Stephen Curry Net Worth: Is the NBA Player retiring wealthy?

Stephen Curry net worth
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Stephen Curry has been in the talks for his plans to retire soon. He is one of the best basketball players on the field and the Golden State Warriors’ most acknowledged player. Stephen Curry’s career is followed by millions of fans out there. Yet, S.C. is planning to retire from the team. What could be the possible reason? No sources have been revealed yet. However, Stephen Curry Net Worth has reached the list of one of the richest NBA players in basketball history. Isn’t it soon enough to declare so? 

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Today in this reading, you will receive a crystal clear glance of Stephen Curry’s wealth, total net worth, and a flashback of his career. Till today, Stephen Curry has revealed his plans in public. His father also has a great history of basketball. So, it becomes crucial for fans to comprehend Stephen Curry Net Worth and the central question that arises – is he retiring rich? Or is he retiring at all? 

Who is Stephen Curry?

To begin with, S.C. requires no introduction. He has made his career as the long-lasting NBA Player of the Golden State Warriors. Indeed, unlike other rich NBA Players like Magic Johnson, Stephen Curry has not skipped from one team to another NBA team in the past 12 years. But, things are about to change.

Steph Curry
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Rumours on Stephen Curry retiring from Golden State Warriors are going around. When Stephen Curry is trending at such a level for his future plans in the NBA, it becomes crucial to scan through – who is he his? And, where did his career begin? 

Stephen Curry – Son of Dell Curry!

There is no doubt that Stephen has built such a high-end career in basketball. The reason being, he had his inspiration by his side throughout his childhood to adulthood. Stephen Curry, born on 1988 March 14, is the son of Dell Curry and Sonya. Dell Curry is a former NBA Basketball Player. For the most part, Dell Curry held a memorable career in the NBA from 1986 to 2002. He is one of the far most popular NBA American basketball players, rewarded as  Charlotte Hornets’ all-time leader. 

Stephen Curry net worth

Not only this, but Stephen Curry has also delivered part-inspiration to his younger brother – Seth Curry. Seth is also an NBA Player associated with the Philadelphia 76ers since 2013. 

Career Beginning

According to several resources, Stephen Curry had an appreciable beginning of his basketball career. Davidson had an exceptional instinct about Stephen Curry’s basketball career in the NBA, which he also had expressed publicly. Stephen Curry started his career in basketball by joining the Wildcat during his freshman year in college. Indeed, in the very first year of his games with Wildcat, he broke Keydran Clark’s NCAA record with 113 three-pointers on the field. 

He also encountered a few losses during his junior year. However, he successfully moved to join the Golden State Warriors in 2009 after winning the stature of being NCAA scoring leader. 

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Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors’ most valued player

Stephen Curry Net Worth growth started with Golden State Warriors as he played over 77 games out of 80 games in 2009. During the beginning years with GSW, he also won over the stature of Western Conference Rookie of the Month for three consecutive years. Later on, he also achieved the status of “NBA All-Rookie First team honour” after Jason Richardson. S.C. set straight many records in his beginning years with 30+ points eight times throughout the season. With this record, he broke LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony’s point record.  

S.C.’s Major Achievements

Since 2014, Stephen Curry is one of the well-known basketball players. He has made it to several NBA Championships and accomplished many winnings of his career that are still recognized today. A few of Stephen Curry countable achievements are: 

  • Stephen Curry won NBA Champion three times – in 2015, 2017, and 2018.
  • He was granted as the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in 2015 and 2016.
  • He had won NBA All-Star Honour for seven consecutive years – 2014 to 2021. 
  • S.C. had also won NBA Three-Point Field Goals Leader for five consecutive years – 2013 to 2017.
  • Curry has been recognized as NBA free-throw percentage leader four times – 2011, 2015 – 2018
  • In 2015 and 2019, he was honoured with BET’s Sportsman of the Year Award. 

Apart from the above-mentioned achievements and honours, S.C. is also recognized for being Choice Male Athlete, Best NBA Player, Best Male Athlete, and Best Record-breaking performance. 

What is Stephen Curry Net Worth? 

As defined by Forbes – Stephen Curry is one of the richest NBA Players. He is worth over 130 Million USD in 2020. He stands shoulder-to-shoulder with players like Tim Duncan and Gary Payton. After Stephen Curry Net Worth, Dwight Howard stands in line with 140 million USD worth approximately. 

Source: Bleacher Report

More often than not, we feel envious of how rich these NBA players are? From Magic Johnson to, everyone is loaded. So, all this money coming from the NBA? The answer is No. Intellectual players like Stephen Curry have their additional sources of income and return on investment to maintain their luxurious lifestyle. So, let’s take a glance at some amazing facts about Stephen Curry’s NET WORTH. 

Top facts about Stephen Curry Net Worth

Rich Marries Rich! + 10 Million to Stephen Curry Net Worth

Thirty-two years old Stephen Curry has been living a wealthy life with his wedlock partner – Ayesha Curry. To begin with, Ayesha Curry is a multi-talented television personality. She has served the industry as an author, model, chef, and anchor at times. To the reader’s surprise, Ayesha Curry’s Net Worth was 10 Million USD in 2018. In 2020, this went up 16 million USD. Thus, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that Stephen Curry takes pride in his strong and independent life partner, who adds up to his goodwill. 

To the reader’s surprise, both husband and wife take much interest in Charity work. A few days ago, Stephen and Ayesha Curry served over 15 million meals as a charity for people who are yet again in lockdown in the Bay Area due to the COVID-19 epidemic. 

Hence, this charity work also adds up a countable monetary goodwill to the player’s net worth. 

Endorsement Income

According to various sources, it has been verified that Stephen Curry receives a large part of the profit from brands that he associates himself with for endorsement purposes. In 2013, Steph Curry net worth included $4 million that he received from U.S. Shoe Deal. Later on, he also extended his contract with the company for the next ten years, i.e.., up until 2024. 

Apart from the U.S. Shoe brand, S.C. is also associated with high-quality brands, including Nissan Motors, Vivo, JP Morgan, Sony, Unilever, and Chase. A few sources verify that Stephen Curry makes over 79 million USD from brand endorsement. Out of this 79 million, only 42 million USD are received from the U.S. Shoe deal, which is very large in comparison to what players like LeBron James and Kevin Durant get. 

Income as ROI or Return on Investment

NBA Players like Magic Johnson, LeBron James, Tim Duncan, and Stephen Curry have a keen career as investors. These players focus on investing in high-quality brands that achieve popularity in the market. According to a few finance-based sources, it has been verified that S. Curry is one of the crucial investors of Oxigen. It is a water-based company that sells water for sore muscles. He has also invested in Mos and Guild Education that works with more than 500 companies in order to deliver educational programs for employees of Disney and such fortune organizations. 

Stephen Curry’s NBA Salary and GSW Deal Earning

For more than a decade, Stephen Curry’s career in the NBA is on the rise. He has been one of the regular players in each Golden State Warriors Game. Stephen Curry’s annual salary at the NBA is 40.23 Million USD. It is near LeBron James, who receives up to 39 million USD approximately per annum. James Harden NBA Salary is at 38.2 Million USD approx. He is also near to Kevin Durant

Stephen Curry
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Apart from salary from the NBA, S.C. also signed a 200 Million USD contract with the Golden State Warriors team. This five years contract will end soon in early 2022. According to several reports, S.C. is planning to renew his contract with GSW for another three years, amounting to 156 Million USD. But, on the other hand, S.C. is also considering leaving GSW this time and giving his career an uplift by joining another team in the NBA. 

S.C. Enterprises

Stephen Curry has been involved in basketball, charity work, investment, and GSW contracts. Apart from these four major aspects of Stephen’s professional life, he has also kickstarted two organizations named SC30 (30 for his jersey number) and Unanimous Media. SC30 is an investment management incorporation. Unanimous Media is a media production co. 

Apart from handling investments of Stephen Curry, SC30 also sells S.C. tributed jerseys online. Unanimous Media has created movies in the past few years. Some are The Second Half, Holey Moley, One and Done, Good times, etc. 


Stephen Curry’s Net worth 2021 will soon touch new heights. So, the answer to the question, is NBA Player Stephen Curry retiring rich? Well! The answer is Yes. he will retire rich. However, not anytime soon. A few days ago, he had announced to be an NBA All-Star Starter in 2021. So, are you excited? 

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