with monitoring their overall health and optimizing their healthcare routines. Healthcare apps are getting more downloads than ever, and almost everyone has at least one health-related app installed on their smartphones. 

As people become more health conscious, it’s the perfect time to integrate technology with healthcare. Entrepreneurs and even healthcare professionals can capitalize on this opportunity and make the most of on-demand app development.

Below are some innovative on-demand app ideas that can revolutionize the healthcare industry:

  • A mobile app that monitors users’ daily healthcare activities and automatically stores useful information in a database. It then analyzes weekly or monthly inputs and shares actionable insights with the users to optimize their health accordingly.
  • A mobile app that allows users to see the appointment schedules of nearby doctors and hospitals so they can book their appointments accordingly. It will eliminate the extra time and efforts of calling the reception and asking for the available time slots.
  • A mobile app that eliminates the need for users to visit hospitals and clinical facilities for routine checkups and minor symptoms.

On-Demand Beauty App Ideas

Salon and spa industry is the next big thing after the healthcare industry in terms of potential to become more digital. The global spending on the beauty industry exceeded $500 billion last year, and these numbers are excepted to grow even further.

Below are some interesting on-demand app ideas to try in the beauty and salon sector:

  • A mobile app that connects users with local beauticians where they can explore the portfolio of hundreds of beauticians before hiring them.
  • A mobile app that eliminates the need for lavish beauty salons by enabling users to book in-house beautician services on the go.

Cost of Building an On-Demand Mobile App 

If you want to try your luck and pursue your app idea, there’s no better time than now! Building an on-demand app costs from $50,000 to $400,000, depending on the features and functionalities. The cost includes everything from user interface website design companies nj to backend features and even deployment on the respective stores. 

You can also find app development service providers on the internet, offering full-fledged app development services for $10,000 or even lower. Beware of them! 

App development is expensive and requires a dedicated team of developers, designers, project managers, and quality assurance engineers to work on a single project for months. Compare the pricing and packages of App development companies San Francisco, Houston, NYC, and other major tech cities to get a better understanding of the pricing. 

Wrapping Up… 

The mobile app industry will soon reach the $trillion mark. Seeing how obsessed Gen Zs and Millenials are with their smartphones, I’d say it’s worth a shot to invest in launching your own mobile app. 



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