Mobile carrier leaked Android 10 release date for every Pixel


As Google came close to disclosing the date of release for their upcoming Operating System, it seems that two Canadian mobile carriers have already taken care of the job for them. Announcing the OS is coming to Pixel phones on September 3rd, the Canadian mobile carriers took to their site the exciting information. The carriers, Rogers and Telus, both posted the incoming updates on their support forums and though it upsets Google, we tech enthusiasts are here for it. 

The timeline adds up

Though the information is yet to be confirmed by Google, the company’s development status updates line up to Android 10 coming out around the announced dates. Scheduled for all Pixel phones tomorrow, it is certainly some exciting news for Pixel users everywhere. 



All within reason 

With the final beta test for Andriod 10 released a month ago and at the same time, Google released a public statement that the OS was just a few weeks away, it is within reason to believe that the leaked release date provided by the Canadian carries might be right after all. Android releases typically tend to adhere to Google’s phones first, so the Pixel-first release makes sense, too. 

What we can expect out of Android 10 

Including new gesture controls, a dark mode, and some impressive new accessibility features, Android 10 is set to go. The operating system is available on two dozen phones from manufacturers including LG, Nokia, Huawei, and OnePlus, making it accessible and cost-efficient to the general public. As a result, these devices and perhaps other devices from those companies will get updated to the new operating system in a timely fashion in order to avoid glitches from happening. 

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